Codorus La Ho Trail

Yes, it is fall and the leaves have started to change, but not great color at this time.  The colors are just starting to turn enough to create variations in the leaves in these B&W images.  Since I was just taking a walk with Marcia and Misty, I wasn’t looking to make images and only took the TG-6 in my pocket. 

Since I am still “on the hunt” for a preferred B&W style I decided to use the few pictures I made along the walk to work them up in a slightly different older style B&W to see how the TG-6 worked in this role.  The camera is easy to carry on walks, but not so easy to use in bright sunlight since the camera has no viewfinder and the LCD washes out badly in sunlight.

When the leaves turn more I might go back with a larger camera and see what I can do in color, but, I rather like working on images in monochrome.

Using my X100V

I’m now back in the mode of thinking about just using my Fuji X100V for the majority of my images.  I like to use it to capture the light and colors on jpeg images straight out of the camera.  I’m using it like it was an interchangeable lens camera with effective prime focal lengths of 35, 50, and 70mm by using the in-camera digital zoom.  I’m also mostly photographing everything at f/2 and riding the continuous exposure control using the front dial.

I even think I might be able to photograph events at Homewood this way but we need to get back to having them again before I can test this idea under various lighting and location conditions, especially since I used to make most of those type of images with a variety of zoom lenses.  At the moment I have the Pentax K-1 II in case I need it for those situations.

Pentax Uncertainties

I have been close to shutting down this blog, until I manage to come up with something different.  If I do that, my intention has been to keep my Fuji X100V camera and keep experimenting with B&W styles while making pictures for myself, and selling the Pentax gear due to lack of a use for it.  But I really like the Pentax system.  Can I find a use for it?

If I keep the Pentax gear, there might be possible uses for the longer Pentax lenses, and I might also use them for some of my B&W styles.  The above are a few trials that I made this morning through the window.

My hope is that I can also use the effective 150mm F2.8 macro lens on the Pentax KP outdoors to make other detail B&W images when the days are dreary, dark, and maybe wet.  I’ll try that this fall even though it is brighter now.  In the past, I would be making colorful images of fall foliage, but it doesn’t look like I will have that opportunity this year.  The last time I made good fall images was in Oct. 2015 in WVa.

The advantages of the Pentax system are the longer focal lengths, image stabilization, weather resistance, and cost.  These are all features that I would need for outdoor images, provided that I can get out and around enough, and that I can find suitable subjects.  I could keep and use the Pentax K-1 Mark II with the 28-105mm FF system for indoors event activities within Homewood, provided we ever have them again, and use the Pentax KP outdoors when I need the longer focal lengths under more questionable conditions.

I would really regret selling my Pentax gear just because I don’t have a use for it.  The solution is to find a use for it.

Much but Nothing Yet

There is a great deal of worry going around, even here at Homewood, but nothing to photograph, yet.  After the so-called debate in the U.S., I heard nothing but worries from those around me.  They are worried about what Trump is doing to the country and what will happen during and after the elections now that he is so widely using his antidemocratic ranting and raving to encourage violence and actions to discredit the very foundation of democracy:  Our right and ability to vote.  I will never understand, or vote for, any republican since they have all enabled him to destroy so much in the U.S. and to turn us against each other in a manner that hasn’t been seen since the Civil War.

What To Do?

It was Teddy Roosevelt who said “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  It seems appropriate for the times.  I know what I have and where I am, and somewhat of an idea of what I can expect to be able to do physically.  The hard part is coming up with ideas of what to do given all of those constraints.

Color Plus

I have been working on B&W styles, but some of my Homewood viewers don’t like them.  They want COLOR, so I thought I’d throw them a bone.  I have a preset that I call Johns Pocalypse.  I tried it on this image and was surprised at the look.  It is super color plus!