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While Marcia is decluttering her closet of clothes that are no longer being worn, I am still evaluating which cameras and lenses I can dispose of, assuming I know what I am going to be photographing, so that I can sell the less needed ones.

Misty was lying in among the clothes on the bed and I had my TG-5 in my hand.  The only issue I really have with that camera is the real slow shutter speeds used in lower light.  In the above example, the shutter speed was only 1/5 sec., and Misty kept moving.  This is the best out of 4 or 5 images I attempted.  It is definitely a camera to be used with more light if the subject is moving.

My issue in eliminating cameras is that I use them all for different things so I am trying to reduce the overlaps and possibly see if there are things that I can just stop photographing.  I can certainly stop using the TG-5 inside but I can’t stop using it outside in the rain or when I want a large depth of field or when I only want to carry a pocket camera, so I will definitely keep this one.  Six more to evaluate and decide what goes as I simplify my photography.

Wet Morning

Wet dark morning at Homewood at Plum Creek when I took Misty out for a very quick, short walk this morning.  Warmer would have been nicer, but it wasn’t too bad with the temperature at 51 degrees F.  My kind of ducky day for a waterproof camera.

Wary Eye


A turtle came to visit us and scratched at the front door, so I grabbed the TG-5 to make a picture.  I like it when scenes that work well in monochrome come to find me.  The colors didn’t add anything to this image.  It definitely worked better without color.  The TG-5 also was a good camera since I was close, the turtle wasn’t moving, and the depth of field was a strong asset.

Flight of the Heron

I made this image using the TG-5 when it was raining lightly, but it was definitely a case where a good DSLR camera and lens would have been better.  The TG-5 tends to use slower shutter speeds and therefore doesn’t do well on moving subjects.  It is not a camera for bringing up quickly, zooming in on and capturing a flying bird.  For those shots I prefer my Pentax K-3.

Today’s Colors in the Rain

My morning task was to see how the TG-5 camera performed in low light and how my current process worked for displaying colors.  My process is optimized for making B&W images that I like, and it tends to warm up and emphasize color saturations due to the contrast settings.  I liked the way it presented the images, but I really need some new scenes.  It was raining pretty good, it wasn’t very bright, and I was photographing through windows.

Later in the morning I took a walk to check on the creek water level.  It was still raining lightly, and I got wet, especially walking on the flooded paths.  With these pictures you can see a little better that the images are dark, and the colors are intense.  I like this for display on digital devices, but they don’t print as well.  I have the camera set to underexpose a little and the result shown is after LR’s auto tone shifts the exposure up.


Deer at Homewood at Plum Creek

I was walking last Thursday, and I jumped five deer at the northern end of the campus.  It has never been my intention to use the TG-5 camera for these kinds of images, but it was a good test as I explore the limitations of the camera.  I was walking down by Plum Creek and they were feeding in the trees along the creek.  I surprised them and they ran away from me but went out into the open and stopped so I took these pictures.  They weren’t very scared and as I turned around and left, they went back to feeding in among the trees and brush by the creek.

We have had a lot of wildlife here over the years.  We have had eagles, hawks, foxes, mink, deer, muskrats snapping turtles, lots of different ducks and herons, etc.  I no longer go out with a DSLR and long focal length lenses looking for them.


Minimal Carry

It is time for me to take a hard look at my cameras and lenses and concentrate on using the ones I like the most.  One thing I am doing, is looking back through lots of my earlier images and the gear I used with an intent of choosing and doing what I like best.

I have too many cameras and lenses that don’t get used weekly.  I’m considering various options to reduce the amount of gear I have and to possibly standardize around a few styles of images.  Part of my need for a change relates to a need for a challenge.  One way of doing that is to pick one camera and then see how much I can do with it.  If it is a small camera with a small sensor, that just enhances the challenge and increases the fun factor since I like being a contrarian and going smaller against the current trend of the newer full frame cameras.

The above images were made with an Olympus TG-5.  I used in camera jpegs and then processed them in LR.  At the moment I am working on a process that gives me the opportunity to publish in either a toned B&W or in a toned color.  While a lot of my local viewers prefer color, I am more interested in eventually making a monochrome book with some of my blog images, so I am trying to develop a style that works either way with just a flick of one setting in LR.

It looks like the TG-5 camera is the smallest pocketable camera that is adequate for me when I walk outdoors.  I use my Fujifilm cameras for my Homewood work, as well as most of my indoor personal work.  The remaining question for me is can I, do I dare, sell the other cameras that I use outdoors … the Pentax K-3, the Panasonic G7, and the Panasonic ZS100?  I might.  The only things I would really lose are the longer focal length capability and the lower light capability, but I would still have the Fujifilm 55-200mm and other lenses for those uses.  I might just return to only using my Fujifilm gear along with the TG-5.

Small Pocket Cameras

Sometimes I’m out driving to and from a doctor’s office, etc. and I get an idea for some pictures when I only have my TG-5 camera with me.  Such was the case on a darkish morning when I made the above images from within my car while moving.  After I loaded them on my computer, I dropped the exposure and played with them until I made these.  The biggest problem I have with the TG-5 when using it this way is that I have no direct control over the shutter speed and usually the shutter speed is too slow for the speed that I’m moving.

I am not thrilled with what I made but it did get me interested in trying some other things if I can find a small camera that has better image quality, is more malleable in processing, has more resolution for cropping, etc. but is still small enough to carry in a jacket pocket and replace my TG-5 camera.

My hope is to do more photography on the streets around Hanover with a small pocket camera that can be used whenever I’m out.  At the same time, I would like to work on different ways of displaying what I see, maybe make some more photo books, and explore the merits and capabilities of small cameras.

I am going to try the Canon G7X II camera next and if that doesn’t do well enough, I’ll continue my search for another camera knowing that my fallback position will be to use the Fujifilm X100F even though it isn’t very pocketable and only has a prime lens with an effective focal length of 35mm.