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New Doctor in Homewood at Plum Creek

Our hospital, UPMC, has opened up a doctor’s office within Homewood at Plum Creek.  It is staffed with a full-time primary care doctor, Dr. Jon Swanson, for residents only.  We had the open house and ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday which I photographed.  I’m still working on the pictures to deliver to the staff.

Raw for B&W & Changeability

Earlier I mentioned that I was only taking jpeg color images with the Canon G7X II.  I did this early since I found that the jpeg color images were as good or better than what I was getting using raw to make color pictures with the Canon.  I have since changed.  I am now only making raw files with the Canon if I use it while out walking.  I have changed to raw so that I can make better B&W images.  I have more latitude to tweak the files and thus I can try to make better B&W images if I desire.

I also only save raw files with my Fujifilm cameras now.  I like the in camera ACROS images but using the raw files gives me more latitude to go beyond ACROS if I want for B&W as well as make color images.  I can also adjust the “colors” to create different B&W images with different tone control than just using the LR version of ACROS, but still use ACROS if I prefer.

PS, I used the G7X II to make these images as I am thinking more about how to make images to better portray this new wet world I’m living in.  The question is, what will this year be like?  Will it be another of the wettest years on record here in Hanover, PA or will it shift to one of the driest years on record?  It is going to be hard to get accustomed to a warmer global climate and the less predictable wilder wider swings in the weather.

What Else is There


I often make pictures just to see what else is there that I didn’t notice before.  I had never noticed this U. S. Mini Mart on Carlisle Street before.  I just thought it was a gasoline station that I have driven by many times but after looking at the picture more closely I see it is a small store that I have never heard of.

I made this image the other day while driving around.  I’m still thinking about what to photograph within town and what lenses will work best.  If I decide to pursue images along the streets, I prefer to do it with prime lenses.

Another issue is how to capture the scene.  If I walk the sidewalks, I am often to close to capture the overall view and I have to contend with broken uneven sidewalks.  If I drive by, I have to be careful and avoid other cars, which isn’t the safest thing to attempt.  If I photograph from the other side of the street, I still have to contend with cars going by and parked on both sides of the roads.  In addition, the distance away affects the lens focal length choice.

In the past I ended up mostly photographing details since that was easiest to get from the sidewalks.  I may still have to do it that way, but I have one more thing to try.  That is to move out into the residential streets where there is less traffic.  Or I might give up trying to make pictures in Hanover, PA.  That thought also leads to “What else is there to photograph?”

Street Photography with X100F


It is obvious that the color orange caught my eye for this image.  It is another image where I was seeing what I could make with the X100F from within my car as I was driving around.  I just set the shutter speed to 1/500 sec and photographed whatever caught my eye.  When it warms up, if my knees and back allow it, I hope to walk around with the X100F camera and look more carefully for images, but not for people.  In general, it is getting harder to photograph recognizable people anywhere in the developed world’s cities and towns and this will have a growing impact on street photography.  I am noticing more backs of people as well as people in shadows, etc. from many of the photographers who put their work online.