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Early in Downtown Hanover on a Rainy Saturday

I have been working on extending my photography.  Ideally I would like to extend it towards new subjects, but short of that I have been working on extending the times I photograph.  That is why you have been seeing a few more pictures taken before the sun rises.  I took the above pictures in downtown Hanover, PA in the rain and in the early morning darkness.

I have gotten to the point where I am comfortable with my camera settings and the image quality for this type of light; but I still need to work on finding suitable compositions.  I also would like to “get closer” and create some more expressionistic or abstract images in this type of light.  This will require occasionally getting out of the car and walking about in the dark and wet and cold in the off hours.  So far, while working on camera settings, etc. I have mostly taken the pictures from inside the car.

I liked the images of the people going through the market door; therefore, I am thinking of getting more similar pictures and creating a series of them.

All was Quiet

It was 49 degrees F. and raining lightly; i.e., an ideal time for me to try to make some pictures in a style that is growing on me.  I went out this morning between 6 and 7 am to work on my technique, etc.  An added benefit was that it was quiet with no one else out where I live.  The pool and the exercise rooms were empty, but the lights were on.  I guess that these pictures are telling me that the rest of the people living here have more sense that I and were still snug in their beds.

For those who are curious, I used my weather resistant Pentax K-3 with the 18 – 135 mm lens.  All of the pictures were taken at an ISO of 6400 at apertures of 4.5 or 5.6; i.e., wide open for this lens at the focal lengths I used.  I was also using a -1 dialed in for exposures and took all the images in raw format and then tweaked the WB and noise reduction in development.

Abstract Accident

I am not sure how I managed to take the first picture or what the camera recorded.  When it first appeared on my computer monitor I found it to be interesting.  Maybe it is some form of abstract photography.  I then started thinking, what if I wanted to make more pictures that were similar?  Could I do it?  The second and third were taken in a manner that I thought would work and in a manner that might explain how/why the first was made.

I doubt if many/any of you like it, but it has started me thinking of how to use the technique along with some other scenes that might produce some images that I like.  Maybe it will lead to something else and maybe not.

Early Morning Color

There is a reason behind these images, as well as others recently.  I used my pocket LF1 at the extreme equivalent 200 mm end of the zoom in less than perfect light to make these images.  I have something I hope to try to generate more pictures when the days get shorter so I have been exploring a different approach.  If I am successful you should be seeing the results this coming winter.  If not, well I failed and will move on to try other things.