The Monarchs really love all varies of the Milkweed family.  They must use smell to find this one since it is up against the back of our Villa hidden behind other plants and a fence panel and they keep coming.  Marcia said this particular one was called Butterfly Weed according to the label, but if you look Milkweed up you will find many varieties and bloom colors. 

More WV Memories

151008-101155-untitled shoot

Looking southeast from Corridor H in West Virginia on Oct 8, 2015 a little past 10am.  You can see why they call them the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We were on our way back to Homewood at Plum Creek when I stopped at an overlook and made this image.

Acros jpegs

One nice advantage of the X-Pro2 is having two card slots.  I collect raw files on one and Acros jpegs on the other.  I would really like to just use the Acros jpegs straight out of the camera for convenience, etc., but I’m often not sure until after I have made the photos, so I normally just use the raw files and convert them to Acros if warranted.  The above images are straight out of the camera Acros jpegs.

Hunting with a 200mm “Gun”

I hadn’t used my 55-200mm lens on the X-T2 for a long time, so I took it out to refresh my views on using it.  I like the lens and I have no trouble using it, but I still see little use for it unless I am trying to get a better, up close, view of wildlife.  Deciding when to take it out is just an added complexity since I usually go out with only one camera and one lens if I’m walking.  My primary use for the lens is at Homewood events when I need to make pictures from behind the audience.

If I had my druthers, I would rather just use a single prime lens and make mini-landscape images for my personal photography; but I’ll try to remember to use the zoom lens occasionally to get colorful images of wildlife (what little we have) for residents to view.

Egret with 35mm Lens in B&W

I haven’t been making as many pictures lately, but that meant that I wasn’t having much fun, so I took the X-Pro2 with the 35mm F2 lens with me when I took a walk.  I noticed this Egret along with a Heron and some Mallards, but I thought it would be fun to work up the pictures of the Egret in B&W by cropping the images.  I wasn’t carrying the “proper” gear for wildlife photography, but who cares, the 35mm lens worked, and I enjoyed the challenge.

I almost swore off taking a camera with me when I walk around Homewood as well as making the practice images that I use to make of almost anything I saw.  I got to the point where I didn’t think such “off the cuff” photographs were worth it since I had already photographed everything, and I was tired of doing the same things over and over.  The problem was, I missed my 30+ images every day.  I missed not playing with the processing, etc.; therefore, I will try harder at finding suitable compositions.

It is a challenge for me to satisfy all of my goals with my photography.  Primarily, my goal is to entertain myself.  While doing that, I try to have my blog show my visual journey through life.  I also like to show residents views that they might have missed since they couldn’t be where I was, when I was there, and even if they were, they wouldn’t have seen it the way I did.

Another aspect of my “photographic journey” is trying to see better in B&W.  Not everything works exclusively in either B&W or color so I’m educating my eyes to see the differences.  I want to do this as a counter balance to my color views of happenings around Homewood, and besides, I like B&W.

Relative to my cameras and lenses and other “things & processes” in my life I am trying to simplify them.  I want to do this since I note that as my friends around me get older many have growing difficulties dealing with changes, memory, and complexity.  In addition, I don’t think that we humans can continue to exist in the long term on this earth if we keep consuming the way we do.  For these reasons, resources, and simplicity, I am trying to do more of my photography with one camera and fewer lenses.  At the moment I am mostly using my X-Pro2 with the three Fujifilm F2 prime lenses with 23, 35, and 50mm focal lengths.  That is all I would need if I wasn’t photographing some Homewood events.


I can remember this rabbit sitting on Mom’s desk by the stairs in the hall from 70+ years ago.  I wonder if my brother and sister remember it.

I noticed the light going through it one morning in my Villa as I was passing by to go make a cup of coffee.  Light attracts me and, in this case, brought back memories.  I grabbed the X-Pro2 with the 35mm F2 lens and made these images.