My Most Versatile Lens

It might surprise you but I find that the Fujifilm 50mm F2 WR lens is my most versatile lens when I walk with my X-Pro2 camera.  I like that prime lens since it is the best compromise in weight, size, weather resistance, close focusing, and focal length versatility when I go walking.  I can use it inside along with cropping in poor light situations as well as outdoors with cropping.  You might be thinking that a zoom lens would be more versatile but they are larger and heavier and I mostly use them when I’m fixed in a small area and I don’t need to carry them while walking over longer distances.  I actually prefer to carry only one small pancake lens on my X-Pro2 but they are more limited in focal length capabilities.  I sometimes use the X-Pro2 with one prime lens along with the X-H1 and another prime lens when I’m photographing an event while walking in narrow halls.

Walk with 18mm Fujinon Lens

Somedays, most days if I’m truthful, I just prefer to walk with a small, lighter weight camera and lens combination.  These days that would be my X-Pro2 with the 18mm lens which is an effective 28mm focal length.  It is an older, noisy focusing lens, but it does the job and I like the focal length when I can also get up close enough to static subjects.  I find that it makes a nice documentary lens.  I should use it more often.  I wish Fujifilm would update the lens with a quieter focusing motor and make it weather resistant.

If I had more use for this focal length; i.e. if I went anywhere worth documenting what I saw, I would probably buy a small pocket camera with this focal length … maybe the Ricoh GRIII camera, especially if I wanted to make B&W images.

Cottages in Homewood at Plum Creek

I took advantage of the good weather yesterday to make some images of the smaller cottages here at Homewood at Plum Creek.  Some prefer the newer larger Villas but I think the cottages encourage more social interactions and friendliness among the residents.

By the way, Homewood at Plum Creek has a nice website which has lots of information, like the floor plans, etc. along with lots of pictures.