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Let’s just say that if you had stood beside me and took the same pictures with your jpeg only camera, this isn’t what you would have gotten.  I have been working on some new styles for some of my future images from around Hanover.

I am also working on adjustments for different cameras, as well as different locations and times, as I convince myself that I can use different cameras and you won’t be able to tell which one I used; i.e., it isn’t the camera that is most important.  About all that is left, is to go out and get some new pictures!

Through the Windshield in the Dark

I took these pictures with a Canon SL1 and the 24 mm pancake lens.  I used one of the pictures in my last post, but in this series I have adjusted them.  This is the best I could do considering that I hand-held the camera and took the pictures through the wind shield, and don’t remember when it was last cleaned.  They were also taken at 1/30 sec. which I normally consider low.

These types of images are important to me since I like pictures taken in the dark.  In addition I need to be able to take them from the car and shoot with one hand even though I shoot when stopped.  In the future I hope to shoot more from the car on the street, but through an open window.  It looks like it will be easy to hang the camera from a neck strap while I am driving.  I will also be using the Ricoh GR but I lay it in the cup holder when I’m not shooting it.  I think my focal length coverage will be adequate between the two cameras and three different focal length lenses when traveling by, and shooting from, an automobile.

I also converted the last one to monochrome to see how it worked.


Hanover Streets at Night

These are a few more pictures that I took on the streets of Hanover, PA on the night of the ghostly history walk.  I have no problems with the quality of these pictures for use in my blog.  Even the WB was good; but I did tweak some of them for WB to standardize the look.  As we walked around, the temperature color of some of the lights changed and some of the images had a more yellowish look than others.  I thought that the pictures looked like I remembered them, but I decided to take out some of the yellowish cast in a few just to get a more pleasing uniform look to the set.

Hopefully I will make it back outside in the dark and get some more images like these.  I have no plans for any photo walks or drives at this moment so don’t be surprised to see some wide gaps in my posts.  I am pretty much through with experimenting with my cameras so I might be taking less pictures this winter.

PS … did you notice the WV sticker on the back of the white pickup?  It reminds me that I need to get a WV sticker for our Ford Escape.



One of the reasons that I wanted the Pentax K-3 was for use in dark bad weather.  We haven’t had any bad weather since I got it so I just tried it when it was very dark out.  It is a picture of the sky, which you probably don’t find all that interesting, but it captures a style that I am working on.

Dark & Dreary

I am enjoying my attempts to extend my photography into the night, especially when it is raining.  I took the above pictures looking out our bathroom window late at night.  I never envisioned the results.

I was testing my E-PL5 and 17 mm lens under dark conditions.  The window, screen, and outside foliage were wet and back-lit by a street lamp across the way.  I took the pictures using the program mode at ISO 1600, f/1.8, and 1/8 and 1/25 sec. shutter speeds.  I really didn’t expect the camera to focus but it did very quickly.  In addition, the image stabilization did its job since I was hand-holding the camera and snapped the images quickly.

I really like the results and I am encouraged to keep experimenting with more abstract images in the world of the dark and dreary.

Street Photography at Night Riding a Bus

One favorite type of photography is street photography in larger cities.  From what I see on the web it seems to represent a rich, subject intensive, environment.  Since I am not going to be walking such streets, at least at night, I decided to try something different.  I was on the Homewood bus and I decided to see what kinds of images I could get as we returned from York to Hanover.  The above are some of the images I made.

Your first observation should be that they are blurry.  That was OK with me since I wanted to capture the sense of motion and emotion on the street.  I used a Fujifilm X-E1 with the 27 mm f/2.8 pancake lens.  Most of the images were taken at ISO 6400, f/2.8, and 1/20 sec.  Some were slower and a few were faster.  Since I had no image stabilization with this set-up, you would expect to get a lot of motion blur … both due to the moving subjects and due to my bouncing around in the moving bus.

I took the pictures as jpegs and then converted them to B&W inside LR5 with minimal, to no tweaking.  For my initial work with the images, that seemed to work best.  I will display some color images later, but for now I am satisfied with these B&W images and I would like to make some more.  This experience was a good experiment and I have thought of a few things to try differently the next time.