On His Knees

On his knees for Homewood at Plum Creek.  A volunteer repainting the handicap crossing signs that were badly in need of painting.  I cringed when I thought about how many of these he was painting and how many times he had to get up and down while painting each.

Sunset over Homewood

I’m tired of these images, but there isn’t much else to photograph.  This was last night’s sunset as I viewed it over the fountain in the pond from my back porch.  The only things that change are the clouds, weather, etc.; but, even those seem to have gone into the summer doldrums.

Old Man’s Vertical Holds

I’m still trying various ways for an old man with arthritic thumbs to hold an Olympus E-M5 III camera vertically.  I need to be able to operate the camera while putting minimal pressure on my thumb root joints.  These are a few examples that I am trying while using different eyes as well as either the EVF or the LCD to compose.

I made the images using the 75mm lens at an aperture of F1.8 or 2 on the E-M5 III camera.

Barn Swallow

I had to use this picture to check with a local birder to learn that it is a barn swallow.

But, the big issue for me is that I only had an effective 300mm lens on my camera and even with it I had to crop and upsize the image.  My dilemma is whether to spend the money to get a longer lens, and then carry it around just in case I spot wildlife that I might want to photograph.  It isn’t an easy decision for me to make since the amount of wildlife at Homewood has been decreasing significantly over the ten+ years that I have lived here.  Given the changing conditions I only expect the opportunities for using such a lens continuing to go down.


It is another hot, humid, sunny summer day.  The temperatures should be in the lower 90s F.

I have been having a terrible time finding anything worth photographing lately so today I just took my Fuji X100F camera.  It seems to be that I either just take it or nothing when I go for walks.

One of my neighbors said I should take pictures of the garden for the Plum Line.  My problem is that I have done that many many times over the years and such pictures aren’t really of interest to me for my blog.  I have gotten to the point where I only take pictures for Homewood publications when they ask me.  At those times I can take the appropriate lenses and camera with me for that specific task.

For my blog and personal photography I am trending toward only using my Fujifilm X100F camera.