High Contrast B&W

One change I want to try is to see if I can make more B&W images.  I like light and shadows and images with a lot of black in them so I am going to concentrate on seeing if I can make more of them that I like.  I also like simplistic images and it is easier to make them in high contrast B&W.

My problem, if I try to make more B&W images, is learning to see in B&W.  Making the images isn’t as simple as converting to B&W and increasing the contrast.  That doesn’t create pleasing examples of this mode of photography.  To make this style of image requires learning how to see differently and then seeking out the images that work.

One thing I am doing to speed up the learning process is going back over the pictures I have made this year and reprocessing them in B&W to help me learn what kinds of images might work as well as those which don’t work.  That is the beauty of LR.  I can rework all of my pictures over and over as I try different processing.

After I process some of my older images, my future photography and posting in this blog will be contingent on me getting out and getting some new pictures.  Since that could easily slow down my posting, I might use any extra time to catch up with a backlog of pictures that I want to print and possibly publish a book or two.

Walk with a Camera

As some of my neighbors have noted, I have been taking exercise walks around Homewood without a camera lately.  When I walk with a camera I have often made images like these.  Some are worthwhile for displaying, all have been taken as I try different ideas for taking and processing images.  The problem is that I have been doing it for over five years while I walked the same few paths and streets within Homewood and I have about exhausted the opportunities.

As I mentioned in the last post, I am trying to do something different with my photography.  One change is to try to become more deliberate with my photography; therefore, I am not always carrying a camera.  I have been shifting to sometimes only taking a good camera out and making pictures when I have a definite photographic goal in mind.  I’ll still sometimes take a small pocket camera, and I always have my cell phone in my pocket when walking, and even occasionally I will take one of my better cameras when walking just in case I see something.

Next, I hope to make some processing changes and eventually find some different things to photograph.


Since I rarely travel far to make my pictures, at least in the last five years, my personal challenge has been to see what I can photograph close to home … mostly on the campus of Homewood of Plum Creek or within a few miles.  This requires that I get creative in how I photograph the mundane.  One technique that I occasionally practice is to get up closer and show my viewers the details in a way they might never have seen or thought of them.

Love the Olympus 45mm Lens


I was driving on Cooper Road this morning at 6:57 when I saw this young deer off to the side in a driveway.  Since I had the Pen-F with the 45mm lens hanging from my neck, I stopped the car, lowered the passenger window, and captured this image.  Well, not quite this image.  I had to crop-zoom the original picture and then upsize it to make this version.  I used the Olympus Pen-F in program mode and it chose ISO 200, f/3.2, and 1/60 sec.  I also love the image stabilization for fast grabs like this since I don’t take the time to check shutter speed.  I then applied my favorite adjustments to the image in LR and upsized it in ON1.

Looking Up & Down

I am really enjoying my Olympus Pen-F camera and lenses.  I just obtained the 45mm f/1.8 prime lens.  I love the details it enables me to get.  I had it with me when I went out with Misty in the morning and made these images.  The size and weight of the lens are ideal for walking with the Pen-F, but an effective 90mm focal length isn’t ideal for general photography.  I’m hoping to use it for detail photography based on textures, tones, shadows, and colors when I need to crop-zoom to capture small sections of images.

Getting There

I have been learning about the technicalities of the Olympus Pen-F camera and lenses, and learning what I can do with them as well as how to best process the images.  These images are some that I like with B&W images.  Using the micro 4/3 lenses and small apertures give me plenty of depth of field and allows me to create images like the ones above.  For those who are interested, I did not use the in-camera monochrome settings to make these B&W images.  They are my own choices based on the capabilities with using Adobe Lightroom.

I am already running out of things to check or learn, but I still have a long way to go in practicing with the controls so that I can operate the camera without thinking about it so much.  The last two images are ones that I made inside my computer room.  While I am enjoying settling down with using my smaller camera and lenses, I’m still searching for ideas of what to photograph other than activities here at Homewood at Plum creek, and most of those images are not suitable for displaying on my blog, nor do most of the residents want to see B&W images.