Category: Homewood at Plum Creek

Not Happy

I don’t think many were happy with the weather on Saturday morning.  When Misty went out and found that it was snowing she quickly turned around to go back inside and buried her face after I put her in the chair next to my computer.

We only got a skiff of snow and then it just stayed overcast until we later got some more in the afternoon, but it kept melting.  And then it turned to rain from above and ice at ground level.  We were trapped inside without ice skates.


If I Could, I Would


If I could, I would make more images like these in a high contrast B&W style.  My problem is lack of suitable compositions.  The picture I made during the fog the other day works nicely in this style.  In addition, the three images below that I made in my computer room with the bright sunlight coming in the windows worked well also, but they aren’t interesting subject-wise.