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The Swamp is Winning


This is a picture of what used to be a nice walking path, but since last July it, and others, have been taken over with water, mud, and algae.  They are no longer safe to walk on, even with waterproof boots, since they are slippery, but if we want to walk around the campus, we do.

This picture was made just west of the bridge across Plum Creek on the path down by the dog park.  They may be unsafe, but they do make for colorful pictures.  This may be the worse one, but most of our paths now have similar sections.

Trying the X-H1


I have been trying the Fujifilm X-H1 camera.  It is different and other than for the weight I like it.  One of the differences is that it is the only Fuji X camera with image stabilization and that gives me more options.  The above image is the first one of the jpegs that I have looked at.  I took it last evening with the 60mm macro lens, which on older cameras would never focus quickly under these conditions.  It did on the X-H1 and the image stabilization really works.  This image was made from an in-camera jpeg at ISO 12800, f/2.4, and only 1/8 sec.

59 National Parks in 59 Weeks

Darius Nabors gave a presentation about his tour of 59 parks in 59 weeks to the residents at Homewood at Plum Creek.  He tied it all together with a story of his families’ history and how he became interested in our National Parks.  He made the story flow in that it wasn’t a boring set of pretty pictures.  He used references to not only his families’ history but current events and people he met during his trip.

On my way back to my Villa after I photographed the event, I took the following picture of the evening sky right before sunset.




I have been analyzing my photography and deciding to make some changes.  So far this year I have used my Fujifilm gear for around 78% of my pictures.  Since the bulk of my photography is for Homewood events and not for my blog, this means that I haven’t been using my Panasonic ZS100, G7, K-3, and TG-5 much.  As I go into summer this will change some, but not much since I purchased the Fujifilm 18-135mm weather resistant lens and I plan to use it rather than my K-3 and the Pentax 18-135mm lens for outdoors.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I will keep the TG-5.  Since the Pentax gear will overlap the Fujifilm gear, I sold the Pentax gear.  In addition, I sold the Panasonic ZS100 pocket camera and all of the Panasonic micro 4/3 gear since I hope to make some other changes in how I go forward with my personal photography.

I have been using mostly zoom lenses for my Homewood events photography lately and that has been working pretty well since I have been relying upon ISO values as high as 12500.  For the future of my personal photography I think I will be using the prime lenses more but also using my 18-135mm WR lens.  I haven’t decided on several aspects of the changes, but I have ordered a used Fuji X-H1 camera to determine if the hand grip offsets the additional weight.

One aspect of some of my personal photography involves using wide open apertures to make images similar to the above, but also will hopefully consist of a movement towards more long-term projects and utilization of other forms of output other than my blog.  Those changes plus a renewed emphasis and expansion of my Homewood photography might mean a reduced amount of blog posts and images.



While Marcia is decluttering her closet of clothes that are no longer being worn, I am still evaluating which cameras and lenses I can dispose of, assuming I know what I am going to be photographing, so that I can sell the less needed ones.

Misty was lying in among the clothes on the bed and I had my TG-5 in my hand.  The only issue I really have with that camera is the real slow shutter speeds used in lower light.  In the above example, the shutter speed was only 1/5 sec., and Misty kept moving.  This is the best out of 4 or 5 images I attempted.  It is definitely a camera to be used with more light if the subject is moving.

My issue in eliminating cameras is that I use them all for different things so I am trying to reduce the overlaps and possibly see if there are things that I can just stop photographing.  I can certainly stop using the TG-5 inside but I can’t stop using it outside in the rain or when I want a large depth of field or when I only want to carry a pocket camera, so I will definitely keep this one.  Six more to evaluate and decide what goes as I simplify my photography.