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Ricoh GR II at Gettysburg

I recently acquired a Ricoh GR II camera and since I needed to go to Gettysburg to get a new driver’s license, I took it along and made a variety of test images.  These were all standard color jpegs and I changed some of them to B&W using LR CC after I returned home.

The bottom-line is that I like the camera.  It is small and easy to carry and has excellent image qualities.  It would make a good travel camera to record your memories.  Now, I need to see how I might use the effective 28mm lens.

Through the Windows

While I spent an hour on the bus going, and another returning the other day, I took some pictures through the windows.  I used shutter mode and set it to 1/1000 sec.  While that took care of most of the motion effects I still had window reflections to contend with.  Since there is really no way to easily remove them I decided to embrace them and not worry about them.

Colonial York

The Men’s Group at Homewood at Plum Creek toured the Colonial Complex on Market Street in York, PA.  We were divided into two groups.  My group first visited the Colonial Courthouse.  If you aren’t familiar with York’s role during the revolutionary war, click here for a brief summary.  Below are a few pictures from inside.

Don’t forget to click on a picture, in each group, to view in gallery mode.

We then crossed North Pershing Avenue to go into the Golden Plough Tavern.

Adjoining the Tavern is the Gates House.

Pennsylvania Capital

The Men’s Group at Homewood at Plum Creek toured the capital of our state so I went along and used it as an opportunity to see how a Nikon 1 J5 camera with the kit CX 10 – 30 mm lens performed as a small travel camera.  I thought it did OK.  My only problem was that I could have made good use of a faster, wider lens.

If you are interested in the history of the building along with other pictures, information, etc. I encourage you to go to this site.

Coming & Going with a Nikon J5



I took these photographs yesterday while riding in a bus.  I took them while I was trying the Nikon 1 J5 camera with the CX 10 – 30 mm lens to see how well it performed as a travel camera.  For these images I photographed in shutter mode at a speed of 1/1000 sec. to minimize motion blur.  I also recorded raw files and then processed them in LR6.  I haven’t tried working with jpeg images yet.  Since these were taken through the bus window they have some of the typical reflections, effects of tinted slightly dirty windows, etc., but that is what you get when traveling on a tour bus.  I was extremely pleased with the rapid focusing and shooting of the Nikon 1 system and it passed this test with flying colors.

On the Appalachian Trail

A few days ago we went up to Boiling Springs, PA.  We went there to eat in the Tavern and to see the Appalachian Trail where it crosses through the area.  Since most of PA is farm land, the trail isn’t like along the ridge tops of the hills in VA, etc.  In this area the trail goes through farmer’s fields.

150617-111213_Boiling Springs

If you look closely above, you can see a hiker in the middle on the trail.  I enlarged that portion so you can see it easier … shown below.

150617-111213_Boiling Springs-2


Following are some more pictures.  They are in gallery mode so don’t forget to click on one of them and view them larger.

For those who are interested, I took these pictures with a prime equivalent 36 mm focal length lens with my old Leica X2.  It is hard to see the LCD in the sunshine but it has a great lens and is small and easy to carry.  I got it because it has a large APS size sensor in a very small minimalist body.