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Not Compelling Pictures

I was in town the other day and I had my camera in the car so I took a short walk and made a few images.  As I read Fred Herzog’s book Modern Color, and listen to David duChemin’s videos, I realize what I don’t like about my pictures made on the streets of Hanover.  They are flat, lifeless, and dead.  I made these images just past noon on a Friday and the town appears mostly empty of people.  There weren’t even many cars, just the big trucks moving through the town.  Another problem, if there were people on the streets they would not want me taking pictures of them.  If I am going to take pictures on the streets I’m going to have to work hard at it, and even then, they might not be worth it.  Are they worth making if all they show is that downtown Hanover is lifeless and dead? 

Some Challenges

190913-081037-19JEHI have a few challenges but I think they are worth attempting to overcome.  Fred Herzog died last Monday, 9 Sept. 2019 at the age of 88.  The articles on the web caused me to remember that I had a book about his photography, Modern Color, but that I hadn’t yet read the text so I decided to get it out and read it.  That is a challenge.  The book weighs about 4.5 pounds and is large.  I tried reading it while sitting in my rocking chair but that didn’t work very well since it really made my thumbs hurt and I had to put on my thumb braces.  I’ll next try reading it at the table so that I don’t have to hold the book.  That will probably shift the pain to my back as I lean over the book to read the small text.

As I started reading the book I recognized how his approach to photography might match with some of my thoughts on getting back to making some images on the streets of Hanover, PA.  I also started thinking about how I might prefer to make the images with the Pentax K-1 II and the 50mm F1.4 lens if it is not too long, provided the weight didn’t cause me too much trouble.  At least the weight of the camera and lens is a little less than three pounds, even though it is large and will likely draw some unwanted attention.  If that challenge is a little too much I can fall back and try using the X-Pro2 camera; but, the images and the fun would not be the same.

Lovely, Cool Rain

It was a lovely cool, overcast day with light rain this morning.  Since I had a few errands to run, I took advantage of being out in the car to practice photographing from it with the X-Pro2 hanging from a neck strap with the 35mm F2 lens.  I made the strap just long enough to keep the weight off of my neck by letting the camera set on my leg.  That worked well since I could easily pick up the camera with my right hand when the vehicle was stopped and then quickly drop it to my leg when moving without putting any load on my neck.  The images are just a few I made for practice.

Streets of Hanover, PA

I gave the Pentax KP a test on the streets of Hanover, PA.  I put my oldest Domke strap on it that used to be on older Pentax DSLRs that I owned, and walked around a few blocks to see how the camera felt for nostalgia’s sake on a Saturday morning.  The camera and the 20-40mm lens did fine.

Mainly, I didn’t develop any desire to be making these kinds of pictures.  There wasn’t anything to photograph of interest.  It was like photographing a town in which people and businesses no longer exist.

Vulcan’s Hanover Quarry


The Homewood at Plum Creek’s Men’s Group visited the Vulcan Hanover Quarry.  We took the new bus to the quarry, logged in and got an orientation briefing, and then drove the bus down into the quarry all the way to the floor.  After circling around, we then drove back up to the top and went around the quarry to the opposite side where I made the above image by merging three images.  We then waited for a brief period in order to watch one of their explosions.  The following images start prior to the explosion (the first one below). I then took a series of images showing the results of the explosion.  The second one below shows the wall blowing out.


Our bus survived the trip without a scratch, and I can’t end this without saying that it was one of the more interesting trips we have taken.  I had no idea it was this large nor any idea of the variety of products that include the output from such quarries.

Killing Time with the TG-5

I was waiting while Marcia had her annual eye checkup, so I made use of my time by making these images.  They are not “street” photography but close enough.

I would like to see more articles on the use of cameras with technology similar to what the TG-5 has.  I’m tired of all of the discussions of how necessary the larger, heavier, more expensive cameras and lenses are for similar uses.  I guess all of those previous photographers are now using their phones to make their pictures, but I would like to see them drop them, toss them around in their car’s cup holder or in the bottom of a pack, or use them underwater, etc.  I’ll just continue to use my TG-5 since the ergonomics and capabilities are superior.