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The so called holidays are over.  Time to put away the few decorations we had.  It is also time to set up any new files and folders I need for this year; but, this is the first year in a long time that I haven’t had to move all of my images from my computer to external storage in order to make room for more. 

Last year I had to buy a new MacBook so I bought one with twice the storage.  Having so much storage and a year when I didn’t make many images means that I have plenty of room on my computer to keep all that I did last year; but not because I’ll be wanting to look back at last year’s work.  I should probably just trash the little I did last year.

Geese Fly High

201230-095701-JEH20I decided this morning to confirm my desires to try and not use a long heavy zoom lens on my X-Pro3.  I noticed that the sale prices of micro 4/3 cameras and lenses might run out at the end of the year and I had thought about getting a micro 4/3 camera and an effective 300mm lens for some images so I wanted to confirm my decision to not bother with a long lens before the sale ended.  

Based on what I have to photograph and my limited opportunities, I think I will continue with my Fuji 35mm and 50mm prime lenses with an occasional use of my heavier 16-80mm zoom lens only when necessary.  I really don’t need to use a longer lens.  The geese in this image were flying real high when I used the 35mm lens to snap a picture which I then cropped and resized to make my images this morning.  I just made the picture to see what I could do.

Earth Still Spins

The year may be winding down, but another day is starting and soon another year will be spinning up.

I’m still spinning my wheels relative to wondering what the new year will bring to my photography; i.e., I’m getting nowhere with figuring out anything new to photograph or do.

I made these images this morning with my X-Pro3 and the 16-80mm F4 zoom lens.  I decided to keep it for a general all purpose lens.  The lens is fine, its just that I prefer to carry and use prime lenses on the X-Pro3 camera.

Foggy & Dark

201221-060355-JEH20It was dark, early in the morning, long before sunrise, and also very foggy.  I just had to try to see if I could make a picture with the Panasonic TS30 which was in my pocket.

I don’t recommend using that camera under those kinds of conditions.  It wasn’t easy since the camera has a very poor LCD and you really can’t see what you are doing.  Nevertheless, this is what I managed to make, after working on the image in LRc.


Every morning

cereal and coffee

check my calendar

pills, and more pills

and make some pictures

and avoid all physical contact with people 

other than my wife.

My Panasonic TS30

I decided to veer off from my one camera, one lens at a time photography using the Fuji X-Pro3.  It is a great camera but I don’t always have it with me nor do I always need its capabilities.  Since I am opportunity limited in finding things to photograph I decided that I needed to increase my opportunities for making images.  I am therefore now carrying a Panasonic Lumix TS30 waterproof camera as a pocket camera.  I tried using my iPhone instead but it isn’t the same.

I chose the TS30 due to its size and low cost.  It is very small and easily fits in any pocket and is hopefully rugged enough to take an occasional drop or a little water or being sat on.  You can look it up to get the specs, etc.

If you buy one, make sure you download the advanced manual.  I just jumped into using it after a quick look at the booklet and soon started complaining about a few things I couldn’t do with it.  I was wrong.  I was not familiar with the Panasonic menu system.  I ended up downloading the advanced manual and found that the camera has a lot of useful features and controls that aren’t so obvious.  You also need photography software and a computer so that you can further process the jpeg images that the camera produces if you wish your images to look similar to mine.

I’m not sure as to how long I’ll keep it.  I don’t seem to keep cameras long, but I’m thinking that it will work well enough for a dark style that I’m playing with.  I am also worried that similar small pocket cameras won’t be for sale much longer so I might acquire other similar small cameras while I can get them.  They are great for my dark style images and arthritic hands.

Dark, Small, Cheap Side

Excuse me for a while as I go off and explore my dark side.  I’m back to wondering how small and how cheap I can go with a camera and still make images.  It is as much about what I photograph and what style I use as it is about the camera.