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More Homewood Expenses

Marcia and I saw 4 different Spotted Lanternflies during our short walk yesterday.  They aren’t a problem now, but there will be a lot more next year and Homewood will be noticing the damage, unless they can be sprayed and killed before too much damage is done.  It will be another expense for Homewood grounds team.

I also checked on the tree with the split limb.  It looks to me like the crack is getting wider.  The cost of maintaining our trees is also on the rise with their age and the environmental changes.

Have you noticed that all of the Homewood maintenance costs are rising due to the increased environmental issues?  If not yet, you will when our rates go up, or if the rates don’t go up, you might be noticing the state of the grounds even more.

Morning Photography Exercises

I like, actually prefer, to use my Olympus TG-6 camera for certain types of photography.  This “like” applies to both B&W and color images.  I was playing last night with setting up my TG-6 for in-camera B&W jpegs with some custom settings.  This morning I tried it for making pictures through my dirty window which faces the east, and with the sunshine on it, some glare.  My intention was to check the in-camera B&W settings, but I also recorded the images as raw files so that I could also play with color versions of the scenes.  The color ones are above, and the B&W are below.  When the weather warms up and the winds die down I will continue this experiment outdoors and see how I like the images made under different conditions.

Dailey Reminders

I made the above images yesterday while out walking with only my TG-6 pocket camera.  I must remember to take the TG-6 with me when I’m not carrying another camera.  But, often I don’t need any other camera than the TG-6, so why not use it more often?  The following might be one reason why.

I like making images like the three above with my X100F camera.  I made them this morning.  The flowers are the same purple ones shown at the top.  The difference is, it was early this morning and they hadn’t opened up yet and the light was totally different.

Dolly Sods

Getting up to, and down from, Dolly Sods in West Virginia is a slow rough trip over a very rocky road.  The roads are steep and the rains wash out the soil leaving the rocks protruding so that your vehicle tires have to keep running over rough rocks.  It makes for a very bumpy ride.  The trip had me missing my older four wheel raised pickup truck with ten-inch clearance and sturdier tires.  Fortunately we didn’t have any trouble but when I stopped on top near a pickup truck, the truck driver asked me if I had any wire or a metal coat hanger.  I didn’t.  His tail pipe had vibrated loose, or was knocked loose, and was dragging the ground and he needed to tie it up.

West Virginia Mountains

We went to West Virginia to see the leaf colors and visit some of our old haunts:  Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley State Parks, Dolly Sods, and Seneca Rocks.  The leaves were at peak colors on the higher elevations, but in general they are duller this year.

Torn Asunder

211007-095035-JEH21I am at a loss.  I am adrift.  I don’t know what to do with my photography.  I do not want to make photographic clichés.  I’m tired of all of the lies and ways we try to convince ourselves that all is right with the world.

I wrote that I was going to “hang it up” for awhile while I looked for other directions for my photography and blog.  And then I found I missed posting and I responded to the concerns of some who only wanted to see more “eye candy” or more of my monochromes or more of my colorful flowers.

Over time I have kept reverting back to what I enjoyed in the past, which was to try and play with different cameras and lenses.  None of this is wise or enjoyable anymore; therefore, I am back to wondering what I should do for the future.

I think I need more time and I need to get back to searching for a better path going forward.  In the meanwhile I am going to keep striving and stop posting as much as I search for a more sustainable and simpler way forward.