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Darkness is Approaching

Darkness is here in many forms.  The days are getting shorter and photography is crashing, other than for smartphones.  Many of my favorite bloggers are giving up.  Ming stopped blogging.  Kirk is taking a break.  Mike is finding it harder and harder to post anything related to photography.  And, I am also having trouble finding anything new to photograph or write about.

Proceeding Slowly

I am still evaluating the Pentax K-1 II and thinking about how I can simplify my gear.  Basically this evolves down to wondering if I need/want to keep both the K-1 and the Fuji X100V.  They are two entirely different photography systems with each at opposite poles.

It is really impossible to make a rational decision since I have no knowledge of what the future will be.  If I will be photographing a wide variety of subjects from outside landscapes, both urban and countryside, to lots of Homewood events, the K-1 with the 28-105mm lens would be best.  If I’m mostly just making personal images and I have back and arthritis flare-ups, and making few images of Homewood activities, the X100V would be best.  The Pentax system is the most versatile with multiple lenses and the most capable as well as most rugged, but is a gamble due to weight and size as I grow older and my health declines.

Cost is also a factor.  The X100V is paid for, the K-1 isn’t.  In addition, I thought that I could put off replacing my computer by only working with jpegs and not processing large raw files.  Now I have an additional problem with my computer.  The keys are acting up, especially the letter “t”.  I need to buy a new computer.

Night Trials with Pentax

I have been experimenting to see what I can do with a Pentax K-1 Mark II camera and the Pentax 28-105mm FF lens.  In addition, I am seeing if I like going back to a large, heavy DSLR camera and how much I can do with it; i.e., could I manage with it as my one and only camera and lens?

The images above were jpegs taken straight out of the camera.  The only change to them was using LR to resize them for this posting.

The problem is that no camera is a “jack of all trades” and every camera is a compromise.  I chose this Pentax full frame combination of gear as being the most likely to be capable of any and all photography that I might wish to do.  The biggest problem is the weight and size and noise of the mirror slap and doing without the advantages of an EVF.  The other issue is that I chose this combination to compare with the Fujifilm X100V camera.  It is my other possible choice at the other end of the gear spectrum.  Big differences, but I now have both in hand to compare and think about.

Hiding in Plain Sight

I was walking around the small pond when something moved on the other side and it caught my attention.  When I looked closer I spotted the bird (in the middle of the first picture).  This image was as large as I could get it with the effective 200mm lens I had with me.  When I got back home and put it on my monitor I could see it was a green heron.  Look closely in the middle of the second image (a crop from the first image).  If it hadn’t moved I would never had seen it with the naked eye.

Homewood at Plum Creek Pictures

My thoughts about doing something different haven’t been received well by the residents living here at Plum Creek.  I started out in 2012 to concentrate on scenes here that others might not have seen as I did.  Since I have announced my intentions to do something else, I have gotten numerous verbal comments from residents about how much they like to see my pictures and that they look for them daily on my website.

While I have gotten tired of photographing the same scenes over and over, they haven’t tired of seeing them.  To some extent it is probably because we have a large turnover in residents, and maybe it might also be a function of declining memories; but mostly it is because I show them common things in a manner that they couldn’t see them because they weren’t there at the same time, or as in this case, they couldn’t get as close.

In this picture example, several saw the big white bird around the pond, but they either couldn’t see it well enough to identify it, or just weren’t familiar with it.  It is a Great Egret.  It is a large, all-white heron with a yellow bill and black legs.

Due to popular demand, I will continue displaying as many of the Homewood scenes as I can; but, I will also attempt to continue with my trials at processing them differently, making some monochrome images, etc.  The challenge is still on … show our residents things that they didn’t see, or/and show them those things in the manner I prefer to envision them, for the sake of variety.

Later yesterday evening I made these.