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Model Railroads


I have been working with the model railroaders as we get the various layouts ready for the holidays.  I have started thinking about lighting, camera and lens settings, etc. and after the layouts are completed I hope to spend some time making pictures of some of the details.

At the same time I have been reducing my cameras and lenses, and before I take the next step I wanted to see how well the Fujifilm X-T1 and the 27 mm lens worked for the layouts.  I had not used this camera and lens before in this manner so I wanted to try it before I made anymore reduction decisions.  It worked just fine.  I am one more step closer to using only one camera.

Sun Sets on One Project and Rises on Others


The sun has set on my longest project of the year.  That was photographing the work of the model railroaders here at Homewood at Plum Creek as they built and prepared their displays for their annual open houses during the holidays.  I finalized that project by creating a video with the images.

The reason that I am mentioning this on my blog is that many of the pictures that I now take are not shown on my blog due to privacy reasons.  This creates a slight dilemma for me since I have less and less time to find and take pictures to display.  While I have already decided to take on another major long-term project from now until the end of the year, and while such projects usually mean fewer pictures for my blog, I am not giving up on my blog.  There will be gaps between posts, but I have some additional ideas in mind for other projects outdoors after it warms up.  If I go forward with them, these might generate some interesting pictures for this blog.

The changing nature of my photography is also having an impact on my cameras and lenses and I hope to be writing about some of those changes as time goes on.  I will also be having more to say in the future about my past purchases of the Canon SL1 and the 24 mm pancake lens.  In addition, I will be mentioning some other pending acquisitions as well as about how the sun is setting on some of my cameras and lenses … maybe on the majority of them.

Plum Creek Model Railroaders Flying High


The plane is flying high over one of five different model train platforms that the Plum Creek Model Railroaders have at Plum Creek.  All five of the platforms will be on display over the holiday season.  The group has been hard at work all year getting ready for their open house and displays to be put into the Community Center and Town Hall lobbies.  Their open house will be in the Farmhouse on 28 November and 20 & 27 December, from 9 am till 12 pm.

I have followed their work for most of the year and have taken lots of pictures to create a photographic record of their work.  More and more of my time has been spent taking pictures of groups and activities at Homewood for use in local TV and publications in-house.   The downside of this is that I have not been acquiring many pictures for my blog since many of my pictures are for internal use only.

Beautiful Art Subjects


It seems that there are always articles on the web that discuss some aspect of beauty, composition, subject matter, art, etc. relative to photography.  One of the more recent ones was:  Love, Beauty, and other Unfortunate Clichés by Guy Tal.

I like these types of articles.  I like beautiful art as much as the average photographer, but I have often stated that I don’t make pictures of beautiful things due to a scarcity of them.  I would love to go and see beautiful places so that I could make the kind of art Guy makes, but I have to look for other things and try to make beautiful pictures of the common, not so beautiful objects.  Is the above a scene of beauty?  I don’t think many would think so, but I still like keeping my eyes open for scenes that interest me.  The above is one I made while I was taking pictures for my model railroader’s project.  My challenge is to find beauty and interest among the common things in life, day by day.

Hands at Work


I haven’t been taking many pictures for my blog since I haven’t seen anything different; but I have taken more pictures of people doing crafts, events, etc. here within Homewood.  The above was taken indoors when I was getting more pictures for my railroader’s project.  They are still building a new portable display which should be completed before the end of the year … including a slide show I hope to make.

Lately I have run out of new ideas for photographing here close to home.  One idea I will hopefully get around to is a project “hands at work” since I can use them in my blog and hands have always been an interest of mine.  I have no shortage of events and activities to photograph here but I am limited in what I can use in my blog due to privacy concerns.

I am also trying to broaden my reading to trigger ideas for future writing and photography.  That is a tough one to pursue since there is often a long lead time between when I start reading different books and then have them result in new ideas for images.  In the meanwhile, I’ll just try to keep my eyes open.