That Time

Fall is in the air and it is time to get ready for the winter.  I made these while out walking yesterday when I noticed the relatively new burrow in the creek bank.  It is probably a muskrat burrow but I’ll have to watch it to be sure.  We have had mink along the creek.

A Book of Days

I have been reading and looking at Patti Smith’s most recent book of images, A Book of Days.  I wonder where and why she was in West Virginia.

I’m floundering relative to what to do with my blog and photography.  I have been interested in how Patti publishes her new and older images almost daily, but I could never do a similar thing since I haven’t had such a wide list of public contacts and interests as she has had.  

Most of my career was working in classified environments where I was not allowed to even have a camera, nor smartphone, with me, let along take pictures and then keep a journal about what I did or where I was.

I had thought about doing something similar to what Patti does but making my subject about the daily life at living within a senior community … until I ran into privacy concerns and a pandemic.

If Only

There were many flights out of the northeast heading southwest on the morning I took this image.

Days like that bring back rich memories of when we often traveled in that direction in order to tour warmer climates in South and Central America.

I have no desire to take such long flights anymore.  A lot has changed, and I now think of all of the adverse affects on the climate brought about by such travelers as well as the cramped conditions on those airplanes for long periods.

We missed getting stuck in Peru for a week in 2001 because of terrorists.  Missed by one day.  Now one has to also be aware of pandemics, and wars, as well as our health and climate changes.

It would have been so much better for all if we all understood and took appropriate actions long ago.

Checking Out a Lens

 It was a cold morning, but I took a new OM 12-40mm F2.8 PRO II lens out for a walk.  I hadn’t planned on using this lens for walks, but it was a good test of the image quality across the lens from corner to corner when used at F2.8.  

I also checked out the new update for ON1 2023 Resize software on the image of the hawk that was watching me from the tree.

I do like the lens, even though it is a little larger and heavier than I like these days.  I think I will keep it.

Hanging On

Some leaves are hanging on.  Me, I’m still hanging on to my micro 4/3 camera and lenses.  I used the old Lumix 20mm f/1.7 lens for these images.  It keeps the camera-lens combination small and gives me a fast lens to blur the background.

Using both my TG-6 and my micro 4/3 gear gives me the options of lots of DoF in a small pocket camera, or a better low light system and blurring out the background with a larger system.

I have never (well I don’t remember) gone out with both cameras for a walk.  I don’t like to need to make a decision relative to which one to use when.  I prefer to go out with one at a time.  Which one depends on the weather, where I’m going, what I’m looking for, etc.

Should I … I Could

Don’t forget to click on one of the images and cycle through them in a larger size.  They really need to be viewed larger. 

I have been wondering if I should just use my TG-6 camera to make monochrome images for the rest of the winter, especially when out walking.  Recently I have only been taking my pocket camera whenever I go anywhere as I ponder this question.  

I could do it providing I find appropriate contrasts, lighting, etc.  Doing this type of photography would still be a challenge.  I could use the TG-6 to make the raw files and then utilize various styles in the processing; but, finding appropriate compositions would be the biggest challenge.

Using the TG-6 camera isn’t going to solve the issue of finding different things to photograph.  It might help in the sense that I would be more likely to have it with me in case I saw a different subject to photograph; but, I still need to go somewhere else, or at least try some different perspectives to photograph the common everyday things around me.


Before all of the changes brought about by Covid, I had been wanting to do a series of pictures of resident hands and possibly make a B&W book of them.  Could it happen this coming year?  Maybe, if I get back into the swing of photographing events at Homewood.  I’ll see how it goes with future changes.

Close, but a Miss

221115-191646-JEH22While I was playing with another lens I noticed this on the weather radar yesterday.  Note, Hanover is in the middle.  The blue areas were snow, the yellow and green were rain.

The 20mm f/1.7 lens I used for this image is not weather resistant, but I have at least one other lens that is, so I will hopefully be ready when it does snow here.  Or, I might just use the TG-6 which is waterproof.

I think it is wishful thinking by those who are hoping for little snow this winter.  With the climate changes that have been occurring we need to be prepared for lots of wild swings in our weather conditions, including either none, or deep snows, and everything in-between.