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Trying Olympus 75mm f/1.8 Lens

I recently obtained the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 lens.  The first evening I had it I used it to make some test images in town.  I didn’t give much thought to compositions since I was more interested in getting a feel for the field-of-view, camera/lens program curve, resolution, etc.  The above images were camera jpegs, but some of them have been cropped and tweaked a little.  So far, I really like the lens with its effective 150mm focal length.  I expect to leave it on my PEN-F camera for a while.

In Hanover


I am still looking for images of Hanover that I might use in a book, but I still haven’t settled upon a theme or style.  One of my current efforts has been to go back and to reprocess snippets of images.  This is one that I liked.  It is a small section of a storefront window which includes reflections.  The window was curved and distorted the reflections.

Miscreation Brewing Company’s Malt


While walking around Hanover the other day I noticed these bags in a Miscreation Brewing Company window.  I wondered what was in the bags, so I looked it up and found out that Miscreation is buying some of the best malt in the world from Mouterij Dingemans in Belgium.

I have been learning that many of our local manufacturing companies sell products internationally as well as buy internationally.  I wonder how many realize how much Hanover has become interwoven with, and dependent on, the global market.

Backdoors of Hanover

I keep looking for “the story” of Hanover in pictures.  I haven’t found it; but, maybe I should do some mini-stories like the backdoors of Hanover.  I was scouting an area for ideas the other morning when I made these.  I just let my eyes seek out color or light and shadows to see what I would find.  These are a few examples.

The Sign


I made an early morning trip to Walmart this morning.  I used my GR II camera to grab this image.  I liked the light and wondered what happened to the sign.

I considered selling my Ricoh GR II, but changed my mind.  It makes an excellent pocket camera for unexpected images as well as for making many of my intentional pictures because of its fixed focal length.  I recently noticed that many of my pictures lately have been made at an effective 28mm focal length with other cameras.  Why not use the GR II?