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Muted View

I have been working on tuning my processing of images to match the Olympus E-M5 III camera.  Since it was foggy when I made this image, I used the fog and the naturally dull muted colors of this fall to create this painterly picture.  

By the way, this is a scene many drive by each day on our campus here at Homewood at Plum Creek and they never “see it” because they don’t look.  Those who walk and who are observant should recognize where it is; but I doubt that many do.

The colors of leaves all over the U.S. have been more dull this year.  There are many reasons for this, but in general, when very warm and wet weather extends into mid- and late October, leaves typically go from green to either dull colors or directly to brown.  These conditions are caused by the heating of the earth causing climate changes.  You can find more information about this in a very readable and interesting article by clicking here.

Morning Walk

I made these on a morning walk.  One of the reasons that I got the E-M5 III camera was that I had not been walking as much and that I was using the weather as an excuse.  I knew that as the weather got colder and wetter that I would end up not walking much at all.  I’m hoping that with this camera I will go out more often and that I won’t have an excuse.

Walk-About Camera

I decided that I needed a camera with image stabilization with a zoom lens to use as a walk-about camera to document what I see.  The camera needed to be small and lightweight, weather resistant, and not too expensive.  The solution I came up with was to go to a micro 4/3 sensor with the Olympus E-M5 III camera and the 14-150mm lens.  I finally found a used one that was in like-new condition.

My biggest concern was that I wanted to be able to use it at night and I wasn’t sure about the digital noise and how slow of a shutter speed I could manage handheld.  The above is one of my first test photos that I made last night from my back porch when it was still raining a little.  It is an in-camera jpeg made at ISO 5000, f/5.5, and 0.5 sec., 60mm focal length, which has been further tweaked using Lightroom Classic.  I think it will be good enough for what I want to do.  A little more time and variety of images will confirm my hopes, or not.


This raccoon was swimming the small creek by Creekside, across from the garden, in the middle of the day. I used what I had with me, the TG-6 at an effective 100mm focal length and then cropped and upscaled it to make this image.  I had to photograph it fast before it disappeared under the debris piled up by the tree.

Yesterday’s Trials

 These are different in either camera and/or processing. The commonality among them is that I didn’t use a zoom lens.

In the last one, note the white egret flying over the pond.  This is one of my wildest trials at using an iPhone SE.

Hanging it Up

210919-100252-JEH21I’m hanging up my blogging, for at least a while.

I’m still making images and trying some other cameras and lenses, etc.; but, since I’m just making test shots and trying different gear and not going anywhere new or seeing anything new, I’m not making images suitable for publication.

I hope to return to posting new images after I decide what camera and what lenses and what processing I want to use in the future, as well as why I will be posting.  Making that decision depends on why and what I will be photographing so I have no idea of how long it will be, but I’m hoping it won’t be too long.

My overriding issue is that I haven’t been going anywhere due to Covid-19, and I have already photographed everything, other than people, at Homewood at Plum Creek where I live.  Living under these conditions makes photography as a hobby pretty near impossible.  Trying to continue with my photography as I have been doing has gotten to the point where it is not an enjoyable or viable hobby or rewarding activity.  I would therefore like to shift my emphasis for my blog and photography in new directions other than just playing around with different cameras and lenses and processes or styles.

Out of its Banks

It was still raining when I made this yesterday.  On a quick walk around the campus this morning I saw no damage.  Plum Creek was back down with only flattened grass along it to show it had been high.