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It Was a Hawk

230105134240-2Marcia was out walking and saw a speck high in a tree.  Suspecting it was a large bird, she then took a picture with her iPhone so she could show it to me when she got home.  It was a small dot when she took her first picture but it flew right when she took another picture.

I copied the second picture from her iPhone to my computer and then proceeded to enlarge it and process it differently to make this image.

Geese Taking Over

There are more geese out on the grounds than residents.  I have counted them on some days and discovered there are sometimes more geese than people who live here.  They also make such a mess on some paths and sidewalks that I avoid walking on them.

Plants Arising

17 January 2023 and the bulbs and perennials are coming up green.  Last year I was photographing snow and ice in January and it wasn’t until February when I made a similar picture.  We haven’t had a measurable snow yet this winter.


I have decided to mostly try to use my prime 20mm f/1.7 lens as my lens of choice, supplemented by my prime 56mm lens.  Out of curiosity I tried the 20mm micro 4/3 lens on my Olympus E-M5 III camera to make the above picture taken from behind the seats in the Omni room.  I also decided to see how this monochrome processing looked.  I doubt that Homewood would publish such images, but for my blog I might use it more often.

I’m still dithering about this monochrome style for some images, but I like it for many of the images I have tried so far.  I am still making my images using raw files so I can revert to different styles easily while processing them.

The choice of a single prime lens for most of my work has a much larger impact; but, I might make it work in conjunction with fewer images.  I’m going to try this 20mm f/1.7 Lumix lens for a while since it is so lightweight and small.  If I really learn to love that effective 40mm focal length, I might decide to get the newer OM 20mm f/1.4 lens since it is weather resistant for outdoors and faster for indoor work.