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Plum Creek

After the rain stopped yesterday afternoon I took my E-M1 Mark II with the 14-150mm lens for a walk.  I needed to start getting back in the practice of walking and seeing images.  The above pictures are some of the images I made of Plum Creek.

Later this week I’ll show you some more images that I made on my walk.  Since I walk almost every day over the same small areas, it is hard to make different images unless the weather is different.  Yesterday it was rainy and foggy most of the day; i.e. the kind of day I like for photography.  One of my reasons for going back to micro 4/3 photography was to be able to have a weather resistant system with a longer zoom lens so that I could make images like these.  While I would like to have a lens that goes longer than 150mm, I will probably just use this one and then crop-zoom if necessary; but I’ll also keep thinking about a longer lens.

Typical Conditions with Micro 4/3 Camera

This post is to see what pictures made with a micro 4/3 camera look like that were taken under less than ideal conditions.  I am still experimenting with a used Olympus E-P5 camera and an all-purpose zoom lens, the Olympus 14-150mm 1:4-5.6 II.  This camera/lens combination is a smaller micro 4/3 system, and it doesn’t make as good images as I can get with my better Fujifilm camera and lenses; but is it good enough?  I assumed that with perfect lighting conditions and time to work with them, that pictures made with it would be fine for my blog as well as for various printed outputs.

I thought that as long as I didn’t make pictures inside under poor lighting conditions that I could make micro 4/3 gear work.  But, while walking the other day I made these pictures.  The first two were inside under very poor lighting.  The results surprised me, especially with a lens like this slow zoom lens at the widest aperture.

These results have encouraged me and I have decided to continue with micro 4/3 gear and other lenses, but there will be a delay.  I am going to return this used camera since it has a minor problem that is an irritant for some of my other types of pictures.  I will then have to pick and purchase another camera.

For those who are wondering why I would want a “lesser” camera when I have the excellent Fujifilm X-T2 camera, the answer is weight when using longer focal length lenses.  The micro 4/3 lenses are much smaller and lighter.  If I wish to walk with a longer focal length lens, I need to drop down to a smaller sensor camera system.