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Lofty Plans


This picture was taken with my new Fujifilm X-E1 with no alterations other than cropping and re-sizing for the web.  I’m very pleased with the colors of the Fuji camera and lenses.  The colors are soft and pleasing without the need for any adjustments.  With my other cameras I tended to always add contrast and clarity as well as make other changes.  While doing that, I tended to often get carried away and over-do it, but I didn’t like the raw images without it.

My plans are to primarily just use one camera .. my X-E1.  At the moment I’m using the 18 – 55mm zoom lens and I love it.  It will be my primary lens, especially when I need either the wide 18mm or the slightly telephoto 55mm end.  I have ordered the 27mm pancake lens to use when walking-about, especially around people.  I probably will order the 55 – 200mm lens later.

I have sold all of my Sony NEX-6 gear and will probably sell my Pentax K-5 gear in stages.  I’m basically trading two cameras and nine lenses for one camera and three lenses.  I’ll next sell my prime lenses and then the K-5 and the zoom lenses.  Sometime along the way I’ll also probably sell my Lumic LX7.  The unresolved part of the plan yet is whether to get another camera for backup … maybe something smaller for the pocket … maybe not.  It all depends on how my photography changes and how soon the economy changes.  Basically, I’m trying to get ready for the end of my buying cameras and get ready for the long haul … for the downhill slide in the economy, etc.  I’m getting ready to hunker-down and retreat back towards the basics.

I also hope to make some changes in my blog.  It started out as a travel photography blog and has evolved as I traveled less and moved to Hanover, PA.  I had another blog before I moved here in which I wrote about subjects related to change.  You will have noticed from my recent articles that I’m going to be slipping a few of those types of articles among my pictures.  I’ll put them under the category “My Musings”.  You have also been seeing fewer articles about camera gear.  I hope to continue that trend.  I hope to have articles about photography, but less about the gear.  Since I’m “going with the flow”, it is hard to forecast how it will evolve.  I would like to express more about how I feel or think about things and less about how I made the picture, but for an ex-engineer that is a hard transition.

Rainy Day Thoughts


It was raining when I got up this morning.  It looks like we might have more during the day so I doubt I’ll be out taking many pictures.  I ran out between sprinkles this morning and took this picture hoping to get a higher ISO picture with the X-E1 … but I didn’t succeed.

I had the camera in auto aperture, shutter, and ISO, and didn’t take the time to change anything.  The result above surprised me.  I don’t think I have ever had a kit zoom lens of this quality and such low apertures.  For this image at 18mm focal length it chose ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/50 sec.  I thought that it was dark enough that it would increase the ISO and it wasn’t for this lens.  I have yet to take any pictures at a higher ISO so I still don’t know anything about the noise details, but it does seem to be a good low light zoom.

I’m thinking stronger that if the XF 55 – 200mm f/3.5 – 4.8 is this good that I might get it and sell my Pentax K-5 and all of its lenses.  I might also sell my Lumic LX7 and truly become a one-camera system, but maybe not.  I have this fear that if I go to one camera that I will have no backup.  Many years of traveling taught me to never travel with only one camera, but, then again, I’m not traveling much anymore.  Hmmm, maybe I should think about becoming a one camera, one lens, photographer and not even get the 55 – 200mm zoom.  Or maybe I should think about getting another smaller camera with just a wide prime lens for backup and jacket pocket use.  It gets harder and harder to decide the older I get and the more expensive that cameras and lenses get.  Maybe I should also add “less expensive” to my mantra of lighter and smaller. 🙂

From the Car Window

I needed to run an errand this morning before it rained again.  I put the LX7 in my pocket on the way out and used it to take the above pictures from my car window while waiting at a red light so I could show you a little local color.  The first picture is a picture of General Kilpatrick’s temporary headquarters after General Stuart attacked the rear of his troop column passing through Hanover on 30 June 1863.  Given what I have seen around town, I doubt that the “Party” store does much business.  The other pictures also give you an idea of the age of the town.  All of the electric and telephone wires remind me of the town where I grew up in WV in the 50s.  I tried to get another picture but a truck got in the way.  It was of a woman delivering papers.  If you are a kid, I don’t think you would have much of a chance getting a job delivering papers here.  All of the paper guys and gals that I have seen around town are older … like above 65.

Now, for the real reason for the above pictures … I haven’t been using my LX7 much for a while and I needed to remind myself of what it is capable of.  I often think that I shouldn’t really need three cameras and I’m constantly wondering about selling one or the other; but every time I do that I end up getting something else.  I still haven’t found “the one camera” that is a good compromise for my variety of photography.  This morning before I left to run my errand I had read a photography forum about several older photographers who had given up their heavy DSLRs and replaced them with small, simple, single cameras like the Fujifilm X20.  Maybe I’ll go that route one of these days, but not yet.

We Are Waves


Did you ever consider that we are waves … that all things are connected and influenced by all aspects of happenings around the earth.  Anything we or anyone else does influences everything else, mostly beyond our view.  Waves go on and on wearing down and getting worn down by obstacles.  We are not singular entities that live and die.  We are never-ending waves that influence everything else every time we do, or don’t do, something.   The only control we have is through the ripples we send out and through how we respond to the ripples caused by others.

Melt Patterns

Click on any picture to see them all larger.

While taking a walk yesterday I noticed all the melt patterns.  It was 46 degrees F. and quite wet off of the paved paths.  Even many of the paths had standing water on them in places.  Since I had a camera in my pocket I decided to take some pictures just for fun.  Yes you are correct; those are ski tracks in the last picture. A couple who live here were out with their cross-country skis the day before I took these pictures.

Sun Shining … Snow Melting


This is a rework of a picture I took yesterday.  I’m finding that I like working on pictures more than I like taking them.  There is also a side benefit to trying different extremes like the image above in that it doesn’t take a great camera and lens to produce them and I can work with more mundane images of common scenes.

The sun is shining and the temperature is rising.  Hopefully we have seen our last snow of this winter, but the forecast is for temperatures continuing below normal for another month.

My Walk-About Dilemma

As I have mentioned in previous articles, I’m trying to decide on a light-weight camera-lens combination for my walks.  I no longer desire to carry my heavy Pentax K-5 with the 55 – 300 mm lens.  In the past I carried this while walking around my home since I often see birds and other wildlife.  My decision now is whether to give up shooting wildlife with that setup or to find something smaller and lighter with sufficient image quality.

Lately I have carried my Lumix LX7 in the pocket of my winter jacket.  The quality of that camera has continued to amaze me since it has such a small sensor.  The following picture is a good example of what I’m faced with.  I took this picture this morning with the LX7 using the maximum zoom of 17.7mm (effective 90mm).  Note the Heron in the middle.


The following is a crop of the above picture.  It is as tight as I like to crop since I keep the longest dimension of my pictures no smaller than 2000 pixels.


This is not sufficient for shooting wildlife.  I really need an effective focal length of 450mm for wildlife, but I am willing to make-do with less.  I’m not sure how much less, but I’m guessing no less than an effective 300mm if the camera has good IQ with lots of pixels so that I can do strong crop-zooming.

I really like my Sony NEX-6 since it is light-weight and easy to carry, but my longest lens for it is 50mm (effective 75mm) so it is of no value for wildlife.  I have looked for a good longer lens for it but my only practical option is their 18 – 200mm zoom and it is not a great lens.  I would have to order one to try to see if it is good enough.  I haven’t gotten that desperate yet.  I’m still hoping that Pentax might come out with a smaller and lighter camera that uses my existing lenses or that Sigma or someone else comes out with another long zoom for the NEX E-mount.  Sigma is coming out with a 60mm prime lens (effective 90mm) for the NEX cameras which would be a little better than the LX7 effective 90mm since the NEX-6 has a larger sensor with more pixels.

One new option might be to switch my Pentax system for one of the new small Canon DSLRs.  In the meanwhile, I will continue to occasionally take the K-5 out with the 55 – 300mm lens for explicit shooting of wildlife this spring and keep looking for a lighter system … or  give-up with wildlife.

On and On



Will this weather ever change?  It was 32 degrees F. this morning with solid cloud cover.  Tomorrow the forecast is for 1 – 2 inches of snow before turning to a cold rain.  I don’t remember March being so miserable, but maybe my memory is failing.