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Pondering Change

The future looks very fuzzy and uncertain.  I’m pondering making some changes in my photography, etc. to get more inline with my thoughts relative to the future.  I have been wanting to do something different for quite some time; but, I hadn’t gotten desperate enough to make a large jump, until maybe now.

Up until now I have been making sure that I captured raw files that I could always process into “normal” images, but now I’m working towards changes with my camera and technique to the point where the images are locked into a totally different style that isn’t recoverable from if I change my mind later.

I am feeling like either I make some changes or else stop with my photography.  The urge to continue changing with the times is strong since I don’t like the alternatives.

A Little out of Little

I’m still at a loss for what to photograph or write, or why to do either.  This effect is partially the result of aging and time spent finding and visiting doctors and labs, and dealing with the changes of aging.  Just existing seems to take more and more time and effort.

Still Have the TG-6

I had planned to sell all of my cameras other than the X-Pro3, and they are all gone except for the Olympus TG-6 camera.  I left it for last.  Now I’m having second thoughts and will keep the TG-6 for a while longer, maybe until my next iPhone replacement.  The reason is that the TG-6 is a unique camera that fits in a pocket and is waterproof.  As our weather gets wet again, I am less inclined to deliberately take the X-Pro3 out in the rain.  Why not just keep the TG-6 for those walks in the rain, etc.

I used the X-Pro3 to photograph the TG-6 (top image above) and then used the TG-6 to make the next group of four images (above) as I compared the image quality.  The following are from a morning walk and made with the TG-6 camera.

Look after Processing

  Looking for abstract patterns, etc. requires open eyes and an open mind when it comes to photography.  Images can be ones that others might miss.

I’m using this first image as an example.  The second image was made of the lighter area seen in the first image.   I extensively processed it to emphasize what was barely visible before processing.  If I just displayed the second image without telling you where I found it you would never guess where it was found on the garage floor.

Colorful Abstract Imagery

   If I use B&W less often, or not at all as some wish, I need to explore how to expand the use of color in the kind of images where I often used monochrome in the past.  These desires usually occur when I want to get away from the recordation and snapshot type images.

I’m finding that I can probably make color work, but introducing the element of color makes it hard to combine images made over a wide range of subjects, colors, and time since I think a consistent range of colors works best.

I’ll think about extending my use of intentional motion, out of focus, wide open apertures, etc. in some of my images.

Deer in Yard

Monday we had a visit by a fawn.  After she ate her lunch of the neighbors plants she laid down for a rest.

I thought I was past the stage of wildlife photography since I no longer have long lenses.  I used my longest lens, my 50mm prime lens to make these pictures.  These are the results after a lot of crop-zooming.  I took the original images through a window.


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Seeing the Common Differently

220830-085015-JEH22 I saw this patch of light as it flickered and moved so I photographed it to see how it would look.  The light was filtered through a tree where the wind was blowing the leaves and then coming through the bathroom window onto the side of the shower with towels, etc. hanging on the door.  

I have been on a path of photographing common everyday items or scenes around me, but doing it in a manner that enables me to explore how it might look.  I want to figure out new ways of seeing and displaying the only things I have to photograph.

Finding different ways to see are critical for my photography since it might be that either I succeed or else stop photographing.

So far I’m finding that my trials only work minimally.  I still need to find different compositions, etc. and the techniques I try don’t do much to overcome the lack of new things to photograph.  The images that work are few in number.

B&W Variables & Possibilities

220831-072320-JEH22There are many variables that I am exploring, including the effects of colors.  This leaf is red and green.  But the main variables I am considering are Intentional Camera Motion (ICM), focus (in/out), exposure, and aperture in conjunction with distance. 

Another value that I am exploring with this technique is using it to blur images so that people are not identifiable, at least to outsiders and search engines, and being able to crop out small sections of pictures made with wider lenses and then upscaling them for use in my blog.

One issue that I haven’t addressed yet is that I need to set the camera up just for these kind of images and do a lot of checking as to the appropriate settings for the conditions.  This means that I probably won’t be able to photograph events this way and at the same time, make normal images for Homewood, etc.  One solution might be to use two separate cameras in those cases and switch back and forth, but that would mean getting another camera.  An alternative would be to print the regular images, like I did with the last image below from a book I made of a Homewood trip, and then photographing the print.