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Seasons Celtic Entertainers

The Seasons Celtic Nu-Folk Music Group entertained us at Homewood at Plum Creek Monday evening.  They are good and play the kind of music I like so I went to listen rather than take pictures; but I had my Canon G7X Mk II camera in my pocket, so I tried it just for fun.  It has a one-inch sensor and I haven’t ever considered it good enough for taking pictures in the Omni Room.  It wasn’t as good as my Fujifilm cameras and lenses, but it surprised me in how well it performed so I thought I would show you the results.

I stored the raw files and then processed them in LR using the camera monochrome to make the version I’m showing above.  Another factor in their quality for me to consider is that I was sitting in the back row.  Even using the zoom lens of the camera, I had to crop to get the narrower images.  I’m now wondering how the jpeg files would have worked.  Maybe I’ll try them some time.

By the way, the following is the same as the first image but in color in case you wondered about the colors.


Raw for B&W & Changeability

Earlier I mentioned that I was only taking jpeg color images with the Canon G7X II.  I did this early since I found that the jpeg color images were as good or better than what I was getting using raw to make color pictures with the Canon.  I have since changed.  I am now only making raw files with the Canon if I use it while out walking.  I have changed to raw so that I can make better B&W images.  I have more latitude to tweak the files and thus I can try to make better B&W images if I desire.

I also only save raw files with my Fujifilm cameras now.  I like the in camera ACROS images but using the raw files gives me more latitude to go beyond ACROS if I want for B&W as well as make color images.  I can also adjust the “colors” to create different B&W images with different tone control than just using the LR version of ACROS, but still use ACROS if I prefer.

PS, I used the G7X II to make these images as I am thinking more about how to make images to better portray this new wet world I’m living in.  The question is, what will this year be like?  Will it be another of the wettest years on record here in Hanover, PA or will it shift to one of the driest years on record?  It is going to be hard to get accustomed to a warmer global climate and the less predictable wilder wider swings in the weather.

A New Dawn Arises

I like the Canon G7X II, but I prefer my three Fujifilm cameras.  I am selling the Olympus TG-5 since it doesn’t compete against the others except for being the smallest waterproof camera and I really have little to no need for that.  I also rejected upgrading my iPhone since I don’t like the ergonomics for photography.  I show an image of the iPhone 6, G7X II, TG-5, and the X100F below so you can see the differences in size.  The G7X II is to replace my Olympus TG-5 and Leica D-Lux 6 (sold earlier), as well as an older TG-4 that was still in my camera drawer.  I hope I will not have to use it much since it is more like an insurance camera in case I don’t have a Fuji with me or in case my hands get worse.


I plan to use the Fujifilm cameras (I have the X-T2 and the X-E3 in addition to the X100F) from a purest and quality and enjoyment perspective.  So far, I am finding that the G7X II is a better camera than I expected, but I like the controls and the image quality of the Fujifilm system better.  The Fuji images have more character and are more fun to process from raw files, so for now, the Canon G7X II will be in the drawer in reserve.

More Tests with Canon G7X II


It was still wet and dreary outside, but I was anxious to see how the Canon files held up to some of my normal processing that I use for flowers.  Since we don’t have flowers this time of the year, I made this image of a rose leaf from an in-camera jpeg.  To make this I had to crop  and then increase the size to make this.  So far, I’m quite pleased with the Canon sensor and lens output after a little help from LR Classic.  It doesn’t get as close as the TG-5 for extreme macro images but with more megapixels and the better lens I can crop more with the Canon.

For those who wonder, the “P” mode chose ISO 125, f/4, and 1/80 sec. but I had the exposure dialed to -1.3 at a focal length of 9.78mm in macro mode.  I then processed the jpeg in LR to increase the contrast and clarity and pulled the blacks down.  The out-of-camera jpeg was as shown below before I worked on it.


Later the sun finally came out, but it was windy when I took the camera out to see how the camera’s images looked in the distance.  The following are out of the camera jpegs that were loaded into LR for evaluation, but I made no changes to them.  The first image below was around the widest focal length.  The next below was zoomed in.  The third image is a crop of the second that has also been upsized to 2100 pixels wide from 1695 pixels.  I don’t see any problems with this 4.2x zoom lens under these conditions.  It is way superior to the small sensor and lens of the Olympus TG-5 camera.  I like the resolution of this one-inch sensor and lens.

Rain Again

Every photographer knows that the chances of rain go up every time you want to test a new camera.  I’m trying a Canon G7X II this morning and it has been raining.  I made these images through my window with the Canon, but I take a lot of test pictures this way, so it is still a good check for my cameras.

So far it is looking good for the chances that it will be my new pocket walkabout camera.  I have already compared raw files against in-camera jpegs.  I test them by seeing how hard it is to adjust the raw files to match the jpegs and by also pushing the sliders in LR Classic to the limits on both to see the differences in being able to make adjustments.  I have decided to just use jpegs.

The above are crops from the original jpegs and the first picture has been upsized to achieve this displayed size.  As I noted, I made these through a double pane window, so it isn’t the way to expect the best.  I’ll be making more tests and letting you know my thoughts after I take it out for a walk.