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The Way it Was

If I’m driving and photographing through the car windows I mostly use my Olympus TG-4.  I can use it with one hand, turn it off and on and zoom as needed, while shooting in program mode with the ISO fixed at 200.  It is also small, not as noticeable, gives me maximum depth-of-field, and sits in a cup holder when I’m not photographing.  I made these yesterday morning when it was foggy as I drove through parts of Hanover, PA.

Hanover, PA Pictures will be Delayed

I will be delaying my project of photographing in and around Hanover.  With spring and summer arriving, I have a request to make a lot of nature pictures around Homewood at Plum Creek.  I am going to do this and it will require me shifting my emphasis from prime lenses, street, indoor, and people photography to longer zoom lenses, flowers, birds, etc.  The bigger issue is that I won’t have the time or energy to do both since I am limited in how much walking I can do.

I should have started the “Echoes of the Past” project earlier in the late fall.  I will try to pick it back up in mid-summer or next winter when my other photography dies down.

I am now trying to decide on what camera and lenses I will use as I return my emphasis to nature photography.  I would like to obtain a longer zoom lens but I haven’t decided on what one.  Fujifilm’s next logical one for me to get would be the XF 100-400 lens, but it is expensive and might be hard for me to handle on the X-Pro2 which doesn’t have much of a hand grip.  In addition, while the Fujifilm’s cameras like the X-T2 and the X-Pro2 have greatly improved with the speed of their focusing, I am not sure how the longer zoom lenses would compare against DSLR cameras.

Acros or Classic Chrome?

I am trying to decide which style of processing will work best for my “Echoes of the Past” project.  In the above images, I used film bracketing to capture each jpeg picture in both Fujifilm’s Classic Chrome and Acros.  I think I will choose one of these for my base jpeg for the entire project.  After I decide whether to go with color or monochrome, I’ll think about what other adjustments I might make on a global basis, but as I write this, I’m thinking I’ll keep the images as close to one of these film emulations as I can since it will make the processing very simple.

I am having a problem deciding which to choose; i.e., which will work best to present a comparison of now to what we remember of the past.  My first idea was to use the Acros B&W style since I like the tones, etc. and since when I think back to pictures I have seen of how it looked in the past, they were all B&W.  A question, independent of looking at old pictures, “Do we remember in B&W or color?”  While it isn’t as evident in these pictures, another concern I have is that some of the garish colors people now use don’t really improve the current views.

The problem is that I do like the color images of the area when processed in Classic Chrome film emulation, and they do give a more accurate presentation of how it looks now in this day and age.  They also show up the changes, additions, different materials used, etc.

I realize that most of us prefer either color or B&W, and to take a poll is of no value; but if anyone has some reasoning for selecting one or the other please comment.

Echoes of the Past #1

I’m starting a series of pictures of Hanover, PA and the surrounding area based on a theme of “Echoes of the Past”.  My idea is to collect a series of images that I might use in a book.  As I pursue this project, I will be showing many of the images here in my blog and then I hope to later cull out my selects for a book.

I made this first set on Saturday, the 25th of Feb. in 2017, while walking around one half block bounded by the square, streets, and ally in the center of Hanover.  My objective for the images I made on this first trip was to try out the concept of using only an effective 35mm lens to get a feel for the focal length and to try some different processing styles.  I haven’t yet decided on how I will process them for the book and I may try out several different styles here in my blog.

In the future, I hope to be returning to the streets and showing what I see in 2017.  I hope to capture a current sense of place that also shows the linkages to the past.  This shouldn’t be too difficult since most seem to be living in the past.

One of my goals is to concentrate on “lifestyle photography” in this coming year with a normal lens; i.e. not with a long focal length zoom lens.  I’ll have to live with this idea until I see whether I can make it work and if it satisfies me.  If all goes well, this project will be only one of several projects.  I also hope to capture images of our lifestyle of living here at Homewood at Plum Creek, which ironically, may be the hardest to do without a long lens; but, I will be limited in the nature of those pictures that I can display on my blog due to privacy concerns.

I am also considering another project that I might write about and illustrate with pictures, but I’m less sure about that project.  The only thing that is clear to me is that I will be attempting to focus my efforts and photography on my ever-changing perspective of life without long focal lengths.  Which camera(s) I decide to use is still somewhat undecided until I proceed a while and learn what I need.  I am pretty sure that an effective 35 to 50mm focal length will work, but I’m still unsure about which camera and whether I need a smallish pocket camera.