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Times are Changing

Four years ago when I moved here they were plowing snow from our roads in October.  This year it was 55 degrees and foggy when I took a walk this morning at 7 am in December to make these pictures.  They are predicting that this December will be the hottest on record.  From the way the birds were singing this morning I think they believe spring has arrived.

In addition to the changing global climate with the wild swings in our weather, our politicians are equally wild and the outcomes could be worse than the climate ones, at least in the short-term, with global debt on the increase.

Since I moved here, I have tried close to a dozen different cameras.  Now I am only using one main camera plus a small pocket WP one and I’m not interested in another camera until the image quality of a smaller and lighter camera improves.  In this last year I bought more photography books than cameras.

I moved here with a desktop computer with a 22-inch monitor.  I then replaced it with a 17-inch laptop, and now I have replaced that PC with a MacBook Pro with only a 13-inch monitor.  I am still feeling my way through the changes in processing my pictures on such a small screen, but I think it is going to work just fine.  If not, I can add a larger monitor later.

As I get older and the future becomes less certain, I am changing and trying to minimize my actions as well as my stuff.

Leaves & Flowers with a Leica X2

My interests in seeing how much use I can get out of a fixed 35 mm (equivalent) lens pushed me to try using the Leica X2 to get close-ups of flowers, etc.  The problems with using such a camera this way are that it doesn’t focus as close as I would like nor does it always focus quickly on the object I chose.  With those short-falls in mind, I experimented to see what I could get.  The above are some results using an aperture of F2.8 as close as I could get it to focus.  I then cropped some to get these images.  Keep in mind that some of these flowers are small.

Rainy Night

It was a cold dreary rainy night last night.  These are just a few images that I used to try some different adjustments on.  I am thinking about making more similar images this coming year.

These images, as well as the pictures of the sun in the previous post are part of what I call abstracts.  I refer to them as abstracts since they have been altered and are bits of what others might take a picture of.

All was Quiet

It was 49 degrees F. and raining lightly; i.e., an ideal time for me to try to make some pictures in a style that is growing on me.  I went out this morning between 6 and 7 am to work on my technique, etc.  An added benefit was that it was quiet with no one else out where I live.  The pool and the exercise rooms were empty, but the lights were on.  I guess that these pictures are telling me that the rest of the people living here have more sense that I and were still snug in their beds.

For those who are curious, I used my weather resistant Pentax K-3 with the 18 – 135 mm lens.  All of the pictures were taken at an ISO of 6400 at apertures of 4.5 or 5.6; i.e., wide open for this lens at the focal lengths I used.  I was also using a -1 dialed in for exposures and took all the images in raw format and then tweaked the WB and noise reduction in development.

Stained Glass Window in the Chapel

140813-140548_Plum Creek-Edit

There is a window high up on the wall of the Chapel here in Homewood at Plum Creek.  It is high and hard to get close enough to see the details, so I decided to take a picture of it.  Since I didn’t have something high to stand on, I took it at an angle from down below and then corrected the perspective to get a proper view.  I just thought that some might like to see it as it was meant to be seen.

Tour of Baummer Sawmill

I toured the Baummer Sawmill here in Hanover, PA with the Men’s Group from Homewood at Plum Creek.  It is a very interesting place.  Their primary business is recovering old lumber from barns and then turning it into beautiful flooring, etc.  I am showing you a few of my pictures from our tour as they showed us how they cut old logs and mill the boards into flooring.  If you are interested in the business you can read more about it on their website by clicking here.  I will post another set of pictures later showing the old pre-civil war house that they are restoring

Mid-Morning Snow Clearing Update at Plum Creek

I took a walk down to the Community Center.  All of their sidewalks, parking areas, and roads were clear and treated.  The grounds crew has done a great job.

I can’t say as much about the contractor who clears the Villa area.  We still have one lane roads in areas, driveways only partly cleared, and the main sidewalks and paths have not been touched.  Fire hydrants are buried.  The contractor is woefully understaffed and ill-equipped.  They need snow blowers.   I talked to one young guy who said he had shoveled for 24 hours.

The last picture is of the front of our Villa.  That is the window that I often take pictures through.  At the moment I mainly have a view of a snow pile.