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Edward Brunswick Holmes House

 This is a picture of the house where my grandparents and two aunts lived when I was young.  Some of my first pictures were made in that house and from the front porch; but, I didn’t take the above picture.  My brother captured it right before the house was torn down.

The following picture, made by me sometime around 1958 inside the front room of the house, shows my grandfather, grandmother, father, and brother.

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

I captured this view in April 2007 and just reworked the processing from a small sensor jpeg image.  It doesn’t look like I’ll make it back with pandemics, global heating, etc.  I always liked this picture for its “old World” look.

Blackwater Falls & Sled Run

210612-132055-JEH21-EnhancedA view of Blackwater Falls from the Gentle Trail overlook.

The following two images are of the sled run and the conveyer belt that takes you and your sled up to the top.  It is a nice long sled run with a no-effort trip to the top so you can go back down again.  They have improved the experience.  The last time I was there they had an old truck at the top with a winch to pull a rope up the hill while you held onto the rope.

Beauty or Not?

When I originally photographed scenes in WV I was hoping that they would make good monochrome images.  Some of them have worked for monochrome, but maybe some have not.  Since the scenes contain such complex compositions of browns and greens, different things are lost or amplified when viewing them in monochrome.  Personally I could go with monochrome, but I imagine most would prefer color.

There is more “beauty” in the color renditions, but if the message is the randomness of the ecology of the woods, the decay, the complexity of death, etc., the monochrome images portray a different “story” from the color ones.

Or is that I don’t see much “beauty” in the world, especially as I look forward into the future.


I probably will publish some individual images made while walking in the woods in Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia.  I’m still wondering how to title them and I haven’t decided whether to just use them to illustrate posts about various subjects or to just show pictures with little to no text.

Lindy Point

 I made these on the walk out to Lindy Point in Blackwater State Park in WVa.  I tried to show some different images than what you often see in advertisements for West Virginia.  Note the Blackwater River in the valley, the rattlesnake on the rocks out at the point, my brother, etc.

Blackwater Falls State Park Cabin 10

I am including these pictures since some people are interested in what the cabin was like that we stayed in at Blackwater Falls State Park in WVa.  They have a variety of cabins for two, four, or eight persons.  This was one of the older four person cabins with two bedrooms.  We usually stay in a four person cabin since the two person ones are quite small with essentially just one room with living area and bed.  All of the cabins have been recently renovated and now have wifi, TVs, new windows, air conditioning, new bathroom fixtures, etc.