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Colors Yesterday

Just to show you that I also like the colors made with the D-LUX 6.  The first image was still in the morning and the other two were early afternoon.  The first was zoomed in and the next two were wide.  I have been leaving the aspect ratio square for a while since I like it for flowers, etc. and seeing how it works for other views.

This older, used, small sensor point and shoot camera is one of the best such cameras I have used.  I almost want to put it away and not use it just to keep it longer; but, I shipped my Olympus PEN-F back to Olympus for some minor repairs so I might use the D-LUX 6 more for a while as I walk around.

One reminder, I am using the D-LUX 6 raw files along with Adobe LR Classic to process the images, so what you see isn’t what you get straight out of the camera with jpegs.

Sweet Life at Homewood

Click on anyone of the pictures to view them in slide show mode.

Last evening, we had a banquet at Homewood at Plum Creek to honor the volunteers.  Following the banquet, we were entertained by Sweet Life Music by Matt & Carol Frigm.  They were great!  If you ever get a chance to see and listen to them I encourage you to go.  Short of that, you can see more about them and the great work they do by going to their web site, Sweet Life