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Water Line Break

We have had a series of recent water line breaks.  In the first picture you can see that the first one was in the near area that is now surrounded by orange plastic and the current one is on the other side of the backhoe at the far end of the lot.  When I walked down there, I found these two guys down in a hole replacing a broken section.  After the pipe is repaired it looks like they are going to have to repair the parking lot paving and sections of it have lifted and might be undermined.

I made these pictures with the Leica D-Lux 6 which I had in my jacket pocket.  The spread between the dark shadows and bright sun was severe and I was surprised in how well I could bring out the details from the shadows and dial down the highlights from the little sensor’s raw files using LR Classic.  I was also pleased with the colors from the camera.

Dog Walking Realism

Just for fun, and to make a point, I took a bunch of pictures this morning when I walked Misty around 6:45 am.  I was really interested in seeing what I would capture using the Leica D-LUX-6 without me doing any tweaking of the images afterwards.  These are as the raw images appeared on my monitor as Adobe standard images and then converted into jpegs and resized for this posting.  It was the only calibration available for this camera in Adobe 7.2.  I wanted to see as the camera did, even including the lens flare as I took pictures looking into the sun, at an approximate equivalent focal length of 100mm.

Colors Yesterday

Just to show you that I also like the colors made with the D-LUX 6.  The first image was still in the morning and the other two were early afternoon.  The first was zoomed in and the next two were wide.  I have been leaving the aspect ratio square for a while since I like it for flowers, etc. and seeing how it works for other views.

This older, used, small sensor point and shoot camera is one of the best such cameras I have used.  I almost want to put it away and not use it just to keep it longer; but, I shipped my Olympus PEN-F back to Olympus for some minor repairs so I might use the D-LUX 6 more for a while as I walk around.

One reminder, I am using the D-LUX 6 raw files along with Adobe LR Classic to process the images, so what you see isn’t what you get straight out of the camera with jpegs.

Back to Fun

When I get tired of lugging even a micro 4/3 camera around, I resort to a favorite pastime of mine which is using the Leica D-LUX 6 to make images like above.  I like to get up close and capture the smaller things with a small camera.  I also like making this style of toned monochromes.

Not Much

There isn’t much happening this time of year, so I have to be content to play with my photography by taking pictures of the same things, but yet do it differently.

I doubt that I will be making any pictures today since the temperature is dropping, it is windy, and cloudy, and rain is on the way.

Evaluating the new Adobe Standards

I am using the new Adobe standards for color and monochrome with my D-LUX 6 little sensor camera.

I am still evaluating the new Adobe settings with my Olympus cameras, but so far, I don’t like the increased sharpness for flowers, etc.  I will probably continue to use in camera jpegs with my Olympus cameras to take advantage of the in-camera noise reduction for my Homewood photography.

Update:  My version of LR 7.3 kept crashing so I reverted back to 7.2.