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2nd iPhone Photography Test

I used the iPhone 6 to make these pictures when I took a walk.  It does OK for documentary type photography as long as the focal length is suitable, but some of these have been tweaked in LR in addition to reformatting.

We have two bridges that were moved in the flood, but not washed away, that I still walk across.  I took a picture of one of them.

One picture below was made inside the Omni room.  I then cropped a section and increased the size to see what is possible in that room. I was standing in the back and that is about the most crop-zooming that I was comfortable doing.  The shutter was only 1/30 sec., so any performers would need to not be moving and it would have to be a group composition.

My question of what to photograph is still unanswered and I will not make a decision about using an iPhone until I resolve what and how I am going to photograph in the future.

iPhone Photography

This morning I have been thinking more about using my iPhone as my walk-about camera.  I made the above images similar to others I have made with various cameras for the purposes of seeing how well the iPhone 6 did in low light and close up.  One of these, as well as others I made, has been crop-zoomed and up-sized.  Based on what I am seeing I am thinking harder about upgrading my iPhone.  I’ll make some more images when I take my next walk.

One of the things I don’t like about using an iPhone to take pictures is how I hold it, so I also did some research on different cases designed to explicitly facilitate photography.  If/when I decide to upgrade I will get such a case and also download different application software for setting the camera functions and processing on the iPhone.  I processed the above with LR CC on my computer after I transferred the pictures from my iPhone to my computer.

Nazca Lines of Plum Creek


Nazca Lines of Homewood at Plum Creek.  I made this image from a picture of our driveway.  The lines were made by snow plows last winter.

It was more fun to photograph the Nazca Lines from the air when we were in Peru in 2006.

060326-101349-untitled shoot-2-Edit

I just read some more about the Nazca Lines in Peru in Wikipedia.  They have found even more of them since we were there, but they still aren’t sure of why they were made.

I don’t think I posted my aerial pictures of the Nazca Lines so I might reprocess the pictures using the latest version of LR CC and post some of them.

My Biggest Problem


I don’t have any projects that will generate pictures for my blog, and I have nothing in mind for the future.  I also don’t have any more testing of gear that I plan to do.  The only thing on my agenda is photographing Homewood events to generate pictures for Homewood, but not my blog.

If I had any ideas for projects for my blog that needed different cameras or lenses, I would get them.  If there was a particular camera or lens that I thought would help me make more pictures, I would get them.

Thanks to the recent flood and the bridges that are out, I can’t even take my normal route when walking.  That route along both sides of Plum Creek and along mature plants in the wetlands was where I got most of my walk-about pictures.  Now I have to walk along the sidewalks in the residential sections and they tend to be uninteresting from a photographic point of view.

Unless I have an epiphany for a suitable project to generate pictures for the web, it looks like my posts could be further and further apart; but, I’ll keep trying to make images that I can post.

Yesterday I photographed an event in the Personal Care Section, so no pictures from there for my blog, unless I can get creative with one or two..

Another Snapping Turtle Leaving the Pond

We are either experiencing the turtles leaving the small pond to lay their clutch of eggs or for another reason.  It is later than normal for them to be laying eggs, but they just might be doing it towards the end of the season; but maybe it is for another reason.

The only other normal reason to see these big snapping turtles moving out of the water is that they are leaving the pond and looking for a better home … like the bigger pond.  The turtles will do this for environmental reasons:  like it has gotten too crowded for the number of turtles vs. the food supply.  The pond has been in great stress these last few years due to low water because it is filling in.  Has this reduced the food supply?