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Homewood Strong

Friday evening at the end of two weeks of lockdown with no cases of Covid-19 and starting into the next two weeks, Homewood at Plum Creek staff and residents thanked everyone for their support.  The staff drove around honking their horns and the residents clapped, banged pans, and rang cowbells.

Sad Tulips

It was cold, dreary, and damp when I made these images.  Hmmm, some think we tend to make images based upon our passions or how we feel.  I think those based on passions, in my situation, are more a case of what subjects I have available.  That leaves processing or style to be more likely based on feelings.



My intentions for some of my photography before Covid-19 hit was to go around Hanover, off campus, and capture oddities that I saw; i.e., the odd scenes of junk and toys in the yards, landscaping, house paint colors, architecture, etc.  I am not able to do that now, that is go into town, so maybe images from Homewood like this will suffice.

Now that I am looking at this scene I’m wondering if I really want to make these kinds of images anymore.  Should I go for a series like this, honesty in all its color, or do I want to pass it by and just make B&W images  of simpler things.  Well, the more I think about it, the more I know what I prefer, but can I make enough more simple images from scenes around the campus in B&W?  That would be very difficult and might turn into a very small set of images.

The following doesn’t really help much, but was more fun to make.


Slowing Down

As time slows down, I really don’t have much to photograph so I’m just playing around with some pictures during this dark period of pandemic physical distancing.  I used my Pentax KP and the 18-55mm kit lens to make these at ISO 12800 with no noise reduction.

I have decided to use this camera and lens combination as much as possible for both my outdoor and indoor photography that I am doing for myself.  Since it doesn’t look like I will doing any photography of Homewood events for quite a while, my Pentax gear is what I’m concentrating on.

I’ll publish as much as I can when/if I get something of interest or have something to say.

Out the Window

The first one is like looking at the earth from space.  I’m not sure, but being isolated on the space station might be better than isolated in our Villa.  It certainly is better as far as not getting the virus, and they are probably better prepared to survive in isolation for a longer period.