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Color Goal

This isn’t a new picture.  It was an older color jpeg that I made with an X-Pro 2 camera with the 23mm lens in April 2017.  I have been working on finding a color process that I like for some of my future photography around Hanover.  The first image is one example where I started with the color jpeg and then made some other changes.

I’m still dithering between jpegs and raw files for my around town images.  If I base my style on jpeg files that will limit me to only using my Fujifilm cameras.  Since I also will probably desire to make some in monochrome and possibly use multiple cameras, I am using the above as an example and working on processing raw files to match it.

I still find it hard, if not impossible, to match Fujifilm raw files to the camera jpegs.  Using just the LR film simulations gets close but is not the same.  It is a lot easier to use monochrome and it gives me more latitude to feature sections of an image, etc.  The second B&W picture is the same image as the first but with a simple conversion to monochrome and brightened.

Hanover Market with the X100F


It has been a while since I made pictures in the market on a Saturday morning.  The only difference with these images is that I used the X100F and published them just as the raw files were presented in Adobe color using LR.  I made no changes to the files except to reduce their size for publication here.  I didn’t change them to Classic Chrome, or any other film preset, nor did I use auto tone.  These are just the plain LR rendering of the raw files without my intervention.

I have mostly avoided this kind of photography on my blog since it is too close to what I do for my Homewood photography and I like to “play with the processing” and do something different for my other photography.  The continuous question, or indecision, is can I, or should I, try to go out and about Hanover and “record” what I see?  This hasn’t been what I have thought of as fun photography, but I did get started in photography by doing this for locations where I traveled; i.e. typical travel photography many years ago.

I used the Fujifilm X100F to make these images and no one seemed to mind.  In the past I was once confronted, or accosted, when I tried to make similar images with a DSLR.  One of the vendors stopped me, not in a polite way, and accused me of making commercial pictures and wanted to know who I was working for.

What Else is There


I often make pictures just to see what else is there that I didn’t notice before.  I had never noticed this U. S. Mini Mart on Carlisle Street before.  I just thought it was a gasoline station that I have driven by many times but after looking at the picture more closely I see it is a small store that I have never heard of.

I made this image the other day while driving around.  I’m still thinking about what to photograph within town and what lenses will work best.  If I decide to pursue images along the streets, I prefer to do it with prime lenses.

Another issue is how to capture the scene.  If I walk the sidewalks, I am often to close to capture the overall view and I have to contend with broken uneven sidewalks.  If I drive by, I have to be careful and avoid other cars, which isn’t the safest thing to attempt.  If I photograph from the other side of the street, I still have to contend with cars going by and parked on both sides of the roads.  In addition, the distance away affects the lens focal length choice.

In the past I ended up mostly photographing details since that was easiest to get from the sidewalks.  I may still have to do it that way, but I have one more thing to try.  That is to move out into the residential streets where there is less traffic.  Or I might give up trying to make pictures in Hanover, PA.  That thought also leads to “What else is there to photograph?”

Street Photography with X100F


It is obvious that the color orange caught my eye for this image.  It is another image where I was seeing what I could make with the X100F from within my car as I was driving around.  I just set the shutter speed to 1/500 sec and photographed whatever caught my eye.  When it warms up, if my knees and back allow it, I hope to walk around with the X100F camera and look more carefully for images, but not for people.  In general, it is getting harder to photograph recognizable people anywhere in the developed world’s cities and towns and this will have a growing impact on street photography.  I am noticing more backs of people as well as people in shadows, etc. from many of the photographers who put their work online.

My Photography with the X100F


I often need to rethink about why I take pictures for myself, how I like them, and for what purpose.  If I really thought about the answers to these questions from another viewer’s perspective, I probably wouldn’t be taking any personal pictures since I really don’t have any thoughts about them from another’s perspective.  In fact, every time I think about what the purpose is for my photography from a more encompassing outsider’s perspective, I start thinking about stopping with my blog.  Many, a large majority of my local viewers are interested in the subject.  I’m not.  The things that attract me are the tones, colors, light, shadows, etc. and photographing scenes that others don’t, or at least in ways they don’t.

My sole purpose for my own photography is for my own entertainment and fun.  I have the time since I am retired and have nothing else to do and since I am visually oriented, I like to make pictures.  For me photography is a day-by-day activity.  I am perfectly satisfied to take pictures every day, process them in various manners, and then trash them and start over.  The only thing keeping me from immediately trashing my pictures is that I am not able to take pictures every day and I therefore often like to go back and process old photos differently.

Hmmm, now why do I publish some of them in this blog?  The only reason I do it is that a few people (very few on an image-by-image basis) seem to occasionally like them or want to see them.  In addition, a few photographers are interested in my thoughts from a gear perspective and how my particular uses for particular cameras might give them ideas for their own photography.  In reality, I blog to create a record of my photographical exploits and I like to spend the time writing.

I am also interested in the technology within the cameras and with the software to process the images.  Maybe that is because I’m a retired Aerospace Engineer.  This interest in the technology is why I have continued to buy, try, and sell so many cameras, but that is slowing down since I realize that the current technology is way more sufficient than I can learn and use or need, and it is getting too expensive.  Most of my cameras were purchased based upon a need for making pictures of Homewood activities and scenes for the residents.  Those needs have been due to low mixed light levels and required focal lengths and shutter speeds.

Occasionally I think about what I would use if I only photographed for my personal enjoyment and not also for Homewood residents.  Someday I might concentrate on one camera and one lens solely of interest to myself, at least for my personal photography.  The question is, what would they be if I were to buy something new?  I can spend hours researching and wondering.  At the moment it is the Fujifilm X100F camera with the effective 35mm lens that I have and love using.  Maybe that is all I need.

Small Pocket Cameras

Sometimes I’m out driving to and from a doctor’s office, etc. and I get an idea for some pictures when I only have my TG-5 camera with me.  Such was the case on a darkish morning when I made the above images from within my car while moving.  After I loaded them on my computer, I dropped the exposure and played with them until I made these.  The biggest problem I have with the TG-5 when using it this way is that I have no direct control over the shutter speed and usually the shutter speed is too slow for the speed that I’m moving.

I am not thrilled with what I made but it did get me interested in trying some other things if I can find a small camera that has better image quality, is more malleable in processing, has more resolution for cropping, etc. but is still small enough to carry in a jacket pocket and replace my TG-5 camera.

My hope is to do more photography on the streets around Hanover with a small pocket camera that can be used whenever I’m out.  At the same time, I would like to work on different ways of displaying what I see, maybe make some more photo books, and explore the merits and capabilities of small cameras.

I am going to try the Canon G7X II camera next and if that doesn’t do well enough, I’ll continue my search for another camera knowing that my fallback position will be to use the Fujifilm X100F even though it isn’t very pocketable and only has a prime lens with an effective focal length of 35mm.

Been a Year


It has been a year since I last walked the streets of Hanover with an X100F camera, but I’m thinking about doing it again.  I will probably look for a mix of scenes others would recognize along with others that attract my eye like in the above; but I’ll try and not blow out the highlights next time.  This is a crop of a larger, darker picture so I wasn’t as concerned about the blown highlight area when I took it.

My computer is limping since my memory is about full so I might refrain from many more pictures or posts until after I move this year’s pictures off to another drive at the end of the year.