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I’m old, having been born in 1942, and now retired.  Before retiring I was an Aerospace Engineer and Strategic Planner while I worked for several Department of Defense Research Laboratories in the U.S.  Now, my wife and I currently live in Homewood at Plum Creek in Hanover, PA, USA, which is a Continuing Care Retirement Center.  Living here, the only decision I have to make each day is “What will I photograph today, and how will I do it?”

John E. Holmes


  1. Kevin

    I stumbled on this blog while I was googling the Lumix 20mm f/1.7 lens I am expecting next week along with a Lumix GX7. At first I was trying to figure out who John E. Holmes was and if he was some well known photographer I should have heard of before. So I started scrolling through the posts and admiring a lot of the images. Then I figured out it is a personal blog of someone who loves photography. And as I looked through the posts randomly over several years, he is someone who really loves cameras (just like me) and has tried many different ones. He must have time on his hands and sure enough, unlike YouTube where oldsters are rare, he is actually a decade older than me! Great find. I enjoy your commentary and your images. I am packing up an x100S today and exchanging it for the Lumix. Drives my wife nuts but I love trying out cameras, old and sometimes new. Look forward to more posts.


  2. Leigh Kemp - UK-based "Paintographer"

    Hi John. I really like the PEN-F and Lumix 20mm combination too. Like you I have other lenses and bodies but this combination works extremely well, I find the Olympus 25mm and 17mm too close and too wide respectively for my preferences. My favourite lens on the PEN-F is my Lumix 12-32mm which is tack sharp, tiny and collapsible and I also routinely carry the 20mm and an Olympus 9-18mm (the slow one) 🙂 . I rarely carry a telephoto as I’m into landscapes and very rarely need one. Kind regards, Leigh


  3. Pat O'Donnell

    Greetings from Kansas City. I enjoyed looking through your blog. I enjoy photography, video, and have just started blogging. Lots to learn as I develop my site. We have a deposit on a CCRC currently under construction. We don’t have a move-in date, and so much to do to get ready. How long have you lived there? Was it a big change in lifestyle? Keep writing and pointing that camera.


    • John Holmes

      We have lived here at Homewood at Plum Creek for about 8.5 years. We love it. Only big change in lifestyle was not having to cut grass, not shoveling snow, not maintaining a house, etc. When something breaks just call the staff and they come and take care of it!

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  4. Peter Mountford

    I just read your blog post from August 1, 2018. I hope you continue doing it. Your pictures are great and what you write about the photos and the life you live to take them is subtle but very interesting. You are in a place and you are documenting it in a way that makes pretty ordinary things seem more than they are. That’s my two cents.


  5. Margret

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  6. Bill & Marianne Garrett

    Enjoyed looking and reading through your current blog. Fantastic photography; delightful creativity.


  7. Don Scofield

    Thanks John, enjoyed the railroad pictures and all the other Homewood pictures. Now I know where to get tips on photography.



  8. Norris & Beverley

    We enjoyed your blog and slideshow(s) on Tunisia. We are looking forward to our OAT trip there. Your slideshow and accompanying music have us anxiously awaiting our Tunisian adventure.


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