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When the Sun Doesn’t Shine

If I decide to concentrate on general local photography, I need to increase my opportunities for seeing things differently.  One idea that I have had for some time was to do night photography, but I had never really considered doing it with a micro 4/3 sensor.  Now that it looks like we are going to have a very hot summer, photographing at night after the sun sets, or doing it very early before the sun rises, looks even more appealing.  Also, learning that using the E-M5 III camera with the 25mm lens produces nice images like this one, I am even more interested.  If I can shift my sleep time some, I might give it a real try.

Morning Sky

Today is starting off a little different.  I didn’t expect a brief shower or the sky looking like this.  Our forecast is for 90 degrees F. this afternoon with a severe thunderstorm watch in the afternoon.  I started off the day with these images made with my TG-6 as I continue using it to record what I see around me.  I hadn’t planned on this post, but it shows an example using the TG-6.  I made them in case I get some storm pictures and want to show a story of the day’s weather.

Micro 4/3 jpeg Images

The above are all images made from micro 4/3 in-camera natural color jpegs.  I like the versatility of not only the lenses but the ability to manipulate the jpegs using Adobe LR.  That gives me the ability to see what I’m getting with the natural jpegs in the camera before taking the photograph and then to tweak the images afterwards however I desire.

I used to only record raw files, but I find that I can do all I need with the jpeg images.  Raw files may be theoretically better to work with, but the differences are not worth the loss in speed of downloading, slower working speed in LR, and extra memory consumed.

I’m getting closer to deciding to only use micro 4/3 cameras and lenses, even for all of my indoor Homewood event photography, but it is somewhat dependent upon how fast Homewood shifts from printed images towards more digital displays and especially, videos.

Still Fighting my Photography Dilemma

Many buds, etc. are still to open fully.  In the meantime, I have been thinking about the need for getting a micro 4/3 macro lens for my E-M5 III camera.  The above images are about the closest I can get with my X100F camera while retaining some of the surrounding environment.  I could crop a little tighter and then upsize, but do I want, or need to that?  This size may be all the tighter I need to go.  If that is so, I really wouldn’t need a macro lens.

But, my dilemma is bigger than just the macro lens. I prefer to get used to, and then use, only one camera system.  The micro 4/3 gear is a lot more versatile and I can photograph a wider variety of things with it.  Do I want to keep and occasionally use the X100F camera?  Or do I wish to sell  my X100F and my GR III and use the money to buy more micro 4/3 gear?  Hmmm, I could stick with the Olympus, now OM system, and purchase an additional camera as well as lenses.  That would reduce my “which camera dilemma” down to deciding if I really need the Nikon Z5 and lenses which I only use for indoor Homewood events.