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Travel Camera?

Many, many years ago, the main consideration on this blog was travel photography.  I used to try lots of different cameras and think a lot about traveling and making pictures.  At that time, I was using a lot of less capable cameras: but since then, a lot has happened.  Technology has really changed in photography.  Cameras are better along with the processing of images using software in and out of the cameras, and I’m not traveling because of other issues.

If you have already looked at the pictures above, you might be wondering where I’m going with this article.  Just because I’m not currently traveling doesn’t mean I’m not still thinking about what camera would I use today if I got on a plane and flew far away.  I used a camera to make the above images that I would probably use if flying somewhere.  I used the Olympus TG-5 under a variety of conditions and different processing from straight out of the camera to macro to various adjustments and settings down to ISO 1600 at 1/25 sec in low light.  I had asked myself the question:  “Would I travel with just this camera if/when I get the chance?”  The answer, absolutely.

If I were to travel now, it would be essential that I go as light as possible.  That being the case, I would love to fly to Hawaii for two or three weeks with only a small backpack containing my medicines, a few changes of shorts and tee shirts, my iPhone, and the TG-5 camera, a few chargers, and a charge card.

But, the most important question is:  “What do you want the pictures to say?”  The TG-5 images might be OK image wise, but first you need to determine your reason for making the pictures in the first place.  If they are only to record what you saw, It is an OK camera.

Old Small Pictures

I took some pictures in 2001 in Peru with a small film camera.  I have since lost the negatives and prints and digital files that were made from scans.  All that I have left are the images in my blog and they are only 800 pixels in the longest dimension.

I have been continuing to see what I could do with them and have made a couple of color prints that are now on my wall; but I continue to see if I can make them better.  This morning I tried B&W and I think I like these better.

You have to consider that they were originally 35mm film negatives that were printed and then scanned and then downsized to put in my blog and then extracted from Word and then converted to B&W and then upsized to 8×10 at 300 pixels per inch and then reduced again for use in my blog as you see them above.  Ridiculous isn’t it, but since it is unlikely that I will ever go back to get better images, this is the best that I have been able to do so far.  I may go back and rework the whole set of them since I think this style of B&W fits the old architecture.

Two More from Tunisia

I printed up two more older pictures from Tunisia to hang on my wall.  You can see the differences in the terrain from northern to southern Tunisia.  The last one was our camp at the edge of the Sahara Desert.

If you go to the upper corner of my blog (your right) and click on category you can go down and select Tunisia.  That will bring up all of my posts on Tunisia.  They will be in reverse order with most recent on top, and you can see I have reworked these pictures many different ways over time.  Towards the bottom of the list are a series of videos of our tour, also in reverse order, so you might want to go further down and watch them in order of the trip.  Watching the videos will show where we were with lots more images, and with local music.  We enjoyed seeing the country and are glad we went when we could.

Reprocessing Pictures from Tunisia

I have also been working on my color processing of pictures as well as my B&W processing.  Since I have a dearth of recent images, I have gone back to some older ones.

One of the greatest things about Adobe Light Room software is that they keep improving it.  In 2010 I took pictures in Tunisia with an Olympus E-P1 camera and the kit zoom plus the original version of the 17mm lens; but I only made jpeg images.  For several reasons, I only printed one of those almost 2000 Tunisian images to display on my wall.

Other things have changed in addition to LR.  I have learned a lot since then.  Based on these changes, I decided to go back and redo some of the Tunisian images to print for my wall.  I like them better now, so I’ll try printing a few to see how they look.