This blog represents my impressions, my thoughts, and my opinions as I journey through life.  It is essentially a photo journal of my evolution, my ongoingness.  It is a photographer’s blog about me and my hobby, not a photography blog.  I attempt to publish pictures as often as I can that show everyday life around me as I journey through each day.  When I reach certain points in that journey, I may occasionally expand into other aspects of my life or describe my views on some aspect of photography or anything else that I’m feeling at the time.

I attempt to make pictures of scenes that others didn’t notice.  Maybe they couldn’t be there at that moment, or maybe they didn’t notice as they passed by, or maybe their vision wasn’t tuned the same as mine.

In addition, just like with my pictures, everything I say is not meant to be balanced in the sense that what I say does not always represent both sides of an issue.  They usually don’t.  I try to show a view, or perspective that I feel is under represented, has been overlooked, or was buried by those who are pushing a different agenda, perspective, or view.

But, mostly I just like to make pictures.  I use the word “make” vs. “take” to inform you that I use photographic software to enhance the emotion or view as I see it and feel it when necessary.  I get my enjoyment from making and processing images during my continual seeking of things to photograph that are different from standard “snapshots”.  This has gotten harder and harder since I have not been traveling internationally or going to many different places since 2011, especially while staying home during the covid-19 pandemic.


  1. Photo A Day

    Excellent purpose. My approach is similar. I shoot everyday. That means most day’s I’m photographing things most people just pass by. It certainly helps me see.


  2. maltena

    Great to see someone using art as a way to express their emotions, opinions, experiences, etc. Not many photographers out there who have this as their purpose. Good on you!


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