Other Photographers at Homewood

 We have a display cabinet on the second floor next to the library where various residents have displayed their collections, etc.  This month it contains printed pictures taken by Jean Shoemaker.  I encourage residents to go by the cabinet and take a look, they are worth it.

I know we have some other residents who have been photographers in the past, and some are still taking pictures, but I haven’t seen their work other than for a few images in the Plum Line.  Maybe Jean’s pictures will encourage others to display their pictures.

I have my blog for displaying my pictures and I also take pictures for publication in the Plum Line.  I also have two books with pictures of Homewood folks in the library.  There is also at least one other book in the library which contains pictures made by residents involved in activities from past years.

Homewood can show pictures of residents involved in activities, etc. for internal uses; but, for privacy reasons I don’t show pictures of residents on my website.  My website has viewers worldwide and there are a growing number of countries and states (including Pennsylvania) which have restrictions on certain images which contain private visual information.

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