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I have been continuing to try to find a style for displaying images of Hanover.  For many reasons, I do not like to make straight-forward snapshots of individual buildings, etc. and I haven’t been fond of my previous attempts to do just that.  At the same time, I have become enamored with the many colors, groupings, and styles of the many industrial and older buildings in and around Hanover.  The above are some of my most recent attempts to find a style that is representative of what catches my eye while walking around.

I Like the Ricoh GR II Camera

I was waiting to get my car inspected this morning when I only had my Ricoh GR II to play with, so I made this picture through my open window.  As I have written in earlier posts, I have been exploring different uses of the little fixed effective 28mm lens camera.  I am intrigued about what I might be able to do with it.  As it turns out the sensor and lens in the camera are very good.  The above picture was a jpeg … not a raw file.  The smaller vertical image is a crop of the wider image.



The Dress Factory, the ???, and now The Dance Academy and the Quick Print Center.  I wonder when the original building was built and how many uses it has had over the years?  If I were to get ambitious enough and looked for old pictures and looked up the history of individual buildings, I could put together a book of the history of some of them within Hanover, PA. along with my street views of how they look now.

Another concept for a photo book might be to pick a block and just record the views of it now.  A major problem with these ideas is “what blocks?”, “how many blocks/books?”, “what buildings?”, etc.

Those are ideas if I were interested in history and wanted to take the time to pursue it.  But, that also brings up the question: “Are many people interested in history anymore?”  History seems to be an interest of the past.  Think about that.  How much history is taught in schools now?  Not as much as in the past.  People now seem only to live for the moment.  They give little thought to the past or the future.  Lack of thought about the future gives me a lot more concern.  That is what scares me.

Hanover 170504

These are some more images that I am making of Hanover, PA.  I am striving to practice observational photography based on what I see in and about Hanover in the year 2017.  I have no preconceived ideas of what I will photograph as I go to different areas and walk around.  Usually I see scenes that remind me of the past, i.e. they are echoes of the past.

The pictures that I have been showing, and will continue to be showing, in this blog are basically just ideas and examples as I develop a better understanding of what I see.  In some cases I will return to the same areas and attempt to view from a different direction and on some days I will look for wide angle images of the streets and buildings and at other times I might concentrate on up close details.

These pictures are from my major project for this year which is to photograph portions of Hanover.  I hope to make thousands of images and then select a few around a theme and publish them in a photo book.

Hanover Streets 170426

I am still exploring how I want to photograph on the streets of Hanover, PA.  I had thought that I would be able to use a fixed 23mm lens on an APS sensor camera, but I have changed my mind.  I will need a zoom lens if I wish to correct for distortion, etc. and get both close-ups and wide shots of how it looks.  I am now considering different cameras and lenses … maybe a zoom lens that starts around 16mm.