Category: Homewood at Plum Creek

Morning Walk

A few images from this morning.  Today’s forecast is for a hot day with pollution, so I did a fast walk early.  These were made from close to the front of Creekside Building.

I’m still dithering about the value in my posting of such images other than it gives me something to work with on the computer.

Hopeful Heron

I took a walk this morning to see how well the creek, etc. made it through the hard rain and higher water we had yesterday.  Everything looked fine, but I think this Heron is showing wishful thinking looking for fish at this spot but it might get a small frog.

A point to ponder.  If these kinds of scenes are all I have to photograph, why not just use the TG-6 and sell the other, so called, better cameras?

Versatile Fujifilm X100V

200806-073157-JEH20As I keep looking for new ideas for what to photograph, I keep trying different uses of my X100V camera.  In this case I used the digital zoom for an effective 70mm focal length plus I had the clear filter on the lens and on it I had mounted a 5X macro conversion lens.  It was a very small rose bud.  I used an aperture of F2.2 with a short depth of field which blurs most of the rose.  That is one way to go if you want to make these kind of images with an X100V camera.  I’m not sure I do.  I was just testing the 5X macro conversion lens on the X100V.



So many are thinking negative about so many things these days.  Since I remember negatives from the film days, I decided to try a few digital images presented as toned negatives.  I like them.  Might be making more of them.  They help add a little variety in today’s world.

We should all probably concentrate on less negativity and replace it by thinking about both sides of issues, as we look at all things from all perspectives, in order to better understand beliefs, different viewpoints, etc.

Rabbit in the Garden

No wonder we have so many rabbits this year.  The gardeners are feeding them. I even found it inside one of the fenced areas in the garden by Westminster Road.  I don’t how he managed to get in and out since he left it when I was going around to approach it on one of the paths and couldn’t see it.  But it sure didn’t want to leave the garden.  It just kept moving around within the garden patch as I attempted to move closer to it to chase it away.  I gave up and left it there.

Dark Times

I stopped playing with my new iPhone and went back to my favorite camera, the Fujifilm X100V, to make these images.  Now what?  I still can’t get past my continuous problem of what to do with photography.  Should I stop?  I have no real purpose other than entertaining myself as I keep coming back to images like these.

Until conditions change, I will most likely keep on looking for images like above; but, if it rains, I am hoping to also use the Pentax KP from within the car with the 18 – 135mm zoom lens.  Depending on the conditions I will drive around the campus or town, but I have nothing particular in mind …. unless we have another flash flood like two years ago.