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This raccoon was swimming the small creek by Creekside, across from the garden, in the middle of the day. I used what I had with me, the TG-6 at an effective 100mm focal length and then cropped and upscaled it to make this image.  I had to photograph it fast before it disappeared under the debris piled up by the tree.

Returning Leica D-Lux 7

211003-105721-JEH21 It seems that my Sony A6400 is “just right”.  I tried some larger and smaller cameras and had issues with them.

I am returning the Leica D-Lux 7 because it is too small.  The buttons and levers are too small for my fingers.  I have to use a fingernail to operate the on-off switch and there is no way that the camera would be operable when I wore gloves. 

The D-Lux 7 camera is also too complex with too many menu options in addition to the small external buttons.  I kept setting it up differently for different purposes and then finding it took too long to reset them correctly in a hurry when the need arose.

All of the above issues along with the high cost turned me off.

So far, the Sony A6400 and APS-C lenses have been working well for me so I will stick with them for now.  When the larger size or weight of zoom lenses are bothersome, I will use prime lenses or use the Olympus TG-6 instead, at least until I try something else as a one and only camera.

Changed Cameras

I made a change in cameras.  It shouldn’t change my images much; that will take a subject and location change.  My camera change should help me to simplify and ease the carrying and using of my gear when I extend my range in taking photo walks.

I’m trying, again, to simplify by shifting to a few small point and shoot cameras.  I’ll try it for a few weeks and if the change-over works I might sell the rest of my larger cameras and lenses.  I already returned the Sony full frame A7RII camera and a lens.

I’m trying to shift my photography to the Olympus TG-6, Leica D-Lux 7, and the Leica X2 cameras.  Depending on how this works, I might later shift to just one camera.

Promising, but

210930-094744-untitled shoot Images like this one are doable now, but not for long as the weather gets colder.

The advantages for me in making images like this are:

  1. My local viewers tend to like them.
  2. They keep me occupied with processing them.
  3. And, I can make them with only my pocket Olympus TG-6 camera.

The biggest issue I have with making these images is that I get tired of them.  I like to experience changes.  I like to learn what is going on and how to surmount the changing environment.

I also like to photograph a dynamic happening and I like to photograph life experiences in dealing with change.

I like to be the “fly on the wall” observing all that is going on around me and photographing it in a discreet manner with a small camera.  And I like to do it in B&W such as in an older post of mine made at the Hanover Shoe Farms.  Now I need to find something different, but hopefully also with small cameras.

Changing is Necessary

Nothing will be the same again, not here or anywhere.  Forget getting back to normal, as if it ever existed.  It didn’t.  The environment changes daily, usually getting more dangerous, whether from global heating or global viruses or politics.  

Covid-19 has created a new environment.  We will never be the same again.  We need to learn to live differently with Covid being always around.  We just don’t have to coexist with only colds, flu, etc.  Now we have to add Covid to the list.  

It is hard to pick the most dangerous changes; whether it is the climate, the diseases, or the republicans, or inequality, or stupidity; but, we as individuals must change as a result.  

For myself, it means staying away from people since that is how most diseases and stupidity are carried and transmitted.

For my photography & blogging it means …. ?


Since I have nothing new to photograph, my challenge is to either process them differently, and/or to use them differently.  In these images I reversed the processing still using my toned monochrome preset.  I like them for a change, but like most images, I wouldn’t process all images like this all the time.

My thoughts relative to these is that we should always take a step back and look at all things from multiple perspectives.  We don’t understand things unless we keep an open mind and walk in another’s shoes, or at least look at things through their eyes.  We are all different.

Dark Rainy Morning

This morning it was dark, dreary, and raining lightly as I started my daily thoughts.  I have been trying something different.  I have been using a Sony A7RII camera with a Sony 40mm F2.5 lens and trying to decide if I will keep them.  The camera has a full frame 42MP sensor and I have been wondering if I could use this camera and one lens, the 40mm lens, as my walk-about system for making images.

This morning, as I continued my deliberations about the camera, I stepped out on the porch when it was raining and made these images.  The biggest concern I have had is “how well does it perform for what have been my typical types of photographs?”  The first image is the camera jpeg with no cropping.  I decided to use the flower in the center to see what I could do with this camera-lens setup.  The second image is a resized crop of the flower.  The other two images are minimal crops.  I haven’t decoded whether to keep the camera and lens.  It is a nice enough lens and camera, but I am still not sure about what to photograph in the future.

I am also not sure about the future of this blog.  As I said in an earlier post I was going to “hang it up” at least for a while until I decided.  There have been two problems with that.  One, some of my regular viewers have cried out for me to continue.  Two, I missed making the images and writing posts, so I decided to keep going on an irregular schedule while I try to dream up a better purpose for blogging.  I just need a better objective than testing gear and ideas and reporting on my daily life of mostly doing nothing but that.  I was determined to stop doing that, but at the expense of doing nothing?


I’m still here and still trying different cameras and lenses and subjects and processing as I work down to the essentials.  Since many of you were concerned about me not publishing as often, I thought that I’d just show you these images as a reminder that I’m still working on my photography even though I haven’t decided on future changes.

My big “hang-up” is what could I photograph that fits my location and gear, or what can I possibly do differently to expand my photography in a way that I enjoy.  This is a big problem as the flowers die off as the temperatures continue declining.  Our night time temperatures have gotten down to 48 degrees F. already.