Red Oxx Gator, my Camera Bag

Over the years I have bought multiple dozens of camera bags, but I no longer have them.  I got rid of all of all my camera bags, and now use two other general purpose bags.  Pictured above is a bag from Red Oxx called the Gator.  I bought it years ago to take to Tunisia as my carry-on bag.  At that time, it held all of my personal carry-on essential supplies including cameras, medicines, change of clothing, etc.

The bag is very sturdy and versatile.  I suggest you check it out on the Red Oxx web site.  For my current photography, I need a bag large enough to carry multiple cameras and lenses that is easy to work out of, and which has no noisy fasteners so that I can work quietly.  I use various Domke inserts to protect the lenses, depending on what I need to carry, and sit the bag on a table or the floor next to me so that I can quickly reach in and change lenses, etc.  I usually carry extra batteries, cleaning cloths, cards, etc. in one of the side pockets.

I wrote earlier about how I use another Red Oxx bag, the Chica, the same way when I don’t need to carry as much.  You can read that post by clicking here.  By getting rid of all of my camera bags I reduced the clutter in my closet and minimized my choices as to “which bag should I use?”

Still Using Olympus TG-4


Fujifilm X100F photographed with Olympus TG-4

While I am trying to move as much of my photography as possible to the above pictured Fujifilm X100F camera, it does not mean that I’m not going to also be using my Olympus TG-4 camera sometimes.  I used it to make the above picture of the X100F and I will continue to use the TG-4 for product shots, close-ups, etc. since it has greater depth of field.  I will also continue to use it as my pocket camera on days when it is cold and/or raining or snowing.

My preference is to use the TG-4 at a fixed ISO of 800 in order to keep the shutter speed up.  The noise of the image isn’t too bad at that setting, especially when I make B&W images with it.  The above was a color jpeg which I converted to B&W in LR, and no, I did not use any noise reduction with LR.