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Sheppard Museum

I made these pictures in May 2017.  While reviewing what pictures I had made with different cameras, I discovered these.  I thought that I had used a Pentax K3 II camera to make all of them, but I hadn’t.  Only the first few were made with the K3 II.  The others were made with the Ricoh GR II as camera color jpegs.  Since I don’t think I ever published the full set I am doing it now with some current processing.

Tree in Square

I was driving through the square this morning in a light rain and noticed that they are putting up the Christmas Tree.  By the way, I used the TG-5 to “grab” these images. I photographed through the windshield as I was moving through the square.  Assuming I wish to keep making such “record” pictures, I think this is a good example of why I should keep the camera.

I even like them in toned monochrome.

Hanover with an Old Leica D-Lux 6

I have been thinking about getting a better pocket camera, so I decided to go back and relook at some raw images made with my old Leica D-Lux 6 camera that I bought used a while back.  The pictures above have been reprocessed with my latest version of a toned monochrome image.  The camera only has an effective 10MP and a small 1/1.7” sensor, but with a lovely Leica DC Vario-Summilux 4.7-17.7mm f/1.4-2.3 lens.  I think the camera is about six years old which means the technology is older than that.

I’m now thinking that it might be fun to just use this little camera along with my Olympus TG-5 and make some new images of Hanover with them this winter.  I might even use them to make a book of images.  I really like using older small cameras so I might decide to mostly use them for blog post pictures this winter and concentrate on trying to find images rather than keep trying different more modern cameras.

There, But Why

One of my intentions for my photographs that I make where I live at Homewood at Plum Creek is to show others what they didn’t see either because they can’t get about, weren’t there when I was, or because they don’t see the way I do.

As an expansion to that theme, I’m considering going further out and about Hanover and adding pictures of common scenes that people might drive by frequently, but don’t take the time to stop and really look or think about what is there.  As a test, I walked along Westminster in front of Homewood and made these images of scenes across the road.

There are stories within those images.  For example, I always wondered about people who flew “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and then drew attention to themselves with such flags and political signs.  It is like they are trying to engage others in a fight by drawing attention and saying come on, disagree with me.  I’m not sure what those other buildings are used for, but their style, colors, and lack of frills might tell a lot about the owners.  I think that at the minimum we should wonder if the outsides are good indicators of what is inside.

In the past I tried different processing and longer focal lengths to make images of interest and/or express emotions, but I’m now wondering if that was the way to go.  The pictures gave me an opportunity to play with the processing and I still like to do that, but I have never found a theme to guide me in making images around Hanover.  Maybe I thought too hard and over-looked the obvious.  Can I find enjoyment in just photographing whatever is in front of me and not trying to express an idea or particular way of thinking?  Can I stop seeking another camera or another lens or a different way of processing them and just concentrate on showing what is there?  Can I have fun making such images?

Five years ago, I started thinking about making a book of Hanover pictures, but I kept feeling that I needed a theme to organize the photos around.  I wanted something to guide me to photographing particular things and to then tell a particular story.  If I decide to pursue the effort to make more pictures around and about Hanover, I might just leave it to the viewer to extract whatever story they see.

The Hanover area is small, but it has quite a variety of buildings, etc.  Should I just photograph at random and leave it up to the viewers to think whatever?  But photography isn’t like that.  The photographer’s bias is always there in that he or she chose where to point the camera, even if they don’t have a conscious reason for it.  You always have to wonder, “OK, it is there but why was it photographed?”  Is there a story in that photograph?  What is it?  Why would I do this?

Glatfelter Plans to Sell

As I was riding by the Glatfelter plant in Spring Grove in the bus on Thursday, I learned that Glatfelter plans to sell their Specialty Papers Division to Lindsay Goldberg LLC, a private investment firm, by the end of 2018 for around $360 million.  These are some pictures that I made through the bus windows as we drove by.

I was using my Fuji X-E3 with the 23mm F2 lens at a shutter speed of 1/1000 sec.  Needless to say, I’m really liking this camera and lens.  I also have the 35mm F2 lens and like it as well.  The question I’m now pondering is how much of my Homewood photography can be accomplished with this system rather than with my longer focal length micro 4/3 system.