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Each Day is a New Start, Embrace Change


I expect that my blogging and photography will slow down or stop for intervals as I make some changes.  I need to rework my stored files, make some structural changes in my filing system, etc. since my computer is getting full.  At the same time I’m working on those problems I will be changing my backup system.  I might also try some new hardware and/or software.

I haven’t decided how yet, but after I get the files restructured I hope to spend some time simplifying and restructuring my photography.  I will be getting the Fujifilm 35 mm f/1.4 lens this week and I want to try some different things with it.

This time of the year is also my busiest time as I have a lot of routine medical examinations, and other things to do which interfere with my normal routines.

Don’t forget that change is the only constant in this world and my efforts are ever-changing.  Sometimes the changes are gradual and sometimes they are drastic and sometimes they come in spurts between periods of quiet; so don’t be surprised if my blog goes unchanged for periods and my posting becomes more intermittent.

Scenes from Codorus State Park

A group of us from Homewood at Plum Creek took a trip to Codorus PA State Park on 29 Aug 2013 to ride on pontoon boats and to have a picnic afterwards.  I took many pictures of the event but I thought that, for now, in my blog I would only show you a few pictures of some of the scenes within the park.

Dark Places


I have to be careful with my dark pictures.  They can sometimes be like quicksand in that the deeper I go the greater the pull.  I like dark pictures but I don’t want them to be depressing … just a little mysterious.

I took the above picture from the train the other day.  It was pretty dark down there below the tracks, even thought it was a pretty bright, but cloudy day … but not as dark as I’m showing it.

One of the reasons for my switching from the NEX-6 to the X-E1 is for a difference in image quality at low light levels.  Another is the improved ease in quickly adjusting the settings to capture images like the above.

Hopefully I won’t get too carried away with my dark styles … some already think that it is awfully dark down deep in my soul. 🙂

Fog … LX7

I took my Panasonic Lumix LX7 with me this morning when I was walking Misty.  It fits in a jacket pocket so I plan to try to take it with me when I’m out.    It will take a while to use it under different conditions before I pass final judgment, but so far, I like it.

I like the fog since it helps me simplify my compositions by eliminating the extractions in the background.  One of my goals this year is to try to simplify some of my compositions and I need all the help I can get since I find that most scenes in Hanover are quite cluttered.  From what I have been able to determine so far, it will either be a matter of taking pictures in fog, removing objects in my images, or taking close-ups of small details.

The following pictures are quick copies of the images with little tweaking.  I will probably work on them some more later.