Not Giving Up, Yet

I have come dangerously close to giving up on my photography, and might still do it.  I have gotten frustrated in that I haven’t found the kinds of things that I am happy photographing, and I’m not sure what would satisfy me.  Mostly I have been just testing or trying out different ideas, different cameras, etc.

I have been changing my mind day by day as to what to do about it.  Yesterday I was ready to give up, but this morning I thought some more about it.  Since I have limited things to photograph here on campus that I can post on my blog, I have been concentrating on finding a camera and lens that I might most like to use and then going out to see how versatile it might be if I switched to it.  This morning I realized that there is one more combination of camera-lens that I haven’t been using recently.  They are actually the best that I currently own, but I have not been using them recently for some reason.  That combination is the Olympus E-M5 III camera with the Panasonic 35-100mm F2.8 lens.

While I might find things to photograph with this different combination, it is not enough.  I need to double-down on finding a subject, purpose, idea, intent, or reason that gets me out looking for and finding images, even if it is only making an assortment of images that I like for their colors, mysteries, or emotions.   I’m just not sure that images like these will do anymore.   

This renewed thrust on my part is going to take time and what I show in my blog is dependent upon what I do.  For example, if I concentrate on the activities at Homewood, many are not appropriate for my blog.  In addition, if I concentrate upon my personal memories and thoughts, many of those are also not appropriate for a blog.  What I’m saying, is that it might not be my photography that gets diminished as much as my blogging does.

Battle with Crows

We put our trash out in bags.  After we do that, the crows make the rounds and poke holes in the bags as they look for anything to eat.  They usually do that when the bag is on the ground and they can sit on the ground to tear holes in the bags and pull stuff out.  I have been experimenting to see if putting the bag in a small cart slows them down.  So far it seems to be helping, but it would take a closed container to fully stop them.  At least it was fun to photograph this one through my window.

Eye Candy


I made these when we were having nice weather.  I still believe that such images are not representative of the times and that if all I/we show are nice colorful images that we are just trying to convince ourselves and fool others into not thinking about our decaying environment from social cultures to education system to health systems to democracy to natural resources to climate, etc.  Real life is not so pretty.

We are Responsible

200526-060314-JEH20The image is no accident.  It was deliberate as I try to figure out where my photography is going.  It is all a blur these days and I am responsible for its future.

Life is no accident.  Nature is evolving continuously; but isn’t it true that all now is the result of man.  Man has been changing nature day by day, altering what happens at each step now.  Everything is changed by everything else.  All things, all actions, are connected and man has disrupted the natural ecosystems.   

Covid-19 as we know it and its impacts are an example. The output of its actions are all strongly influenced by man, whether we wear our masks and physically distance ourselves, etc. 

Man now affects everything that happens.  Man, and what was done, or not done, is now responsible for our future.  Collectively, and individually, we are all responsible.  We control everything, to varying degrees, through our words, our votes, and actions, or lack of actions.