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My Hope


My hope is to use the Pentax KP as much as I can.  Those who have been following me for a long period know that I have had problems with the weight of previous Pentax cameras.  With the colder weather coming, my issues with my hands, knees, and back will get more severe and I may have to not use the KP as often as I would like.  If that happens I will carry it less often, photograph less often, and occasionally use my Olympus TG-6 or my Fuji X-Pro3 cameras.

So far, I only have the one lens for the KP.  That is the 18-135mm zoom lens.  I’m considering getting another lens or two but I haven’t decided which ones yet.  I used them to capture the above image this morning when it was only 46 degrees F.  I wanted to start a possible series before the tropical rains come later tonight.

I will keep the X-Pro3 to use with prime lenses.  My only concern with the KP is using it indoors close to people.  I have never used a Pentax DSLR at an indoor event except for two when the audience noise levels were high.  Initially I am planning to use the KP outdoors for nature photography especially when the weather is wet, and the X-Pro3 when I’m around people and I need to be more discreet.  I haven’t been doing indoor photography among the residents since the beginning of Covid, but if I am able to return to that I will probably use the X-Pro3 camera.

Back to a Pentax DSLR

I decided to go back to using a Pentax DSLR camera for my outdoor photography this fall and winter.  I used a Pentax KP with a Pentax 18-135mm zoom lens to capture these images.  The camera-lens combination is heavy, but it is also very weather resistant and sturdy and it has a nice tilt LCD.  I’m also enjoying using the optical viewfinder.  And, notice that it has lovely colors.

Green Heron

Today’s early morning image before the sun broke out.  I was using the Fuji 23mm F2 lens as I am trying to decide whether I prefer working with it or the 35mm F2 lens as a one and only lens most of the time.  It was good enough that after I downloaded it on my computer and cropped it quite a bit, I could see that the bird was a green heron.

Darker, Cooler, Sooner

The evenings get darker and cooler so we need to take our evening walks sooner.  Last evening I thought that it was time to give the Fuji XF 23mm F2 lens some exercise.  I would use this lens more if I was just photographing landscapes rather than details.

Deer in Yard

Monday we had a visit by a fawn.  After she ate her lunch of the neighbors plants she laid down for a rest.

I thought I was past the stage of wildlife photography since I no longer have long lenses.  I used my longest lens, my 50mm prime lens to make these pictures.  These are the results after a lot of crop-zooming.  I took the original images through a window.

Sunday Morning’s BS Walk

Images are from my early Sunday morning walk.  I call it a BS (before sunrise) walk.  I started out early and took pictures as the sun started to light up the clouds.

I miss my early morning walks with Misty when it was cold, dark, and snowing.  I might try to start doing them alone occasionally, but I’m not sure that I have enough motivation now.

New Day Dawns

I’m letting my B&W experiments rest a bit as I contemplate how I might use them.  In the meanwhile I’m going to try to get back into making images from my walks, etc. with just one camera and one prime lens … as simple as I can do it.  As a visual journal it may get boring, i.e. same images over and over, but I’ll keep looking for changes in the lighting, weather, etc. and probably just not do it as often.

I made these images yesterday morning using the Classic Neg film simulation with the X-Pro3 and the XF 35mm F2 lens, my choice for a one camera one lens approach to photography.  The challenge is to find enough variety with suitable compositions within my small world.

I’m also going back to my efforts to simplify and minimize.  I still have drawers and shelfs full of now unused photography straps, bags, etc. to figure out what to do with.  I also have old computer and photography accessaries etc. to take to recycling.  Once I get through downsizing with those items I need to tackle my clothing, unused tools, and unused supplies, etc.  The challenge is to get down to only what I need and not keep stuff for “just in case” based on what I used to do.

It’s a Challenge

It’s a challenge to stay one step ahead of Marcia and make pictures before she cuts the old blooms off.  It has been so dry and hot that the blooms don’t last long.  I try to look each day.

It is also a challenge to find scenes that work for monochrome images.  Actually it is a challenge to make any images this time of the year where I’m living.

Another challenge for me is that my knees and back compete more painfully each year for attention while I’m trying to concentrate on making images.