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Killing Time with the TG-5

I was waiting while Marcia had her annual eye checkup, so I made use of my time by making these images.  They are not “street” photography but close enough.

I would like to see more articles on the use of cameras with technology similar to what the TG-5 has.  I’m tired of all of the discussions of how necessary the larger, heavier, more expensive cameras and lenses are for similar uses.  I guess all of those previous photographers are now using their phones to make their pictures, but I would like to see them drop them, toss them around in their car’s cup holder or in the bottom of a pack, or use them underwater, etc.  I’ll just continue to use my TG-5 since the ergonomics and capabilities are superior.

Empty Buildings


I could probably keep busy just wandering around Hanover, PA and making images of empty parking lots and buildings.  There is a story in them in that Hanover is just like most older towns in that they are turning inside out.  The businesses and residents move out from the center to the outer edges, and even then, die.

On the Street in the Rain

Another aspect to what I photograph is what camera and lens I use.  In my case, since I photograph for fun and was an engineer, it is very important to me whether I like to hold, carry, and use the camera.

It was raining lightly this morning when I grabbed my Pentax K-3 with the 18-135mm WR lens and went out to make these images.  I love my Pentax DSLR for outdoors photography since it fits my hand nicely, is very sturdy, and is weather resistant … even though it is an older camera and is heavy.  I even keep having thoughts about getting another lens or two for it and using it again as my primary outdoors camera, even though I own superior Fujifilm lenses and cameras that are also weather resistant.

While the above images are all in color (the jeep was black) I really like using the Pentax to make monochrome images and I have made other pictures on the streets of Hanover using a Pentax DSLR camera.  The problem is that people react to the larger camera.  Some have affronted me and thought I was working for someone and wanted to know why I was photographing their house, business, etc.  In reality the camera is a good landscape camera and not a street camera.  If I really want to use this camera and lens, I should photograph landscapes in the rain, mud, wind, etc.  A problem is resolution and sharpness and overall image quality with the 18-135mm lens (camera?).  The following are some pictures that I took later in the morning.  They have been tweaked a lot to get this style.

The bottom line, as always, comes down to image quality.  Do I keep my costs down and adjust my photography style to fit the capabilities of the camera and lens I have by using the K-3 and the 18-135mm lens, or do I use a better camera and lens?  I could do OK with the K-3 if I went to older looking images in high contrast B&W at no additional cost.  Or I could spend some money and replace them with a Fujifilm X-H1 and the Fuji 18-135mm lens.  That would give me a higher quality system and make good use of all of my other Fuji lenses, etc.  A compromise would be to just get the Fuji 18-135mm lens and use it on the X-T2 camera when there is a chance of rain, etc.  The trade-off there would be not having a good handgrip but having less weight.

But, the cheapest, highest image quality, lowest cost option would be for me to use my X-T2 and the WR Fuji prime lenses that I own.  The only downside of that is I have to zoom with my feet, and I need to pick a focal length (prime lens) before I go out since I don’t want to change lenses in the rain or blowing pollen, etc.

Looking Differently, But?

I’m still trying to figure out how, or if I want, to photograph around Hanover, PA.  I need some reasons or themes for how I can approach it.  While investigating ideas, I considered concentrating on views without vehicles and showing them in ways others might not have noticed or thought about.  The above are a few examples that I have cropped from earlier pictures.

Too often when driving through the Bourgh all we note and hear and see are the cars and trucks and the line of traffic due to traffic lights, construction, etc.  I’m thinking to rise above all of that and look around at the details of buildings, skylines, etc.; i.e. the things you see when you aren’t concentrating on driving.  When was the last time anyone walked around Hanover, PA?

My problem still is that there is a lot of visual clutter everywhere I look.  I prefer more minimalistic views and I don’t see them anywhere around town.  I could make images like above … even in the residential areas; but do I want to do that?  Do I like to make these images?

Experimenting with Leaves

Some of the trees have started sprouting leaves, flower buds, etc.  As soon as we get warmer weather, I expect to see a lot more.

Why am I photographing them?  I am doing it because of the challenge and the need to collect images to use for processing as I entertain myself.  I am also interested in determining if I can keep busy with my photography with just the wider focal lengths like the effective 35mm focal length of the X100F if that becomes necessary.

Yes, I’m also interested in how they work for B&W images.  One example of the same leaves in B&W is shown above.  I’m still interested in publishing a book of B&W images but I’m still searching for suitable subjects.  All of my work this year so far (other than my Homewood Photography) has been practicing as I tried to figure out what can be done with my current cameras and lenses and also trying to figure out what my preferred subjects and blog posts will be about going forward.  I still am not sure about what I will be photographing this summer.

About Hanover, PA

I keep trying to come up with a theme for making pictures around Hanover, PA, but I keep drawing a blank.  So many people see it through different “belief systems” that no matter what I see many will see it differently.  I may just capture my views and let others think what they may.  If nothing else, there are a lot of details available for viewing if only people take the time.