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Crop-Zoom Check of Canon RP

While trying the Canon RP camera with the Canon RF 24-105mm f4-7.1 lens, I made the above when the sun came out a little.  The original picture is a camera jpeg with some slight tweaks that was 6240 x 4160 pixels in size.  I then cropped a portion down to a size of 1474 – 983 pixels, and then increased the size with software to 2100 x 1400 pixels which is my normal size for publishing on my blog.

I made the original image at a focal length of 105mm which is the maximum range I have with this lens.  Since many of my scenes require a longer focal length than 105mm, I wanted to see how well this camera-lens combination would crop in closer.  The two below are two more examples of crop-zooming and then enlarging.

Considering a Path to Less

200615-085841-JEH20My photography has slowly been evolving.  By this I mean, I have run out of new locations and things to photograph.  To counter that loss, I have been trying to process the same things that I have photographed over and over in different ways; i.e. monochrome.

Due to these changes, my desire is to rationalize my gear, cameras and lenses, etc., to better fit the realities for now and the future.  As a result I am going to revisit whether or not micro 4/3 gear is right for me.  I chose micro 4/3 systems multiple times in the past for the smaller and lighter lenses and cameras. I also found that I could make better images in low light at the focal lengths needed when I made Homewood images inside the Omni room, at a price and weight I could handle, with faster micro 4/3 lenses.  I haven’t needed to do that in the last year and I doubt that I will do much of that in the coming year.

Based on the above considerations, I am investigating switching to a Canon full frame mirrorless system.  I am merging adapting to the above concerns with the desire to reduce the amount of gear that I have.  I still have this desire to get down to one camera system and as few lenses as necessary.

Some of my concerns that I will be checking are:  Do I really need a focal length greater than 105mm?  Can I use a Canon RP to replace my Olympus PEN-F and E-M5 III?  What lenses would I need?  Can I also replace the Pentax KP with a Canon RP camera? 

First off, I do like the Canon standard jpeg colors as shown below.  I also like the close enough focusing of the 24-105mm lens.