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As I consider different things to photograph, I keep trying things.  In this case I wondered if I were to go back to walking around Hanover and making pictures of things I see, what focal length would I prefer and what camera and lens would be best?

One thing I am sure of is that I would like a small discreet camera and lens, so I put the 20mm (effective 40mm) Panasonic lens on the Olympus E-M5 III camera and went down the road to a house that is being torn down and walked around it and made the above pictures.

As I walked and felt rather conspicuous with the camera hanging around my neck, I remembered walking with an older Ricoh GR camera I used to have with an effective 28mm focal length lens, carried in my pocket.  Hmmm, they now make the GR IIIx camera with an effective 40mm focal length.  Few, if any, camera stores have them listed for sale, but the Ricoh website says they are not in stock but shipping them in 3-4 weeks.  I expect it could easily be much later.

As I thought more about the GR camera, I went back and looked at pictures I had made before with the effective 28mm focal length and I ended up being surprised by the quality and the variety.  The GR cameras certainly fit my desires to go smaller and smaller, and even the GR III with the effective 28mm focal length would suit most of the possible images I might make.  

Before I went back to micro 4/3 gear I was considering just having a Fuji X100V camera (effective 35mm focal length) as my one and only camera; but, I saw the unavailability of them lasting a long time with all of the growing world-wide problems so I went with another micro 4/3 camera which was available.  Maybe I should get a Ricoh GR III instead.  I could always crop the 28mm image but I couldn’t make the 40mm image wider.

Only in America

Note the expensive vehicle parked next to me with the “Jeep” label.  It was trail rated with a lifted suspension and big wheels, and shiny orange paint without a mark indicating that it had probably never been off of the pavement.

Ida’s Rain

It is wet outside today as the rain from Ida goes over us in PA.  I’ll probably stay inside and twiddle my thumbs and put on some weight.

Hanover Street Photography

I captured these views on the streets of Hanover four years ago.  As  some folks clamor for me to make color images rather than B&W images, I think about maybe going back and capturing how things have changed in Hanover.  In some locations they have changed a lot.

If I could do that, I would need to decide what style I wanted to use.  These images have been reworked into one color scheme that I am considering.

Such views would probably get more criticisms than my B&W flowers, etc., but I can’t satisfy everybody, so I just try to please myself, and rarely manage to do that.

Muskrat in the Muddy Water


Muskrat swimming up the muddy Plum Creek.  The creek was muddy due to the erosion occurring after heavy rains.  Since this is not far from the headwaters of the creek, one should wonder about where all the mud is coming from.  Someday I need to investigate that.

Photographing Ideas vs. Things


One type of photography that I like, but find limited due to lack of traveling, is reportage photography.  I like to tell stories with my photography, often ones that relate to what I expect for the future; but also ones that describe what I tend to believe are shortfalls, or interesting relative to our current culture, politics, and environmental practices.

The included picture is an example.  It shows how Plum Creek is eroding with each round of high water that we get, and which I believe will be an increasing occurrence with global heating changing the amounts and severity of rain in the eastern parts of the U.S.

Our Township apparently has rules dealing with what can and cannot be done to the banks of Plum Creek.  I have asked them, and I’m waiting for information.  I think that either the interpretations of the rules, or the actual rules, are wrong.  It is one thing to try and preserve the natural order of the ecology, but it is another thing to not stop erosion and allow the banks to erode and wash away to pollute and contribute to the flooding of the creek and eventually to decreasing the depth and pollution of the Chesapeake Bay.

Streets of Hanover, PA

The other day I took the K-3 III with the 18-135mm lens to a few of the streets in Hanover.  I have been trying to come up with a theme or reason for photographing on the streets, something I haven’t done much of since 2012.  I took a variety of images so that I could bring them home and see what I could find within them.  So far, I haven’t found a reason for making these images, but I have some more to look through so I might still find a reason for going back.

Long Ago with a Pentax Camera

I made this long ago (well 2013 seems like long ago) with an older Pentax K-5 DSLR.

I’m currently reviewing my use of Pentax cameras and lenses as I consider what I’m going to use in the future if covid gets damped down and things open up a lot more.

I’m pretty sure that the new K-3 Mark III will have some nice upgrades if Pentax ever manages to get it manufactured and distributed, but I’m also expecting the increased cost will not make it worth upgrading my K-3 for my uses.  The new K-3 Mark III is a totally redesigned camera.  It also depends on what I decide to do with my Fuji X-Pro 3.

While I like the Pentax cameras and lenses, it is still a dying system and other lens manufacturers are no longer supporting it.  For these reasons I am reluctant to put much more of an investment into it.  But, I love it and have used it for so long that I might keep it going for the same reasons people keep and display old cars.

Five Years Ago

These caught my eye while I was reviewing what I did five years ago.  I made them in March of 2016 while driving through Hanover, PA around six am.