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Hanover Project with the X100F … Maybe


I haven’t had many opportunities for making pictures this winter, but I have still been experimenting and thinking about different projects so that I’m ready when the weather warms up.  As I consider various subjects and types of images to make, I have been keeping my coffee cup and the X100F close by at all times, like when I made the above image.  Hmmm, maybe too much coffee.

I have been using older pictures to try different styles for different subjects.  As a result, I’m considering going back to the streets of Hanover with the X100F and making in-camera jpegs with the Classic Chrome calibration.  In the past, I never seemed to get enthused with wider images like in an earlier post and I had moved to trying close-up details or snippets of images made on the streets and in the alleys.  I didn’t like those detail images either, since I had been wanting to make a book with Hanover pictures, and I didn’t think a mix of details represented a cohesive story.  If, or when I go back next, I’m going to try the X100F and try to capture “more iconic” images of how it looks now, ones similar to the one in the earlier post.  If it works out, I might make a small book or magazine with a few images rather than trying a bigger one like I had thought about.

What will be different next time will be my field of view.  In the past I used various cameras, various styles including B&W, and various lenses of many different focal lengths.  The next time I want to limit myself to one camera, one field of view, and one style, the X100F with Classic Chrome jpegs, and concentrate on the compositions.

Since I have tried to get pictures I liked on the streets before, and wasn’t very successful, I know that the odds are against me trying again.  The problem is that I am limited in what I have available to photograph so I feel impelled to try again.  Depending upon how it goes with the X100F, I may follow that attempt with micro 4/3 gear and a different focal length, or I might give up.

Ghost Town


It has been suggested that I make some street photos of Hanover, PA.  I have in the past, but I think this picture shows why I don’t do it often.  I made the above picture through the windshield of my car while I was stopped at a traffic light on a Tuesday at 10:15 am in the morning one day last February.  Not much happens in downtown Hanover.  It is not a town in which to do the classic kinds of street photography you usually see on other blog sites.  Our main streets look as above, except when they are clogged with tractor trailers, or are being dug up to replace old gas and water lines.  People are rarely on the sidewalks.

Photo Therapy


What do you do when sitting in a waiting room before 8am to be called for some medical tests?  Since I only had my cell phone with me, I used it to take the above picture along with some others.  When I got back home I used the others to make what you see below.

Photography is my hobby to fill my time and have some fun at the same time.  I try to create views that others didn’t see.  Some call it photo therapy.  What would you call it?

Dave Stahl Quintet at the Eichelberger


Last evening, I attended an intimate evening of jazz in the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center.  It was the Dave Stahl Quintet and they were the best musicians that I have ever seen at the Eich.  The very accomplished musicians were Andrew Neu, Paul Bratcher, Rob Cochran, Lew Leabman, and Dave Stahl.  It has been a long time since I listened to jazz music, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  They played in the conservatory to a sold out limited audience of 50.  In my opinion, it was a shame that the performance wasn’t in the main auditorium so that more could have enjoyed it.

I didn’t take a camera with me, but I had my iPhone 6 in my pocket so I thought it would be a fine time to try it with some different processing.  The image above is not as the iPhone made it.  After I downloaded the picture into Adobe Lightroom I first corrected the color balance and then used the latest version of the “auto” function in LR Classic.  It does an amazingly good job, even with an older cellphone jpeg image.  I then switched from color to B&W in LR to make the following version of the same picture.  I need to use my cell phone more often to make pictures.