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Wettest Year


This is probably going to end as the wettest year on record for the Hanover, PA, U.S. area.  The above was my view out my window this morning, but at least it wasn’t cold.  It was 60 degrees F.  Last night I dreamed that it was flooding here again.  I hope it doesn’t flood but we are under a flood watch.

Dead Bird with TG-5


This is an excellent example of why I am keeping and carrying the Olympus TG-5 camera when I take a walk.  Not only is it small and pocketable, it is handy for recording things I see and does an excellent case of recording details in the macro mode for such a small sensor.

If I were doing this image over, I would try to change the angle so that all of the bird had the sidewalk in the background; but, that was hard to do since the sun was reflecting off of the LCD and I couldn’t see the details of the composition.  That is the major shortcoming of the TG-5, it has no EVF.

For those who don’t like my monochrome images, there was a good reason for showing this image in monochrome.  The bird had no color, but the fire hydrant and the green trees overwhelm the image in color.  Color draws your eye to the distant blurred scene, and that was not the reason for displaying the image.  I made other images on the same walk that I’ll show you later in color since color worked best for them.

Polar Opposite of Minimalistic or Simple

These are some more images of Hanover that I made the other day.  I don’t like them, but yet I keep trying to find images around Hanover that I do like.  I prefer simplistic and minimalistic photos.  I can convert these images to B&W and that helps reduce the clutter generated by the colors, but that is not enough.

I have tried long focal lengths to isolate details but all I seem to achieve is compressing the mess.  If I decide to keep trying to find simple compositions, I think I need to get up close to details, but even they turn out to be complex images of peeling paint or rust, etc.  My gut feeling is that I’m not going to make images that I prefer in town.

Crumb and Get It

I went into Hanover yesterday morning and took a stroll to get some test images with the TG-5 camera, and to check how the construction is going.  At the rate they are working I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to see it completed and the streets repaved.  I did stop in the new store, the Crumb and Get It, for a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin to go with it.  It was good.  I’ll be going back, but with a better camera.

My Crutch, my TG-5

You have probably noticed that I have been using my Olympus TG-5 camera a lot lately.  This is primarily for the convenience factor of its size and its ability to make close detail images.  It is an ideal “note taking” camera to record the state of the flowers or of Seth’s junk pile, etc.

The question I have been trying to answer is “why use it rather than one of my “better” cameras”, but the issue of “better” depends on lots of things.  The TG-5 is better in the sense that it fits in a pocket and is more rugged and can be used without worrying about the weather, or dropping it, etc.  The TG-5 is also better in that it has greater depth of field (DoF) which is of importance for record snap-shots.

The images below were taken to compare the TG-5 against the PEN-F for convenience.  I used them both in “P” mode and didn’t make any adjustments in LR except for WB and cropping.  I just wanted to see how they both performed when grabbed quickly and used to make a fast snap shot.  There wasn’t much difference other than the size & weight of the cameras and the difference in DoF.

But, in order to get a closer picture of the flower, the PEN-F couldn’t do it unless I put a different lens on it and that means carrying multiple lenses.  With the TG-5 I could make the following.


My problem is that I would rather use a camera with more controllability and better image quality for making better images; but, I keep slipping back to the TG-5 because I’m lazy and don’t want to carry a larger camera around.  I may look for an alternative that is easier for me to use.  I’ll continue with these thoughts in a week or so.

Weekend Rains

Saturday evening it clouded up as the thunderstorms passed around us.  The rain in the following picture went through northern Hanover but missed us here in Homewood.  All we got were the clouds and the sound of thunder.

On Sunday morning this is what the sky looked like when I took Misty out.  It was dry but warm and very humid.


And then, shortly after we made it back to the house it rained.