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I thought I would update those who have been following my problems with my hands.  For those who haven’t, my right fingers get very cold, turn white, and then numb when I hold a heavy camera a long time and when I use my computer and the touch pad.  My arthritis also causes my hands to get stiff and ache.

My latest attempt to remediate the issue has been to use the Apple mouse, but not exclusively.  I switch back and forth between using the touchpad with either my left or right hand and with using the mouse.  This seems to help more than anything else I have tried for using my computer, which I do a lot.  Using the Fujifilm cameras and prime lenses helps considerably for when I take pictures.

Fall Apples


Fall is coming here.  It is my favorite time of the year, but I had to think about if that will continue.  I am getting to dislike cold weather more each year, and after all, fall is the harbinger of cold weather.  I like the colors, smells and food (apple cider, apple pie, pumpkin pie, etc.), but not the cold.

I took the above picture at the Neas House yesterday when the temperature was in the 60s.  Today it was 40 degrees F. when I walked Misty early.  Before long it will frost, and then I’ll not like it much longer.