Ricoh GR II at Gettysburg

I recently acquired a Ricoh GR II camera and since I needed to go to Gettysburg to get a new driver’s license, I took it along and made a variety of test images.  These were all standard color jpegs and I changed some of them to B&W using LR CC after I returned home.

The bottom-line is that I like the camera.  It is small and easy to carry and has excellent image qualities.  It would make a good travel camera to record your memories.  Now, I need to see how I might use the effective 28mm lens.

Small Camera for Small Rosebud


For those of you who are interested in the details, this rose bud is only about 3/8 inch in diameter.  I used an Olympus TG-4 in close-up setting to acquire a jpeg image which I then tweaked in LR CC.  I should probably carry the TG-4 with me more when I’m out and about, but I have something else to compete for pocket space arriving today.



The Dress Factory, the ???, and now The Dance Academy and the Quick Print Center.  I wonder when the original building was built and how many uses it has had over the years?  If I were to get ambitious enough and looked for old pictures and looked up the history of individual buildings, I could put together a book of the history of some of them within Hanover, PA. along with my street views of how they look now.

Another concept for a photo book might be to pick a block and just record the views of it now.  A major problem with these ideas is “what blocks?”, “how many blocks/books?”, “what buildings?”, etc.

Those are ideas if I were interested in history and wanted to take the time to pursue it.  But, that also brings up the question: “Are many people interested in history anymore?”  History seems to be an interest of the past.  Think about that.  How much history is taught in schools now?  Not as much as in the past.  People now seem only to live for the moment.  They give little thought to the past or the future.  Lack of thought about the future gives me a lot more concern.  That is what scares me.

I Interpret Copies


A photograph starts as nothing but a copy of reality; i.e., it looks like it did at a moment in time which is the copying aspect of it … assuming nothing was added or removed.  But, all pictures are interpretations of how it looked through different eyes.  If you are color blind I’m sure you don’t see the way I do.

The first interpretation that is made by a photographer is based on what they decided to photograph.  I tend to photograph almost anything I see.  There isn’t much that is out of bounds other than for privacy reasons.

Some would call this art, but that is a personal thing.  I don’t refer to my pictures as art.  Art is something you create from nothing.  It may be based on what you have seen but in the case of two-dimensional art you started with a blank page.  Pictures aren’t created that way.  They always start from a copy even though they may be altered by adjusting exposure, changing contrast, colors, etc.  Altering a copy doesn’t make it art in my mind.

I am not an artist, nor am I a photographer.  I am a copier.  The only thing different between you and I is what and how we chose to see and show the copy.

Maybe you would prefer an image like the following with lots of grain and no color.  It is still a copy but with a different style of interpretation.


If you aren’t aware.  It is still cool and raining and I’m scratching for ideas.

Dark Reality 1

I am considering several additions to my photography including processing and cameras.  I have always liked the dark side, but I always thought that I would do it in B&W.  Lately I have been experimenting with variations in color.  Some of these images worked better than others.  I will continue to work on it, especially after I get my next camera.