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Clarksburg Casket


While touring the casket factory in York the other day I noticed a casket with this label, and I was curious why it was there.  It is a short story but covers a long time period.  It took some digging to get close to the reason.

I was born and raised in Clarksburg, WV.  The Clarksburg Casket Co. opened in the early 1900s nearby.  Around 2000 it was bought by Aurora Acquisition Corp. and in 2003 they moved the Clarksburg Casket operations to Bristol, Tenn. and consolidated it with Cortrim Hardwood Parts Co.  Sometime around 2008 there was a fire that destroyed the Aurora casket facilities in Tenn.  I’m not sure when, but recently, Matthews International acquired Aurora so I guess some of the elements of the Clarksburg operations have now made it to York, PA where I saw the casket inside the Matthews facility.  I asked if that was a model name and was told, no, it is where it was made (?).  That is all I have learned so far, but I’m guessing that the wood casket operations have moved to York, PA.  I’ll amend this post if I ever learn anymore.

Nazca Lines of Plum Creek


Nazca Lines of Homewood at Plum Creek.  I made this image from a picture of our driveway.  The lines were made by snow plows last winter.

It was more fun to photograph the Nazca Lines from the air when we were in Peru in 2006.

060326-101349-untitled shoot-2-Edit

I just read some more about the Nazca Lines in Peru in Wikipedia.  They have found even more of them since we were there, but they still aren’t sure of why they were made.

I don’t think I posted my aerial pictures of the Nazca Lines so I might reprocess the pictures using the latest version of LR CC and post some of them.

Ruthless River

I enjoyed this book.  It reminded me of my two trips into the Amazon.  This book is a memoir about a young couple who were traveling in South America in the 1970s.  I’d like to go back, but I would need a fellow traveler who likes heat, humidity, and insects.  I would like to take a better camera the next time; but, I was amazed by the pictures Holly took with a film camera.  You would also be amazed that the pictures and camera survived the trip after their plane crashed and they went down the river on a balsa raft.

Old Pictures near the Cowpasture River

Well, these aren’t too old.  I took them in April 2016 while my brother and I visited the Cowpasture River area in Virginia.

I spent some time yesterday when it was raining going through some older pictures stored on a hard drive.  I wanted to see how they looked using this style of processing.  By the way, we got almost 4.5 inches of rain yesterday and last night.

Travel Camera?

Many, many years ago, the main consideration on this blog was travel photography.  I used to try lots of different cameras and think a lot about traveling and making pictures.  At that time, I was using a lot of less capable cameras: but since then, a lot has happened.  Technology has really changed in photography.  Cameras are better along with the processing of images using software in and out of the cameras, and I’m not traveling because of other issues.

If you have already looked at the pictures above, you might be wondering where I’m going with this article.  Just because I’m not currently traveling doesn’t mean I’m not still thinking about what camera would I use today if I got on a plane and flew far away.  I used a camera to make the above images that I would probably use if flying somewhere.  I used the Olympus TG-5 under a variety of conditions and different processing from straight out of the camera to macro to various adjustments and settings down to ISO 1600 at 1/25 sec in low light.  I had asked myself the question:  “Would I travel with just this camera if/when I get the chance?”  The answer, absolutely.

If I were to travel now, it would be essential that I go as light as possible.  That being the case, I would love to fly to Hawaii for two or three weeks with only a small backpack containing my medicines, a few changes of shorts and tee shirts, my iPhone, and the TG-5 camera, a few chargers, and a charge card.

But, the most important question is:  “What do you want the pictures to say?”  The TG-5 images might be OK image wise, but first you need to determine your reason for making the pictures in the first place.  If they are only to record what you saw, It is an OK camera.

Old Small Pictures

I took some pictures in 2001 in Peru with a small film camera.  I have since lost the negatives and prints and digital files that were made from scans.  All that I have left are the images in my blog and they are only 800 pixels in the longest dimension.

I have been continuing to see what I could do with them and have made a couple of color prints that are now on my wall; but I continue to see if I can make them better.  This morning I tried B&W and I think I like these better.

You have to consider that they were originally 35mm film negatives that were printed and then scanned and then downsized to put in my blog and then extracted from Word and then converted to B&W and then upsized to 8×10 at 300 pixels per inch and then reduced again for use in my blog as you see them above.  Ridiculous isn’t it, but since it is unlikely that I will ever go back to get better images, this is the best that I have been able to do so far.  I may go back and rework the whole set of them since I think this style of B&W fits the old architecture.