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Early Light on the SunPatiens


While I’m pondering what lenses to get and thinking about what I’ll be able to do with them, I stepped out this morning and took a picture with the Leica X2.  It doesn’t focus close but I was able to crop the image to get the above.  These flowers are only about an inch across and since I’m concerned about being able to get pictures of flowers in the future with a normal prime lens I experimented on them.


Morning Chores

The first two pictures are from, or nearby, the fish pond across from therapy, the honeysuckle is growing wild along Plum Creek by the middle bridge, and the Clementis is growing on our mail box.

I was walking across the campus to take care of one of my volunteer chores yesterday morning when I took these pictures.  I hadn’t intended on taking any pictures but I had the X2 in my bag so I stopped when I noticed these scenes.

Leaves & Flowers with a Leica X2

My interests in seeing how much use I can get out of a fixed 35 mm (equivalent) lens pushed me to try using the Leica X2 to get close-ups of flowers, etc.  The problems with using such a camera this way are that it doesn’t focus as close as I would like nor does it always focus quickly on the object I chose.  With those short-falls in mind, I experimented to see what I could get.  The above are some results using an aperture of F2.8 as close as I could get it to focus.  I then cropped some to get these images.  Keep in mind that some of these flowers are small.

Sell This?

150323-124624_Plum Creek

I have been thinking about selling several of my cameras, including the camera and lens I used to take this picture earlier today.  I used my micro 4/3 Olympus E-PL5 to take this picture with the Olympus 17 mm lens.  The camera was resting on the ground and I used the tilted LCD to compose the picture.

I couldn’t have taken this picture in this manner with any of my other cameras nor any that I have thought about getting to replace what I’m selling.  I am now rethinking about what to sell and buy.

Hanging On

141103-142451_Plum Creek

A few flowers are hanging on.  We haven’t had a hard freeze yet.  Like the flowers, I have been hanging on and seeing a physical therapist and trying to build a plan for exercising more this coming winter.  I need to establish a better routine and get into a habit of doing certain exercises to help me keep functioning with my deteriorating back.

An equal concern of mine is finding a new routine for continuing my photography.  I need to find some new things to photograph as well as some processing styles that are different and interesting.  In the interim I have been photographing whatever I see as I go through the day.  Since this isn’t very interesting I will keep trying to come up with other things.

It has been tough for me to accept that I can’t find something every day and that I probably won’t be able to publish something every day; but I will try to do something as often as I can.  One of the things I need to figure out is the appropriate break point between photographing anything on a daily basis vs. finding more meaningful things less often.

Olympus 25 mm F1.8 Lens

I got a new lens yesterday, the Olympus 25 mm F1.8.  The above are my first pictures with it.  Based on these images I can say that I like how fast it focuses, how close it focuses, how sharp it is, and how I like the color, clarity, etc.  It will be a fine lens for flowers as long as I can get up close.  These were taken either in our yard or the neighbor’s yard.  I think most of these images are slight crops of the original but that works fine.