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Sunday Morning’s BS Walk

Images are from my early Sunday morning walk.  I call it a BS (before sunrise) walk.  I started out early and took pictures as the sun started to light up the clouds.

I miss my early morning walks with Misty when it was cold, dark, and snowing.  I might try to start doing them alone occasionally, but I’m not sure that I have enough motivation now.

New Day Dawns

I’m letting my B&W experiments rest a bit as I contemplate how I might use them.  In the meanwhile I’m going to try to get back into making images from my walks, etc. with just one camera and one prime lens … as simple as I can do it.  As a visual journal it may get boring, i.e. same images over and over, but I’ll keep looking for changes in the lighting, weather, etc. and probably just not do it as often.

I made these images yesterday morning using the Classic Neg film simulation with the X-Pro3 and the XF 35mm F2 lens, my choice for a one camera one lens approach to photography.  The challenge is to find enough variety with suitable compositions within my small world.

I’m also going back to my efforts to simplify and minimize.  I still have drawers and shelfs full of now unused photography straps, bags, etc. to figure out what to do with.  I also have old computer and photography accessaries etc. to take to recycling.  Once I get through downsizing with those items I need to tackle my clothing, unused tools, and unused supplies, etc.  The challenge is to get down to only what I need and not keep stuff for “just in case” based on what I used to do.

It’s a Challenge

It’s a challenge to stay one step ahead of Marcia and make pictures before she cuts the old blooms off.  It has been so dry and hot that the blooms don’t last long.  I try to look each day.

It is also a challenge to find scenes that work for monochrome images.  Actually it is a challenge to make any images this time of the year where I’m living.

Another challenge for me is that my knees and back compete more painfully each year for attention while I’m trying to concentrate on making images.

Looking with a 35mm F2 Lens

I have decided to use my Fuji X-Pro3 camera with three prime lenses for all of my photography, even though it makes me feel a little naked.  Not having any other options makes that a little easier.  My 35mm F2 is my primary lens.  These are a few images I made with it as I am getting a better feel with that effective 50mm focal length.  I have the 23mm F2 lens and the 50mm F2 lens to round out my decision to try and only utilize these three prime lenses with my camera.

Hopefully I’m not just photographing at random around Homewood at Plum Creek for just something to do.  I am still looking more closely for scenes that I can photograph that others might not have seen and photographed in this manner.

So far I only go out with one lens.  I need to pick a camera bag to use when out walking that enables me to take all three lenses with me just in case I need a different lens; but I don’t plan to photograph that way often.  I prefer just picking a lens before I go out with the intention to only photograph what I can with that one focal length.  The Fuji 35mm F2 lens is the best compromise.

Sunday Morning

We walked up to the highest corner of Homewood before it got too warm.  We hadn’t been there for over a year.  Didn’t see anything different other than the trees have grown some.  I used the morning to revert back to some monochrome images just for fun with my one camera and two lenses.

One Camera & Prime Lens(es) ?

I’m currently thinking, “why not just own and use one camera?”  Since my photographic opportunities have been declining, and I don’t expect that to change much, I would like to reduce down to one camera.  Those who have been following my blog for some time should have noticed that I have been trying different systems over many years, even switching back and forth seeking “my camera”.  I would like to settle down to one system with the image quality and design that I prefer.

Based on all of the cameras that I have used, I now think that the camera I prefer is the Fujifilm X-Pro3.  I am currently checking out another used X-Pro3 with the XF 35mm F2 lens.  In addition, I would mostly like to use a 1:1 aspect ratio along with the color simulation Classic Neg. (along with B&W) for images on my blog.  Since I am still experimenting, I have been making raw files, but I’m thinking about switching to in-camera jpegs.

I haven’t decided on which lenses I want to use other than the XF 35mm F2 lens that I used for these images.  I am leaning toward no more than a few prime lenses in-order to keep the weight down.  One prime lens and one camera would be ideal if I found them suitable for all of my photography, but I expect that I will want to obtain some additional lenses.

I haven’t decided to sell any of my other cameras yet; but if I do that, I will be committed to only photographing what I can with what is left.  Going down to only one camera and a few prime lenses is as much about the challenge of continuing photography and learning to “make-do” as it is about simplification and reduction of resources.  Do I dare go down to just one camera and one effective 50mm lens?

I’m not sure about what to write; but, I will probably just continue writing about what I see, experience, and think.

Less and Less

There are too few new things worth photographing around Homewood for use on my blog.  The days of my using a camera have been getting further and further apart and the number of photos taken on those days have been less and less.  My current photography and blog are shadows of their former selves, at least in quantity of images.  I need to find another emphasis for my photography and blogging.

Thinking about Cameras Again

I’m still trying to decide on which camera I want to use as my photography declines.  I have been using the Olympus micro 4/3 system for a while and I like it, but I primarily moved back to it for the reduced weight while using long zoom lenses to photograph wildlife, etc.  My problem is that I am giving up on wildlife since they are on the decline around me and I don’t need to get and use long zoom lenses.

Working with the micro 4/3 sensors I have no issues with the image quality as long as I don’t want to really push the processing too much and there is sufficient light.  I tend to refer to the files, jpegs and raw files, as being “thin” when compared to larger sensor cameras.  This isn’t a problem for “snapshots”; but, I want to move beyond the conventional landscape images.

Last evening after the rains moved through I got out my Fuji X100F camera and made the above images.  I wanted to remind myself of what the straight out of camera jpeg files looked like without any additional processing.  The above were jpegs made with the Fuji standard Provia film simulation.  They have only been cropped using LR.

I really like all of the Fuji film simulations if I wish to make color images.  If I were to decide to exclusively make B&W images I might be inclined to just continue with my Olympus micro 4/3 system; but not making color images is unlikely since I am interested in photography after dark and in odd weather situations.

At the moment I am considering going into fall with both the Olympus 4/3 system cameras along with a Fujifilm system camera and then making a decision as to what is the one camera and lens that I want to concentrate on using for my more limited photography.