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It Was a Hawk

230105134240-2Marcia was out walking and saw a speck high in a tree.  Suspecting it was a large bird, she then took a picture with her iPhone so she could show it to me when she got home.  It was a small dot when she took her first picture but it flew right when she took another picture.

I copied the second picture from her iPhone to my computer and then proceeded to enlarge it and process it differently to make this image.

Cold Showers

Temperature was in the upper 30s and it showered on and off.  It was not the kind of day for getting out of bed, let alone going outside with a camera, but I just had to go out long enough to grab these shots if I wanted any images for entertaining myself.

Out and About

I decided to work with jpegs and color images for a while.  I also decided to use my 14-150mm lens outside while reserving my prime lenses for photography inside buildings, at least for now.  Note that this image is better than some others since I did not make this one through a window.  I definitely need to get out and about more this coming spring.

Home Photography

This is my counter to Street Photography, which I don’t know if I will do as I did long ago.  I’ll wait until it gets warmer and then decide.  I made these so that I can keep working on my B&W processing.

I finally got my new computer set up and reloaded the software I want to use.  I have also set up new files, etc. for starting over with my photography and I have gotten back to normal far faster than I expected.  I still have a lot of financial stuff to work on, but I hope to switch back and forth between it and photography.