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Lonely Bird


The sky was orange in the east this morning and since I have been thinking about alternatives for enabling my photography of more things, I put the XF 55 – 200mm lens on the X-T2 and made a picture of the horizon.  It wasn’t until I had the picture on my computer and cropped into the center section that I noticed this bird.

My conclusion is that I may need to continue using this lens and making photographs of distant details.  I have no desire to carry the lens far, but I need to do everything possible to continue making a variety of images and using a longer lens is one way to do this.  My problem is that using this camera and lens is counter to what I most like to use.  I prefer to just use my X100F camera, but my subject matter for images using it to make images for my website is limited.  If I am going to continue with long focal lengths, the next issue is, what could I do with an XF 100 – 400mm lens?  Could I carry and hold it?  It weighs about three pounds and is not cheap.

I’ll think about my situation a little longer.  At the moment I am conflicted about two alternatives.  One, use a wide variety of lenses and try to photograph a wider variety of things, scenes, etc.  Two, challenge myself to just use the X100F with the effective 35mm focal length and see what I can find image wise.  Which one would be more fun and give me more images to show and write about?

Different Approach


Last night I used a different approach for taking pictures with my Fujifilm gear.  I used the X100F rather than the X-T2 with the 18-55mm zoom lens.  With the X100F I set the aperture to F2 and the shutter speed to 1/60 sec. and let the ISO float automatically.

My reason for photographing in this manner was to keep warmer and safer while using just one hand for the camera.  I carried the X100F on a short strap around my neck, wore a warm glove on my left hand which held my cane, and kept my right hand in a pocket without a glove.  When I wanted to take a picture, I used my right hand to lift the camera, turn it on, and hold it out to the limits of the strap using the LCD to compose.  The strap stretched taut acted along with my right arm as sort of a tripod to keep the camera stable.

I could have used my X-T2 with a 23mm prime lens in the same manner but the X100F is lighter and easier to carry and hold in the above manner.  If there is a next time, I might carry both the X100F and the X-E3 with the 18mm prime lens, but that gets more complicated with heavy clothes and two cameras hanging around my neck.


These pictures are the front of the Community Center in Homewood at Plum Creek.

Jazz with X100F

Last evening, I went to the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center to hear some jazz music in the Conservatory.  It was all holiday songs done in jazz style and it was quite delightful.  I listened to the Dave Stahl Quintet perform the music as I have never heard it done before.  They are probably the best musicians that Hanover ever sees.

I carried the Fujifilm X100F along with me in a small bag just in case I wanted to make a few images for memories sake.  If I had really wanted to make better images, I would have taken another camera with other lenses and then stood in the back of the room where I would have been able to hold a camera up higher and capture all five of the musicians.  The room is small, and the audience was probably no more than 50 people, but the room was full, and the beer and wine and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

All Fujifilm, with the X100F

I decided to go with just Fujifilm cameras and lenses and added the X100F camera to my X-T2 and X-E3 cameras.  The X-T2 is my main go-to camera for photographing events at Homewood at Plum Creek and the X-E3 is my back-up to it as well as my second camera when I’m working with two cameras with different lenses.

I went back to the X100F for my “most likely to carry camera.”  I would like to replace my pocket cameras, the Leica D-Lux 6 (sold) and the Olympus TG-5 with the X100F.  I’m still hanging onto the TG-5 until I see if I can do without it.

I prefer using just my three Fuji cameras since they have the same sensors, use the same batteries, and have similar controls.  While the X100F has far superior image quality to the TG-5, it doesn’t have the same pocket-ability or the focal range or the macro ability.

The X100 series cameras were always my “desert island” choice if I could only have one camera, but it is too limiting for some of my event photography and doesn’t have the weather resistance that I sometimes need, thus why I have the X-T2.  Occasionally when I’m walking with only the TG-5 someone suggests I take a picture inside a building when the light isn’t good enough.  Having the X100F will allow me to make such pictures.

Lately I have been getting reacquainted with the single 23mm (effective 35mm) lens’ focal length of the X100F.  I used it to make the photos in the previous five posts.  Saturday morning, I used the X100F to make the above photos of Venus and the moon.  Only Venus is in the first image, but both the moon and Venus are in the other two.  Do you see them?  They represent the distant end of the camera’s fixed focal length limitations for field of view and resolution; but I find that with my current interests in photography that the effective 35mm focal length is a great compromise.

I also sometimes feel like I might be using the X100F more and more as I get older.  It is a “getting old thing” as a result of arthritis, bad back, etc.  For that and the fact that I love the X100F, I have been thinking more and more about altering my photography to fit the format of a fixed effective 35mm focal length camera/lens; but for now, it is more of a challenge and learning opportunity to see how much I can do with it.