Category: Homewood at Plum Creek

Tree Trimming

They cut down some dead trees and trimmed the dead out of others next to Creekside.  At first I thought it would be fun to go up in the basket to get some different pictures until I saw the outrigger foot on the truck lifting off the ground.  They quickly stopped and reset the outriggers.

Gloomy Morning

It is a gloomy morning as I write this.  I had planned to take the week off from posting anything or making any pictures as I thought about some major changes with my photography.  My thinking hasn’t been going well since my changes are dependent upon going off campus and finding other things to photograph.

With the very slow, extremely cautiously slow release of the constraints on my coming and goings, I can’t make any changes until it is all over and I go out and try some different things.  Unfortunately, the economic and social aftermath of the pandemic in conjunction with the demonstrations and the woeful response of the government to all of the above, I am so depressed that my photography might dry up to nothing.  To counter these feelings I decided that I had to get a camera out and make something … anything to counter my depressing thoughts.

With that in mind, I decided to do some more experimenting with a style of B&W that I had been considering for the possible printing of a small book or magazine.  That is what I did with these pictures that I made while looking out the window.

PS, WordPress is changing the editor and I need to learn how to utilize it properly; i.e. to make things look like my previous posts. I don’t like it so far.

Battle with Crows

We put our trash out in bags.  After we do that, the crows make the rounds and poke holes in the bags as they look for anything to eat.  They usually do that when the bag is on the ground and they can sit on the ground to tear holes in the bags and pull stuff out.  I have been experimenting to see if putting the bag in a small cart slows them down.  So far it seems to be helping, but it would take a closed container to fully stop them.  At least it was fun to photograph this one through my window.