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Hanover in 2017

I used these older pictures from 2017 that I had made in Hanover, PA for trying some different ways of processing the original raw files.  I’m sure that a lot has changed since I originally took these pictures.  I’d like to get back to walking around town and making some different photos; but as time goes on it looks less likely.


Dreaming of photographing in town again as I rework some older images; but, I normally don’t dream in color.  At least I’m not aware of it.

Confusing Signs

I think Hanover, PA needs better sign management.  Note the limited hours for the no parking sign next to the parking meter plus the no parking on the street sign plus the “Do Not Enter” sign.  I guess they expect drivers to stop in the middle of the street and take the time to read the signs and decide what applies for when and where.  

Me, I just want warmer weather and to sit out front in the evening with a camera while drinking a beer with people out and about.


As I consider different things to photograph, I keep trying things.  In this case I wondered if I were to go back to walking around Hanover and making pictures of things I see, what focal length would I prefer and what camera and lens would be best?

One thing I am sure of is that I would like a small discreet camera and lens, so I put the 20mm (effective 40mm) Panasonic lens on the Olympus E-M5 III camera and went down the road to a house that is being torn down and walked around it and made the above pictures.

As I walked and felt rather conspicuous with the camera hanging around my neck, I remembered walking with an older Ricoh GR camera I used to have with an effective 28mm focal length lens, carried in my pocket.  Hmmm, they now make the GR IIIx camera with an effective 40mm focal length.  Few, if any, camera stores have them listed for sale, but the Ricoh website says they are not in stock but shipping them in 3-4 weeks.  I expect it could easily be much later.

As I thought more about the GR camera, I went back and looked at pictures I had made before with the effective 28mm focal length and I ended up being surprised by the quality and the variety.  The GR cameras certainly fit my desires to go smaller and smaller, and even the GR III with the effective 28mm focal length would suit most of the possible images I might make.  

Before I went back to micro 4/3 gear I was considering just having a Fuji X100V camera (effective 35mm focal length) as my one and only camera; but, I saw the unavailability of them lasting a long time with all of the growing world-wide problems so I went with another micro 4/3 camera which was available.  Maybe I should get a Ricoh GR III instead.  I could always crop the 28mm image but I couldn’t make the 40mm image wider.

Only in America

Note the expensive vehicle parked next to me with the “Jeep” label.  It was trail rated with a lifted suspension and big wheels, and shiny orange paint without a mark indicating that it had probably never been off of the pavement.

Ida’s Rain

It is wet outside today as the rain from Ida goes over us in PA.  I’ll probably stay inside and twiddle my thumbs and put on some weight.

Hanover Street Photography

I captured these views on the streets of Hanover four years ago.  As  some folks clamor for me to make color images rather than B&W images, I think about maybe going back and capturing how things have changed in Hanover.  In some locations they have changed a lot.

If I could do that, I would need to decide what style I wanted to use.  These images have been reworked into one color scheme that I am considering.

Such views would probably get more criticisms than my B&W flowers, etc., but I can’t satisfy everybody, so I just try to please myself, and rarely manage to do that.