A Monochrome Homewood

I have considered using my Ricoh WG-80 to make monochrome images if I find something worth photographing.  These are some samples of different color scenes and lighting to see how they work.

I use the small waterproof WG-80 as my pocket camera.  I am capturing color jpeg files with it and then converting them into monochrome with LR.

I often take pictures to see what things look like in monochrome.  I captured these images one morning.  They are just an assortment of things I saw around Homewood at Plum Creek. Obviously, doing them in monochrome doesn’t improve my lack of worthy scenes to photograph.

I sure wish I had something new/different to photograph for my website. I keep asking myself: Why do I keep on photographing the same things over and over? The answer is probably, I just don’t know how to stop. Maybe I should try harder.

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