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Canon G3 X jpegs

I am continuing to evaluate what I might be able to do with the Canon G3X.  Yesterday I looked closely at using the raw files vs. the jpegs.  Basically, I found no reason not to just use the jpegs and I now have the camera set to record jpeg only images.

All the above are jpeg images that I have played with using various alterations with LR.  I used the camera zoomed all the way out to 600mm since that seems to be the focal length that I prefer when walking around.  I wanted to make sure that it recorded red colors accurately, which it does.  In addition to looking at the color files I also wanted to see how much manipulation the monochrome conversions could sustain, including upsizing.

Hanover, PA 170412

There is a big difference between these images of Hanover and those of the preceding set.  I used a smaller sensor with an effective 24-600mm zoom lens to make this series of pictures.  I like the compressed perspective so I may continue with this camera and lens.  My concern about using long focal lengths and compressed perspective is that isn’t how normal people going through Hanover would see it.  It is going to be a continuing issue for me.  One of my favorite photographers, Saul Leiter used a 150mm lens to make some of his most liked images.  Something around an effective 150mm may also work better for me if I decide to make compressed images up closer on the street.