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I have still been taking my small pocket camera with me when I walk and occasionally using it to make images like above.  But, I have also been missing using my micro 4/3 cameras for such walks and I might go back to carrying one of them with me when I walk.  One reason I haven’t, other than they are larger and heavier, is that I enjoy having the increased depth of field when making some images like above.  In the meanwhile, I expect that I will dither back and forth with different styles until I get my prints and take a broader overall assessment of what I want to do.

Trying Something Else

I am in the process of making several changes in my photography.  These changes are in my camera gear, what I photograph, and for whom I photograph.  One change is that I am shifting into photographing people more than before; and it is going to have an impact on my blog.

Before I acquired my current cameras and lenses, I used Fujifilm gear.  While doing that I got the idea that I needed to go with longer focal length lenses in order to increase my opportunities.  Since the Fujifilm long zoom lenses were large and heavy, I switched to micro 4/3 gear.  Those cameras were a compromise based on the fact that I hadn’t been making many pictures indoors at Homewood events.

After Canon developed the 40X zoom small sensor pocket camera, the SX720 HS, I acquired one … again with the idea that it would increase my opportunities since I could easily carry it with me.  I also found that it worked for making images in and around town.  I especially liked the fact that it had a very long reach in capability and that it didn’t attract much attention.  Since I like lots of colorful details that are compressed in street images similar to above and in previous posts, I hope to use it more deliberately to get more people images in public places … images with compression and superposition of odd objects and colors.  The above are some of my test images as I was formulating my ideas.  I still have to implement it with better compositions.

At about the same time that I started thinking about how I might photograph people on the streets of Hanover, I was asked to take some more pictures for Homewood … images that I can’t use in my blog due to privacy concerns.  Making those images made me realize how much practice I need in photographing people.  It is something that I have done little of since I mostly make pictures for my blog.  I then decided that the best way to get practice is to go back to photographing events here at Homewood.  After some discussions with members of the staff, I decided to try and make lots of images that portray all of the many things there are to do at Homewood.  But I rapidly determined that my micro 4/3 cameras are no longer ideal for such images.  I am therefore going to look into replacing at least some of them with the Fujifilm X-E2s.

I have chosen the Fujifilm X-E2s to try first since I like the way Fuji images work with people in many ways.  First the quality of the pictures of people taken with it are better than with the smaller sensor micro 4/3 cameras.  Second, I have grown to prefer “range finder style” cameras vice DSLR style cameras, and third I think the size and weight of the X-E2s with the 18-55mm lens is almost identical to the Olympus E-M5ii with the Panasonic 12-35mm lens.  If this is true (I haven’t received the Fujifilm gear yet), I will have increased image quality in low light that is better at no increase in system size and weight.  Another thing that I am hoping for is suitable image quality with less work on my part while processing them.

To keep the weight and cost of the Fuji system down to a manageable level, I don’t plan to acquire many lenses and I don’t plan to get long focal length lenses.  I may limit them to the 18-55mm zoom lens and one prime lens … either the 18mm, 27mm, or 35mm lens, but most likely a 35mm lens.  That will mean that I will only be using the Canon SX720 HS camera for my long focal length images.

This is getting long, so I better get to the bottom line which is: it is very likely that I won’t have as many pictures to post in my blog and thus I won’t be posting as frequently.  I could easily take pictures everyday of Homewood events, crafts, etc. since there are so many.  In addition, I could be making lots of pictures.  On one-day last week I managed to take over 400 pictures of Homewood activities.  It takes me a lot of time to take the pictures and  longer to select and process them.  Considering that I am getting older and that I have other things to do and that even I get tired of taking and processing pictures on the computer, I will not be posting as often.


Some people like blur images.  I tried this one with the Canon SX720 while photographing at ISO 800 and a shutter speed of 1/400 sec at an effective focal length of 720 mm.  They are easy to make at maximum zooms.  Sometimes it is hard to not make them. 🙂


One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus are a style. – Anonymous

B&W Conversion of jpeg Images

This is a picture that I made quickly while walking and it didn’t work well originally as shown in color above.  The color version is the jpeg straight out of the camera.  As you can see there was a wide spread between light and dark with lack of details in both areas.  Since I was curious as to how the image would respond to adjustments, I used Silver Efex Pro 2 and one of my presets to convert it to monochrome.  I am pleased.  As you can see it brought out the details in both the bright and dark areas and balanced the lighting more favorably.  Now, I need to work on compositions and make more monochrome images with the little Canon SX720 HS.

I haven’t been taking pictures with the iPhone6 since I got the small Canon except for the following picture where I used the iPhone6 with the same above Silver Efex Pro 2 conversion.  Note the size of the Canon when it is off and you will see why it is always in my pocket.   It is longer when zoomed out to max.  See that picture by clicking here.


Strawberry Moon during the Summer Solstice


Just for fun I put the Canon SX720 HS camera on a tripod and shot the moon.  I used manual mode with ISO 80, 172 mm (effective 720 mm (?)), f/6.9, and 1/8 sec. shutter.  My biggest problem was with focusing.  I left it in auto focusing and there were clouds moving across the scene.  I should have used manual focusing as well.  The picture isn’t great if you look closely, but you can’t expect much under those conditions with such a small sensor in a travel zoom camera.

If you wish to know about why it is called a strawberry moon you can read it by clicking here.