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Pentax 18 – 135mm Lens

 Since I couldn’t get enough from selling the Pentax KP and since I like it very much, I decided to keep using the Pentax DSLR and adding another lens to my set.  I bought a new 18-135mm lens to use as a general walkabout weather resistant lens.

These are some of my first images as I checked it out.  The only reason for selling my many Pentax DSLR cameras over the years was that I kept trying various mirrorless cameras that I could use silently in poor lighting when photographing Homewood events indoors.  Since I’m not doing that now, the Pentax KP and slower zoom lenses make a lot more sense for photographing most anything outdoors.  In the future, if necessary, I’ll either use my Fuji X100V camera and lens for up close indoor Homewood photography or if I need the longer focal lengths, I will “make-do” with the Pentax gear.  The residents would also have to “make-do” with hearing the sound of the Pentax shutter and mirror.

Pentax 18 – 135mm Lens

These images were made at the focal length extremes of the Pentax 18 – 135mm zoom lens.  I was checking it out as part of my reacquaintance with Pentax.  The first image was made at the 18mm end and the other was made at the other 135mm end.  In addition, the last one of the crows flying has been cropped severely and then increased in size to make this view.  Since the crows were so far away and I was shooting into the sun I didn’t even know they were in the picture when I took it.

Bottomline, I like this lens and I like the Pentax K-3 camera with the lens.  It makes a nice multipurpose setup for use outside and is one that I plan to toss around in my car and not worry about the camera and lens in any weather.  The only faults are the heavy weight and noise of the mirror flap, but since I don’t plan on holding it long or using it inside around people, I think I will be fine.  I will continue to use my Fujifilm gear for events, etc.


I noticed that we have flowers starting to grow (at least the bulbs are poking out) and it was only the 25th of January.

I was in the process of renewing my acquaintance with an older 2013 vintage Pentax K-3 camera with the 18-135mm zoom lens, so I made a quick picture, cropped in tight, and then increased the size of the image with ON1 and LR to make what you see above.  Ultimately, I want to make some comparisons between Pentax DNG files and Fujifilm X files using resizing, but that can wait a while.  In the meantime, I have some other features to check including B&W vs. color.

The flowers are starting to go through a renewal, but they are not alone.  I am in the process of renewing my love of Pentax DSLRs.  I am checking out some differences between them and my Fujifilm cameras in the belief that they both have advantages and differences that I wish to take advantage of.  If all goes well, I will be using different cameras and lenses and blogging less about camera gear and be putting more emphasis on the photography.

Simplifying my Photography Gear



I accumulated too many cameras and lenses.  I primarily did that while trying to cover many different photographic situations and trying to figure out what I wanted or needed.  The above are what I had when I started my recent purging, and you will note that I had a lot of overlapping systems.  It doesn’t include all the other cameras I tried and sold previously.  Lately, I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what I want to do, can do, and will do, in my future photography so that I can simplify.  By-the-way, there are a lot of differences between “want to do, can do, and will do”.

The unmarked camera in the picture at the top on your left is the Canon SL1.  At the time I took the picture I had black tape over the lettering.  I had one other camera in addition to the above cameras that I used to take the picture.  It was the Ricoh GR.

I have given up on reducing down to one camera for the time being, but I am reducing the number of different systems that I have and selling off some of the above with the goal to end up with fewer options.  While trying to decide which way to go, I cycled through each of the above cameras and used them to remind myself of their individual characteristics and why I got them in the first place.  Each has a particular strength and capability so my decision process came down to deciding what, or how, I will not be photographing in the future.

I have tried to pick a subject to concentrate on.  I first thought it would be Hanover streets and buildings, and it might still be; but I have concerns.  In some of my trials I have had minor confrontations which I have been able to walk away from so far; but I am concerned that the confrontations might increase, especially if I use a DSLR camera with a long zoom lens.

I would like to do something with a rangefinder style camera with a focal length of 35 or 50 (e) mm; but that usually means photographing people, and is not likely … in town or within Homewood.  But, that doesn’t rule out such a camera for buildings, landscapes, etc.

What about other possibilities?  The big one is travel photography but for several reasons, that is not likely for me.  Another possibility would be nature, wildlife, etc.  We have limited wildlife but it is still a possibility.  There are also weather, clouds, etc. but that is limiting from an opportunity perspective.  I can’t photograph the weather effects when I wish since it is dependent upon the whims of the weather.

I am still trying to decide what it is that I mainly hope to photograph, but in the meantime I am going to concentrate on what is most likely.  The picture below shows what cameras and lenses I am currently using after going through my initial simplification and concentrating on what will most likely be available for me to photograph.



The Pentax gear and the Lumix LX7 have been sold.  The rest have been boxed up for sale or storage.  I haven’t sold the micro 4/3 gear yet since I haven’t yet decided to give up on micro 4/3.  I like my micro 4/3 gear but I can’t do everything (especially in low light) that I would like as well with it.   You will also see my latest acquisition, the Canon 70D with the 18 – 135 mm lens attached that I am trying for 30 days.  Yes, the Canon is heavy (just slightly lighter than the K-3) but it has advantages and uses that I would rather not give up.  I really like the articulated LCD and fast live-view focusing.  In order to deal with the weight, I might not carry it far or often, and if necessary, I could get a 50 mm lens for it and back off using the longer, heavier focal length lenses.  Currently I am trying the Canon 70D for certain uses like clouds, wildlife, some internal Homewood projects, etc., and using the Ricoh GR for my pocket camera while walking about as well as for several projects close to people, etc. where all I need is an effective 28 mm focal length.

My objective is to just use the Canon 70D and the Ricoh GR for a while as I continue to evolve my future photography over time, and later replace one or both with a camera that is better for a more limited style of photography when, or if, I decide or find I need or want to reduce further.

Philosophy of Photography


I have another philosophy of photography:  When it is this cold I don’t go out looking for pictures.  I took this picture at 7:55 am on 8 Jan 2015.  I think this is the coldest temperature I have experienced since I moved to Pennsylvania.  You will notice that I didn’t have to go outside to photograph this thermometer.

I had another reason for taking this picture at ISO 6400 inside in poor light.  I’ll explain in my next post.

Dreary Rainy Cold Morning

I was walking yesterday before the rain started with the E-PL5 and the 20 mm lens in my pocket when I noticed these reflections.


Later after the rain started I took the following from the comfort of our rear porch using the K-3 with the 18 – 135 mm lens zoomed out to 135 mm.  The shutter speed was 1/200 sec. but if you look carefully you can still see the rain coming down.

141203-114614_Plum Creek-Edit


141125-084523_Plum Creek-Edit

I was walking down to one of the buildings to photograph the model railroaders as they moved one of the mobile platforms down to Town Hall to set-up for the holidays when I noticed this jeep.  My non-rational side has always wanted a jeep, but my rational side has prevailed and I never owned one.

It is different with cameras.  My problem is that, in my opinion, there is no such thing as a camera that does everything well enough.  In addition, my needs have changed over time.  As a matter of fact, they even change multiple times during a single day.  I also have not always been so rational with some of my camera choices.  I have sometimes made emotional buys, when the cost was reasonable.  The problem now is that the cost of cameras has risen and my desires have become more non-rational … only partly due to cost.

I hope to be writing more about some of my thoughts relative to my camera choices in future articles.

Cold Morning in Rest Haven Cemetery

It was a little chilly above ground.  At least the deceased don’t have to worry about such things.  I wonder how much longer people will insist on the practice of wasting space with such burials.  I have seen grave yards in Europe where they layered bodies and added more dirt and let the level of the cemetery rise up higher and higher.  I have also seen where they cleaned out old crypts in Mexico after 100 years and reused them.

It is no wonder that many of us are now being cremated and having our ashes distributed back to nature.  Such cemeteries as above are a sign of the old ways which will not be sustainable going forward.