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While Marcia is decluttering her closet of clothes that are no longer being worn, I am still evaluating which cameras and lenses I can dispose of, assuming I know what I am going to be photographing, so that I can sell the less needed ones.

Misty was lying in among the clothes on the bed and I had my TG-5 in my hand.  The only issue I really have with that camera is the real slow shutter speeds used in lower light.  In the above example, the shutter speed was only 1/5 sec., and Misty kept moving.  This is the best out of 4 or 5 images I attempted.  It is definitely a camera to be used with more light if the subject is moving.

My issue in eliminating cameras is that I use them all for different things so I am trying to reduce the overlaps and possibly see if there are things that I can just stop photographing.  I can certainly stop using the TG-5 inside but I can’t stop using it outside in the rain or when I want a large depth of field or when I only want to carry a pocket camera, so I will definitely keep this one.  Six more to evaluate and decide what goes as I simplify my photography.

Wet Morning

Wet dark morning at Homewood at Plum Creek when I took Misty out for a very quick, short walk this morning.  Warmer would have been nicer, but it wasn’t too bad with the temperature at 51 degrees F.  My kind of ducky day for a waterproof camera.

Wary Eye


A turtle came to visit us and scratched at the front door, so I grabbed the TG-5 to make a picture.  I like it when scenes that work well in monochrome come to find me.  The colors didn’t add anything to this image.  It definitely worked better without color.  The TG-5 also was a good camera since I was close, the turtle wasn’t moving, and the depth of field was a strong asset.

Flight of the Heron

I made this image using the TG-5 when it was raining lightly, but it was definitely a case where a good DSLR camera and lens would have been better.  The TG-5 tends to use slower shutter speeds and therefore doesn’t do well on moving subjects.  It is not a camera for bringing up quickly, zooming in on and capturing a flying bird.  For those shots I prefer my Pentax K-3.

Today’s Colors in the Rain

My morning task was to see how the TG-5 camera performed in low light and how my current process worked for displaying colors.  My process is optimized for making B&W images that I like, and it tends to warm up and emphasize color saturations due to the contrast settings.  I liked the way it presented the images, but I really need some new scenes.  It was raining pretty good, it wasn’t very bright, and I was photographing through windows.

Later in the morning I took a walk to check on the creek water level.  It was still raining lightly, and I got wet, especially walking on the flooded paths.  With these pictures you can see a little better that the images are dark, and the colors are intense.  I like this for display on digital devices, but they don’t print as well.  I have the camera set to underexpose a little and the result shown is after LR’s auto tone shifts the exposure up.


Deer at Homewood at Plum Creek

I was walking last Thursday, and I jumped five deer at the northern end of the campus.  It has never been my intention to use the TG-5 camera for these kinds of images, but it was a good test as I explore the limitations of the camera.  I was walking down by Plum Creek and they were feeding in the trees along the creek.  I surprised them and they ran away from me but went out into the open and stopped so I took these pictures.  They weren’t very scared and as I turned around and left, they went back to feeding in among the trees and brush by the creek.

We have had a lot of wildlife here over the years.  We have had eagles, hawks, foxes, mink, deer, muskrats snapping turtles, lots of different ducks and herons, etc.  I no longer go out with a DSLR and long focal length lenses looking for them.