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Streets of Hanover, PA

The other day I took the K-3 III with the 18-135mm lens to a few of the streets in Hanover.  I have been trying to come up with a theme or reason for photographing on the streets, something I haven’t done much of since 2012.  I took a variety of images so that I could bring them home and see what I could find within them.  So far, I haven’t found a reason for making these images, but I have some more to look through so I might still find a reason for going back.

Long Ago with a Pentax Camera

I made this long ago (well 2013 seems like long ago) with an older Pentax K-5 DSLR.

I’m currently reviewing my use of Pentax cameras and lenses as I consider what I’m going to use in the future if covid gets damped down and things open up a lot more.

I’m pretty sure that the new K-3 Mark III will have some nice upgrades if Pentax ever manages to get it manufactured and distributed, but I’m also expecting the increased cost will not make it worth upgrading my K-3 for my uses.  The new K-3 Mark III is a totally redesigned camera.  It also depends on what I decide to do with my Fuji X-Pro 3.

While I like the Pentax cameras and lenses, it is still a dying system and other lens manufacturers are no longer supporting it.  For these reasons I am reluctant to put much more of an investment into it.  But, I love it and have used it for so long that I might keep it going for the same reasons people keep and display old cars.

Five Years Ago

These caught my eye while I was reviewing what I did five years ago.  I made them in March of 2016 while driving through Hanover, PA around six am.

Monday’s Snow

 Monday morning we needed to go to the other side of Hanover.  As we left it started snowing again.

The first picture was made while we were stopped at a light at the square.  The other two images were made at Hillside.

I didn’t make any pictures on the way home since it was snowing hard and it was getting deep which made for a more exciting drive.  By the time we got back to Homewood I couldn’t see the curbs due to the depth of the snow.

It reminded me of driving in the snow in West Virginia, and brought back good memories of four wheeling in the mountains in the winter.


I made these images on 30 March 2018 in downtown Hanover, PA around 9:45am.  You can see in the second picture that we had flowers blooming along with some snow piles still on the pavement.

Since I made these images there have been many changes.  Several of the businesses that I photographed that morning are no longer in existence.  I am hopeful to go back to town and record some of those changes.

By 30 March this year, 2021, I hope to have had two covid vaccinations and be able to return to walking about town to make images, maybe some with the same model camera I used in 2018.  I don’t expect to see a large number of changes, but I hope to seek out the ones that have occurred since 2018.

But, I’ll have to wait and see.  A lot could, or could not, happen in the next two months.

Shift in Direction

We didn’t get much rain yesterday but it does seem that the weather is shifting towards being wetter which is good.  It has been dry.  I made these images while sitting in the car waiting to go inside for a medical checkup.

I’m still frustrated with my photography so I’m going to try and also shift it a little.  I have been using the Pentax KP and zoom lenses to make mostly snapshots of things around the campus.  I’m going back to using mostly my smaller cameras, the Fuji X100V and the Olympus TG-6 and at the same time try and shift my views, etc.  We will have to wait and see if I can succeed in making significant changes.

How Long?


When we have been ordering groceries for pick up recently, we never get a full order.  It always seems that at least half of our order is out of stock and we aren’t attempting to order paper products which the store website says is out of stock.  We only order what is supposedly in stock according to the store website.  I wonder how long this will go on.  Is this the new normal?

In some ways, it might be the new normal for an extended period.  Many businesses are not going to make it through the lockdowns, all around the world.  These businesses going out of business will in itself create additional disruptions to supply lines and might create even more items being temporarily out of stock.  Add in the trade wars and the impacts of increasingly severe weather due to climate changes and we might be in for a future of continually adjusting what we can buy and thus eat.

A Questionable Future

I fully expect the new normal to be a continuous set of adjustments to dealing with everything from the virus to longer term financial realities.  While I’m hoping for things to get better, I really won’t be surprised if they are as bad or worse.  I might need to move into a depression era style of photography.

While the future won’t be like the past, or current conditions, I’m still relying on my past experiences to adjust for a different photography future.  While doing that I reworked some older images,  shown here, that I had made last year with a pocket camera.

I expect to go back to carrying a rugged pocket camera when I’m out of the house and to be using it to make a greater percentage of the images that you will hopefully be seeing on this blog.  I would like to photograph scenes similar to these but that depends upon how much, and where, I’ll be able to go.

Another variable that I expect to get wilder is the weather.  It seems that we swing from one extreme to another and that it gets both wetter and dryer, warmer and colder, and windier.  We could even end up having more of a problem with hurricanes this summer, so I’m trying to be prepared for that as well with waterproof cameras.