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To retain my sanity while staying isolated I walk and make pictures of anything I see.  This morning I photographed two ladies walking outside, with masks and social distancing.  I then later photographed the light and shadows on my wall.  In addition to taking the photographs, I spent time on my computer using my Lightroom software to process them … usually in multiple styles, etc. to spread out the time doing it.

I am rapidly approaching a full year of social distancing and wondering how we will all be if/when we come out on the other side.  It won’t be like pre covid times; that is the only thing I’m sure of at this minute.

Others have been walking to retain some degree of health, physical and mental, and I hope others have some form of hobby or activity that they are pursuing.  Since I see such a small number actually out walking, I really wonder what others are doing and what they might be like afterwards.

Rough Start

I had a rough start today.  Didn’t sleep well and Misty had me up at 4am.  I also read on the news that thanks to the incompetent Trump administration that I might not get my vaccinations until late March.  The government contracted with CVS and Walgreens to vaccinate the senior centers and while we were originally told to expect that to happen in December, Walgreens is now saying they won’t complete their vaccinations until end of March.

Only good news is that I’m back to using my Zen camera after having exercised my Pentax K-3 camera.  The K-3 and zoom lens is now back in the drawer.

Wildlife at Homewood

 Yesterday morning I took a walk down along Plum Creek.  While walking along I heard a stick break on the other side of the creek.  When I stopped and looked more closely I saw a deer.  I then raised my camera and captured the first image.  At the snap of the shutter I saw many heads come up and look at me.  I then proceeded to make more images.  When I loaded them into my computer I started counting and saw at least six deer.  You can see six in the second photo.  Can you find them all?

While walking back home I saw a blue heron standing by the creek along with the mallards in the creek.

Geese Fly High

201230-095701-JEH20I decided this morning to confirm my desires to try and not use a long heavy zoom lens on my X-Pro3.  I noticed that the sale prices of micro 4/3 cameras and lenses might run out at the end of the year and I had thought about getting a micro 4/3 camera and an effective 300mm lens for some images so I wanted to confirm my decision to not bother with a long lens before the sale ended.  

Based on what I have to photograph and my limited opportunities, I think I will continue with my Fuji 35mm and 50mm prime lenses with an occasional use of my heavier 16-80mm zoom lens only when necessary.  I really don’t need to use a longer lens.  The geese in this image were flying real high when I used the 35mm lens to snap a picture which I then cropped and resized to make my images this morning.  I just made the picture to see what I could do.

One More Day

 Another day goes by, not much different than any other.  Yesterday’s and last night’s rains and warm weather removed the snow we had on the ground.  All that is left today are the piles of snow they removed from the roads and driveways.  

As I write this the temperature has dropped to freezing and will stay that way today, thus we have to worry about ice on the paths, etc.  It looks like another cold, dreary, cloudy day.  I see that some of our grounds crew came to work this morning to put chemicals on the ice where it forms on walkways.

I made this picture last evening.  My problem is that I’m running out of “pictures” to make, and I’m not sure that it is worth continuing to do this most days, mainly because I can’t keep finding what isn’t there.