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Noisy Construction


We have lots of construction going on all around us, and we hear it.  We have the earth movers in the nearby housing development, the builders of the house across the street from the Community Center, and now the roofers on top of the Community Center.  I thought I’d let you know just in case you wondered why it is so noisy around where I live this spring.

On top of all of the above construction noises, they have been tearing out flooring and replacing vinyl in our Villa as well as repairing drywall pops and cracks and also doing some painting.  They will also be putting in a new hot water heater and doing some work on our porches and altering some landscaping.  All of the work on our place is noisy and very disruptive since they had to remove all of the toilets, refrigerator, stove, hot water tank and furniture in the dining room and breakfast nook. 

What happened to the spring bird songs?

Impact of Hanover Area Development

 I took a walk along parts of Clover Road to see how much of the new housing development could be seen from the road.  These are a collection of views I saw from the road.

When we have another flash flood Homewood at Plum Creek will likely suffer worse than we did in the last flood we had due to the additional runoff from all of the new houses into Plum Creek.

I also wonder what we are all going to do for water during future dry spells with all of the additional population around Hanover.

All of this new construction and increased population and increased traffic on Westminster Road does not bode well for Homewood at Plum Creek.

 Pondering Minimal Photography

For my online photography, I am considering practicing what I call minimal photography.  By this I mean using the minimum of gear:  one camera, the Olympus E-M5 III, with a prime lens.  I used the 25mm f/1.8 prime lens for this image, but I would hope to try other focal length prime lenses as time goes on.  If the need arose to make images in wet weather, I could switch to the weather resistant 14-150mm zoom lens.  In addition, I could use in-camera monochrome jpegs with as little post processing as necessary (mostly cropping and leveling).  It would shift most of my needed efforts to looking for appropriate lighting and compositions.  

The quantity of images and posts would depend on what I found to photograph with a minimal setup.  My challenge would be to see what I could do with a simple setup; but, I haven’t decided to do it yet.  Could I really learn to see in B&W?  Would the challenge be enough to energize me?  Would it result in fewer opportunities for making images?  Would I get bored?  Is it minimal, or simple, or stupid.

Photograph Differently

Be sure to click on one of the above images and then view them larger.

My plan to photograph differently is to primarily use micro 4/3 cameras and lenses and explore what can easily be done with them.  I also want to work with B&W images and learn how to process them, learn about contrast and lighting, and learn what subjects, etc. work best for my B&W images.

One thing I know, is that it is harder to find light and contrast conditions that work best.  That means that I can’t just take a walk everyday and then show you what I saw without any regard to the light and contrast, and etc.  The above is an example of doing that on a very overcast day with flat light and as you can see, they don’t make for interesting pictures.  

I am going to have to spend more time searching for appropriate conditions and that might mean publishing fewer images; but I will be continuing to experiment as I learn how and what to look for.

I hope to also learn what focal lengths work best for particular subjects since I would like to work with only a prime lens at times.

Blue-winged Teal

Yesterday I photographed a Blue-winged Teal duck sitting along Plum Creek by the garden.  I made these photos from the bridge.  Later on my walk I saw two swimming in the large pond.  I assume we had more than one pair.  They are probably migrating through on their way north.

Color/Weight/Reach Considerations

These images show my favorite color scheme.  I made them with X100F jpegs in bright sun using Classic Chrome simulation with my custom curve and adjustments.

These images bring to light, behind the scenes, a tough issue for me.  My back, knees, and hands have been bothering me more and more this year and I have to consider the impact of using my favorite camera, the heavy Pentax K-1 II with the 28-105mm lens.  If I have to stop with carrying all of the weight of the Pentax gear, I should probably use the X100f rather than the K-1 II.  

But the problem does not stop there since I also have the issue of what and how I photograph with the X100F’s effective 35mm lens, 24MP sensor, and non tilting LCD vs. the Pentax’s 105mm lens, 36MP sensor, and flexible LCD.  When I consider cropping, the reach differences are significant as is the ability to photograph down low.

So far I am shuffling back and forth with cameras, depending on how far I need to carry the camera as well as my intentions.  I expect to continue with that approach, but it runs counter to my desires.  I would still like to work with one camera and one style for my website.