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I sometimes like to keep it simple when it comes to pictures.  That is one style that I am exploring with the 55-200mm lens when zoomed all the way to 200mm.  I would like to make some simple detail images to go along with my other pictures for my theme “Echoes of the Past.”; but I don’t like using that lens on the streets since it draws unwanted attention and is heavier to walk with.  For those reasons, I’ll see how close I can get, and make such images with one of my prime lenses and crop-zooming.

All Fuji … for now


For the time being, I am only using Fujifilm cameras for my photography.  I have shipped the Leica X2 and the Canon G3 X cameras that I have been trying back to where I got them.  At the same time, I ordered a Fujifilm X100F camera to pair with my X-Pro2 camera.  The reason I returned the X2 and G3 X cameras was that I can’t afford them along with the X100F, plus the X100F fits better into my desire for reducing and simplifying my gear.

In addition to the above cameras, I have been reviewing and studying also acquiring another DSLR camera with a 55 to 300mm zoom lens.  Since I once owned several Pentax DSLR cameras and I knew that they came out with an improved version of their 55-300mm lens, I have been concentrating on Pentax.  While I like their cameras, it is a lot of money to acquire a DSLR and a 55-300mm lens primarily just to photograph outdoors in bad weather and to photograph flowers and birds.  I also have had lots of trouble with the weight of DSLRs.  Not being able to walk far with them due to medical issues in my hands, back, and legs is why I replaced my former Pentax DSLRs with mirrorless cameras that were smaller and lighter.  While I think I could do better handling DSLRs today if I didn’t walk far, I still had to answer the question, “Do I really need them?”

To help answer my question, I put my 55-200mm lens on the X-Pro2 and made some flower pictures.  The above is one example of a picture of lilacs made at a 200mm focal length.  I have decided that having a maximum 200mm on the X-Pro2 is sufficient for any pictures I might wish to make of flowers.

My biggest concern was photographing birds with only a maximum 200mm.  I have done it before under good conditions, but I wanted to better clarify the limitations.  Under the darkening evening light, I went out behind our house and waited for a bird to land either in a tree or on another house at a distance that I thought was reasonably obtainable most of the time.  It wasn’t a great distance but one I think I can live with.  I finally was able to make the following picture at 200mm focal length.  I then cropped it and upsized it some to make the larger view of the robin.

My answer is that I will not get another camera or longer lens yet.  I have decided to “make-do” with the X-Pro2 and the lenses that I have, at least for the time being.  I’ll write about how I hope to use the combination of the Fuji X-Pro2 and the X100F after I get the X100F (probably not for another month).  I will be limited in photographing wildlife, as I have been for a while, but I will get-by until I investigate some other options.  The hard part is finding other things to photograph.

It’s a Small World

I was walking the other day with my X-Pro2 with only the 27mm pancake lens when I started noticing all the small things.  Things normally too small, or too far away, to consider photographing with such a wide lens unless I could get very close to them.

I have a problem with getting down on the ground and getting close to things I wish to photograph.  I have a bad, stiff back and use a cane.  I can get down and back up, but it often isn’t worth it.  On this walk I decided to photograph the small things while standing up.  When I got back home and downloaded the pictures to my computer I saw that I really had to crop them quite a bit.

What is common about these pictures is that they have all been cropped severely and then upsized to make them as you see them.  I can do this with the 24MP Fujifilm images.  It is this capability that enables me to use a wide or normal prime lens in place of a heavier zoom lens.  A prime lens works better for me when I walk with a cane.

Did you see the insect in the third picture, the one with the dandelion and a few leaves?  Look below the dandelion on the blade of grass.  It might be a tick.  This will probably be a bad year for us with so many ticks.  The weather has been good for them.

Another thing in common with these pictures is that I used the optical viewfinder (OVF) to see and compose the original full size images.  I was wearing sunglasses and the image in the electrical viewfinder (EVF) was too dark to see the little things so I switched to the optical viewfinder.  I rarely use the OVF but it really is handy to have when you need it.

My Preferences


I made a picture of these bleeding hearts one evening with the Canon G3X at 600mm and then again the next morning with the X-Pro2 at 35mm.  I preferred the one above made with the X-Pro2 and the equivalent 35mm lens.  I had to get closer, crop, and upsize to match the composition, but when I can get closer I like them better.

When comparing pictures made from the Leica X2, the Canon G3X, and the Fuji X-Pro2, I noticed a big difference in the white balance between the Fuji and the others, so I have made some in-camera adjustments to the white balance of the Fuji and I like it better.  The Fuji images were too cool so I warmed them up.

I will probably go back to mainly using my X-Pro2 for most of my photography and mostly use the Leica as a pocket camera when I can’t take the X-Pro2 and use the Canon mostly for birds and extreme focal length images.

I even used my old pancake 27mm lens to make the following as I was checking colors.  I’m now thinking that I might use the X-Pro2 with the 27mm lens for many of my future around town pictures.