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Olympus TG-6 as a Travel Camera

Sled Run

This is a photo of the Sled Run at Blackwater Falls State Park in WV.  My reason for making this picture was to gather another example of the use of an underwater camera, the Olympus TG-6, when used as a travel camera.  I made this at full zoom which is an effective 100mm focal length.  That focal length helps to compress the far and near details to show you the leaf colors and the windmills.

The TG-6 is an suitable small pocket camera for capturing scenes, but ideally you need to use software like Adobe Lightroom to further tweak either raw or jpeg files as I did to make this image.  The TG-6 was the only camera I took with me on our recent trip to West Virginia.  It is a sufficient travel camera for someone with arthritis in their hands, knees, and back when approaching 80 years of age.

Still Planning

I’m progressing in deciding what I hope to do with my future photography as well as how; but it will take longer to finalize.  In the meanwhile, here are a few images I made using the TG-6 camera as I evaluated a few ideas, etc.

Torn Asunder

211007-095035-JEH21I am at a loss.  I am adrift.  I don’t know what to do with my photography.  I do not want to make photographic clichés.  I’m tired of all of the lies and ways we try to convince ourselves that all is right with the world.

I wrote that I was going to “hang it up” for awhile while I looked for other directions for my photography and blog.  And then I found I missed posting and I responded to the concerns of some who only wanted to see more “eye candy” or more of my monochromes or more of my colorful flowers.

Over time I have kept reverting back to what I enjoyed in the past, which was to try and play with different cameras and lenses.  None of this is wise or enjoyable anymore; therefore, I am back to wondering what I should do for the future.

I think I need more time and I need to get back to searching for a better path going forward.  In the meanwhile I am going to keep striving and stop posting as much as I search for a more sustainable and simpler way forward.

 Without Color

I’m always on the watch for patterns, textures, light, and shadows.  Notice I didn’t mention color.  As far as I’m concerned, color sometimes draws the eye away from the other things.  I often capture a picture just to see what I can find after I pull the color away.

Wet Foggy Start with TG-6

It was a wet and cloudy morning with the clouds hanging low.  I used the same camera that I had with me yesterday when I photographed the raccoon.  The Olympus TG-6 is a great little pocket camera to take in my pocket no matter what the weather is.  I especially like to use it to make pictures like these.  I sometimes wonder if I need anymore than the TG-6. 

I have a piece of parachute cord attached to it so that I can easily and safely pull it out of a pocket by grabbing it and then using it as a finger strap to hold the camera when walking with it in my hand.

The camera is also small enough that I put it in the cup holder in my car when I’m driving so that I can grab it and make a quick picture at stop lights, etc.


This raccoon was swimming the small creek by Creekside, across from the garden, in the middle of the day. I used what I had with me, the TG-6 at an effective 100mm focal length and then cropped and upscaled it to make this image.  I had to photograph it fast before it disappeared under the debris piled up by the tree.

Returning Leica D-Lux 7

211003-105721-JEH21 It seems that my Sony A6400 is “just right”.  I tried some larger and smaller cameras and had issues with them.

I am returning the Leica D-Lux 7 because it is too small.  The buttons and levers are too small for my fingers.  I have to use a fingernail to operate the on-off switch and there is no way that the camera would be operable when I wore gloves. 

The D-Lux 7 camera is also too complex with too many menu options in addition to the small external buttons.  I kept setting it up differently for different purposes and then finding it took too long to reset them correctly in a hurry when the need arose.

All of the above issues along with the high cost turned me off.

So far, the Sony A6400 and APS-C lenses have been working well for me so I will stick with them for now.  When the larger size or weight of zoom lenses are bothersome, I will use prime lenses or use the Olympus TG-6 instead, at least until I try something else as a one and only camera.

Changed Cameras

I made a change in cameras.  It shouldn’t change my images much; that will take a subject and location change.  My camera change should help me to simplify and ease the carrying and using of my gear when I extend my range in taking photo walks.

I’m trying, again, to simplify by shifting to a few small point and shoot cameras.  I’ll try it for a few weeks and if the change-over works I might sell the rest of my larger cameras and lenses.  I already returned the Sony full frame A7RII camera and a lens.

I’m trying to shift my photography to the Olympus TG-6, Leica D-Lux 7, and the Leica X2 cameras.  Depending on how this works, I might later shift to just one camera.