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The Walkers

If you look closely in the middle of the second picture you will see two women taking a walk this morning in the fog.  I would never have noticed them if I hadn’t heard them talking in the distance.  I zoomed into the section on the right of the first picture and waited until I saw motion as they walked the path down by the pond.

I’m posting these pictures for those who don’t like my dark ones.

Ugly Side

Snow might be pretty when it is first falling and everything looks nice and clean; but, it is always followed with the not so nice conditions.  Today it is dreary and many residents are sleepy from being kept awake from the sound of all of the bobcats scrapping and backing up as they removed the snow from the roads and sidewalks … all night long.  Now we are left with dirty piles of snow that will probably be with us for the rest of the winter.

The Snow

The snow as it was falling in the late afternoon on 16 Dec 2020.  The images below were my first ones on the morning of 17 Dec.  I’m not planning on going out today, so these may be my only pictures.  At the time I’m writing this (0730am), the temperature is only 18 degrees F.


House Finch

201215-084832-JEH20Our weather forecast is for lots of snow tomorrow so I started thinking about which lens I want to use.  This morning I put the 16-80mm lens on the X-Pro3 to play with it awhile.  I used it at 80mm focal length to start with this image.  I then had to crop the jpeg a lot to get this composition.

It didn’t take me long to remind myself that I don’t like using the larger heavier zoom lens on the X-Pro3 so I ended up putting the 35mm F2 lens on the camera to get ready for tomorrow, and any other uses I can put the lens to today.

Cold & Snow Coming

201212-124753-JEH20Colder and wetter conditions are coming this week.  Today might be the last time this week for a leisurely drink and bath.

Today I’ll be thinking some more about how I can use the 50mm lens on my X-Pro3 camera.  I am far from the typical user they were both designed for, but I love the combination so I will search for other ideas of things to photograph with them.

Mostly I just love to hold and use them … just one camera and a single prime lens (at a time).  I’ll stick with the 50mm some more before switching back to the 35mm F2 lens.  My photography has evolved into the challenge of finding uses for my X-Pro3 and prime lenses, and deciding which focal length works best for me.  I could really just use either the Fuji 35mm or 50mm F2 lens.  It is now a race to see which I like most.

Foggy 50

I am playing with the Fuji 50mm F2 lens.  I just got it yesterday so I took it out this morning on Misty’s first walk of the day and made these at an aperture of F2.0 as I tried to get familiar with the view frame of the 50mm lens (effective 75mm).

I have been using just my 35mm F2 lens and I find it works for most anything I can find to photograph, but occasionally I want something a little longer.  My goal is to primarily use prime lenses on my X-Pro3 camera when photographing for myself.  In addition I usually go out with just one lens so I pick the focal length based on what I hope to photograph.  After I get a wider lens, probably either the 16mm or 23mm F2, I may start taking a bag with the extra lenses in it but I try to not change lenses often when I’m out.