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Still Reaching/Searching


Hmmm, I like this style: B&W, up-close, and dark.  I made this in good light using the Leica X-E standard color jpeg file in LR Classic when I was trying the camera before I returned it.  I really don’t have a use for the camera even though I like it very much.

My major problem is, what to make images of and for what purpose.  I already have one purpose (because I like to make images) but I would like to have a better purpose or intent.  If I don’t come up with a more purposeful intent, this style of photography isn’t sustainable in my mind.

Keeping it Simple with Leica X-E

If, or when I am using the Leica X-E, I would like to keep it simple by only making jpeg images using the Leica standard colors.  I did that with the above, but I then cropped and used the auto tone in LR.  I picked the above scenes to photograph for the variety in conditions and colors.  Using the auto tone button in LR only made some very subtle adjustments to exposures, shadows, etc.  The jpeg files are also quite malleable in LR if I wish to punch them up a little differently in either color or B&W as shown below.  Working with only jpeg files should give me no problems whatsoever.

The color jpegs also make nice straight-forward B&W landscapes using LR to convert them using one click with my preset.


Nothingness Expert

Maybe I’m finding what I’m good at … the art of photographing nothingness.  I stepped out front of my Villa and took these images in four-minutes with the TG-5 camera.

I tend to have little to keep busy with other than photography.  I try to make pictures everyday as a form of phototherapy.  If I’m not making images, I’m likely to be cruising the web looking at, and reading about, photography.

If I have nothing in particular to photograph, or camera gear to play with, I will sometimes take a walk over the same paths I have been walking for the last seven and a half years taking pictures and if the weather is not agreeable I will just take a quick walk around the Villa in between rains, etc.

The taking of images enables me to continue when I return to my computer to see what I have and play with the processing as I make images.  I often refer to this as playing with the concept of nothingness.

Smaller Camera (Leica X-E)


Independent of any considerations for what I photograph, I have another interest relative to photography.  I like small well engineered cameras like the Leica X-E in my hand above as well as the camera I used to make the picture, the Olympus TG-5.  For those who might be interested, I am in the process of checking out the above Leica which is an older used camera that is no longer in production.

One reason for my trying out this camera is that such cameras are unlikely to be built in the near future.  With the development of smartphones with cameras, the camera manufacturers and customers have turned away from small cameras.  If I like the smaller cameras and wish to continue to own and use them, I need to buy used ones before they all disappear.

Another reason for my preference for used, small cameras like the Leica X-E, is that I prefer simpler cameras with basic controls.  The newer camera manufacturers are in a race to see how much they can pack in the new cameras.  Most of the new stuff is a total waste for me and I don’t use all of their capabilities.

Another reason is that I like the challenge of using the older cameras with older technologies.  They usually have a single wider focal length lens and I like to use them to produce something of interest, if only of interest to me.

The final reason I like smaller cameras is that they are lightweight and easy to take with me, either in a small bag or pocket, or carried in my hand like shown above.

If I had something meaningful to photograph with them, I would be in my photographic Nirvana.