Couldn’t Stand Still

I mentioned in a post in the past that I had an interest in working with motion.  The morning when I made these images I had placed a ND filter on my 75mm lens and started playing with suitable shutter speeds, etc. as this Red-winged Blackbird kept doing a dance above the bird feeder that he can’t get into.  He was probably quite frustrated.

TG-6 Image Finessing

I like using the TG-6 for its ease of carrying, but it doesn’t have great image quality, especially for subjects at a distance.  It has a very small sensor, a small internal zoom lens, and only has 12MP.  Usually for displays online, like in this blog, the degradation isn’t too noticeable and I can still use them to show what I saw, express an emotion, etc.

The above are two versions of the same image.  The first is as processed in LR and downsized for the blog.  The second version started with the first one but I then used ON1 AI 2022 Resize software to sharpen and downsize for the blog.  You can see the difference in the details.

The image quality is one reason I prefer to use the TG-6 for monochrome images when the noise, lack of detail, etc. are not as objectionable when observed in older style grainy monochrome pictures.

Rose Buds

I have decided to work on B&W photography as a challenge to entertain myself.  I hope to keep trying different styles of B&W images as I concentrate on light, form, shadows, etc.  I also will probably concentrate on nearby objects.