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Returned the KP

While trying out the KP, I started thinking that I would want to buy more lenses for it.  Since I already have ten lenses for the Fujifilm cameras, I decided I didn’t want to maintain large sets of lenses for two different systems, so I decided to just stick with Fujifilm gear and return the Pentax KP.  Adding the Pentax system was going in the wrong direction and there was no way it could take on the work I do with the Fujifilm gear.  I really need to reduce and simplify my gear to fit my declining photography opportunities.

Cropping with the Pentax KP Files

I made these images with the Pentax 20-40mm lens at the 40mm focal length.  The second image is a resized crop from the first.  I found no significant differences between using the Pentax vs. the Fujifilm gear relative to image quality and processing; but, I could not have made this image with the 23mm X100F camera so the Pentax 20-40mm lens has an advantage over the X100F, but then again, the KP and the 20-40mm lens is a lot larger than the X100F.

My intention on trying the Pentax KP was to only use it with the 20-40mm lens if I kept it. After making this picture I found myself wondering if maybe I should get the Pentax HD PENTAX-DA 55-300mm f/4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE Lens and search for more wildlife images.  Thinking about it some more, I thought, what wildlife?  We don’t have enough to make it worthwhile.

Wavering Path


I considered getting another Pentax DSLR since I have fond memories of the several that I have owned over the years in the past.  To refresh my memories, I ordered and tried a K-70 with a 40mm pancake lens.  The E-M1 ii and PEN-F are similar enough that I had thought about selling the PEN-F and replacing it with the K-70 and a few prime lenses.

I found that they have improved the in-camera processing of jpegs and higher ISO images; but I was also reminded why I left DSLR cameras.  The mirror slap and the shutter and the focusing of the screw drive primes are loud.  I returned the K-70 and decided to stick with mirrorless cameras.

The above image is one that I made while trying the Pentax gear.  I would have been satisfied using the Pentax outdoor with quiet zoom lenses, but the Olympus E-M1 Mark II is far superior from a performance perspective in that environment.  What I was looking for was a rugged camera that I could use on the street with prime lenses, and the Pentax is not ideal for that.