Leaves of Grass

I’m probably going to make a change in cameras to try something new.  We will have to wait and see.  I have an Olympus Pen-F coming to try.  My problem isn’t the camera or lenses, etc.  My problem is finding why I want to make pictures and then getting out and finding suitable subjects for making the images I like.

Small, Light, and Accessible

Lately I have been walking with just the GR II in my jeans hip pocket.  It is very light and small and easily accessible.  Since I like those features I am trying to expand the number of uses for the fixed effective 28mm focal length.

When back at my computer, I have also been researching alternatives to extend my reach with longer focal lengths, but in as small a package as possible.  I’m researching the Olympus Pen-F with the 25mm and 45mm lenses (effective 50 and 90mm focal lengths).

Other Going Light Examples

I made these earlier today while walking.  I am trying to train myself to look for contrast examples that are close by and suitable for capturing with the GR II camera.  Images with contrast, whether for B&W processing or color processing work better for square simplistic images.  Some will ask me why I made these images, but when constrained to the same areas with a pocket camera, what else is there?


Lately I have been trying to adapt my photography to fit the camera.  I really do like carrying the Ricoh GR II since it is very light in weight but big in image quality for a pocket camera.  The only downfall is that it has a fixed effective 28mm lens which is forcing me to look down and close.  In addition, I walk the same general area every day so I am working on different ways to see and process the common views.


I am still processing pictures that I made yesterday of Homewood events and I needed a break.  I stepped out and made these from Marcia’s flowers growing within feet of the front door.  I used my largest heaviest camera yesterday, but I reached for my lightest camera to make these since I am still tired from using a heavy camera for so long yesterday.  I also needed a break from processing event style color images so I switched to B&W.