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Friday’s Morning Walk

I had no pictures for today so I stuck my GR in a pocket as I walked down to the two stores to do some inventory and place an order for a Monday delivery.  The above pictures are just a few of the things I saw along the way.  It is a cool and dreary fall day.

So far I am enjoying only having a fixed 28 mm lens with me when I go about Homewood.  It is nice and light and I can carry it in my pocket.  The only things around here that I won’t be able to photograph with it are pictures of wildlife up close and pictures taken from the rear of the Omni room.  For everything else I can get close enough.

Fall Winds

Fall Winds

We have had lots of wind and most of the leaves have already blown off of the trees, so I thought I better get a picture of the remaining leaves on a tree behind our Villa before they are also gone.  I wanted to try to capture the sense of wind and color so I took this image with a shutter speed of ¼ sec.

Starting to Turn

130924-110158_Plum Creek

The effects of fall are dependent upon how dry it has been.  While we had a wet spring and early summer, it has been dry for the last month.  This means that the predominant colors now are brown and yellow, as you have seen in earlier post.  I read one article the other day which expressed the opinion that all the shallow rooted plants would be brown and yellow but that we should have a second phase when it gets cooler and the days get shorter.  This second phase will be when the deeper rooted trees turn color.  If the article was correct, this second phase should be more colorful.  Maybe the above picture is indicative of the start of this second phase … at least I hope so.