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 Costa Rican Wildlife

We traveled to Costa Rica in April of 2007 where I captured these images with a small sensor camera and then reworked them recently to make these images.

I have been reviewing older images and cameras as I consider possibly concentrating more on local wildlife this year close to home.  I still haven’t decided, but I’m getting closer to picking my emphases for this year for my photography and camera(s).

Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

I captured this view in April 2007 and just reworked the processing from a small sensor jpeg image.  It doesn’t look like I’ll make it back with pandemics, global heating, etc.  I always liked this picture for its “old World” look.

2007 Trip to Costa Rica

A few sample pictures from our second trip to Costa Rica, both with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT).  This guy was not posing for the tourists.  He was actually collecting stones for use in a wall by his house.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures of our trip you can go to another web site.  ProShow web site.     Either click the video you wish to see or “play all”, and enjoy.  Once the video starts playing you can right-click on the screen and go to full screen mode.