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Pentax 55-300mm APS-C Lens on the K-1 II

In this comparison I was interested in the differences when using the APS-C 55-300mm lens on the KP vs. the full frame K-1 II.  The first image shows the result when using the lens on the K-1 in FF mode at a true 300mm focal length.  You can see the vignetting, but I planned on cropping it out since I am only interested in zooming in closer when I use this lens.  The second image is from the same lens on the APS-C KP camera at the 300mm setting which is an effective 450mm on this camera. 

There is a difference in the image quality between the K-1 and the KP cameras.  The K-1 image, the first one is more pleasing, but in this case I think the KP is the better camera to use the 55-300mm lens on since I am interested in getting “closer” and it gives me an effective 450mm focal length.  It is harder to compare image quality since there is a difference in the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed chosen by each camera in their program modes.  In addition, the difference between the number of pixels is not sufficient to warrant cropping the K-1.  If I were to use the K-1 in the crop mode the compositions would be closer to the same on both cameras, but the K-1 would have far fewer pixels available for cropping.

The images below were made with the FF K-1 using the 55-300mm lens at 300mm when photographing through a window.  The bottom line is that I can make the lens work on either camera but that if I’m planning on capturing a distant view, I would probably use the lens on the KP camera.

Using 43mm Pentax Lens

One decision I want to make is whether to walk around Homewood with just my 43mm pancake lens on the Pentax K-1 II or to just use the 28-105mm zoom lens.  The 43mm pancake is lighter and much smaller.  In the above images I took an image of the Blue Heron at the other end of the pond.  If you look closely you can see it in the middle of the image.  I then cropped out a section of that image and resized it to make the closer view of the heron.  This works pretty well with the Pentax 36MP FF sensor and this pancake lens.  But it also works OK with the 28-105mm lens and with it I can photograph wider and further and still crop-zoom.

I’m leaning toward just using this 43mm f/1.9 lens for most of my personal and walk-about images and using the 28-105mm for my Homewood event/activities lens.  I haven’t decided yet and I need to try it some more and also compare it to using the Fuji X100V camera.  In addition to the weight differences, I need to also consider differences in depth of field (DoF) between using the Pentax vs. the Fuji X100V.  In the images below I used one camera to photograph the other with both set at f/2.8 aperture (not the same distance apart, but you can see DoF differences).  The hood is on the 43mm lens in this image.  I have moved to trying it without the hood with a clear filter to protect the lens.

Darkness is Approaching

Darkness is here in many forms.  The days are getting shorter and photography is crashing, other than for smartphones.  Many of my favorite bloggers are giving up.  Ming stopped blogging.  Kirk is taking a break.  Mike is finding it harder and harder to post anything related to photography.  And, I am also having trouble finding anything new to photograph or write about.

Learning about the Pentax K-1 II

If I am going to keep and use the Pentax K-1 II camera, I need to be able to use it over a wide range of conditions, especially in the dark.  This requires that I learn how to judge the exposures using a DSLR, learn where the controls are so I can change them in the dark, and learn what the camera is capable of recording. 

I made these images while sitting at my computer this morning as the dawn approached and it got lighter.  These are straight out of the camera jpegs with exposure adjustments and alignments before downsizing them for this post.

I’m finding that this Pentax camera is quite capable and that I like the extensive external controls and the quality of the sensor output; but those qualities have to overcome the negatives of the size and weight of the camera plus lens.

Night Trials with Pentax

I have been experimenting to see what I can do with a Pentax K-1 Mark II camera and the Pentax 28-105mm FF lens.  In addition, I am seeing if I like going back to a large, heavy DSLR camera and how much I can do with it; i.e., could I manage with it as my one and only camera and lens?

The images above were jpegs taken straight out of the camera.  The only change to them was using LR to resize them for this posting.

The problem is that no camera is a “jack of all trades” and every camera is a compromise.  I chose this Pentax full frame combination of gear as being the most likely to be capable of any and all photography that I might wish to do.  The biggest problem is the weight and size and noise of the mirror slap and doing without the advantages of an EVF.  The other issue is that I chose this combination to compare with the Fujifilm X100V camera.  It is my other possible choice at the other end of the gear spectrum.  Big differences, but I now have both in hand to compare and think about.

Pentax K-1 II with 28-105mm Lens

I tried a Pentax K-1 II camera for a while a year ago.  I really liked the image quality and what I could do with that one zoom lens.  Since I am still thinking about buying it, I went back to look at the images I had made before to review them to see if they really were as great as I remember.  They are.  The above shows a picture made at 105mm and a crop that I made from it.

The reasons I didn’t keep the camera were that it was heavy, the sound of the mirror slap was noticeable when using it around people, and the raw files bogged down my computer.  I wish I had made some jpeg images when I had it so I could see what they looked like and how they worked on my computer.  The difference in file size, etc. might have made working with them on my computer more pleasurable.

I am going to try again and see how my computer does with jpeg files vs. raw files.  I also want to try my APS-C Pentax lenses on it to see if I can use images made with them in my usual square cropped image style.

Some Changes

190922-153945-19JEHThere are a number of slow changes occurring.  First, the climate and the weather are changing from summer to winter with increasing extremes and wild swings due to the extreme heating in the arctic. 

Next, my eyesight has been changing and it has been increasingly difficult to do my photography due to the fact that my eyes are not tolerating as much time on the computer.  With the increase in my prescription eye medicines it has also limited the amount of time that I can see well enough to read, take pictures, or process them on the computer.

With winter weather coming I won’t be walking outdoors as much and thus not making as many pictures for my blog.  It also means more discomfort with the arthritis in my hands and back.

As a result of all of the above, I have decided to not keep the best camera I have ever had in terms of image quality and construction.  I no longer have the heavy, large Pentax K-1 II full frame, 36MP system.  I returned it mostly out of fear that I would stop carrying it due to its size and weight.

I now am back to having only my one favorite camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro2.  I will adjust what cameras and lenses I will use as my physical conditions stabilize and I determine what I will be photographing.  It may mean that I might just use one camera and a few prime lenses until I see what my future in photography looks like.  Last evening (see picture below) I took a short walk with the X-Pro2 camera and the 18 – 135mm zoom lens on it to confirm that I could use zoom lenses on the X-Pro2, but also that I don’t like to do that. 


Love Them Both

190920-072659-untitled shootLately I have been only using the Pentax K-1 II camera with mostly the 28-105mm FF zoom lens (in the picture).  I have been even using it under conditions that I had never considered when I first purchased it and I have been quite pleased with how it does.  Those findings started me down the path of wondering if I need to keep my Fujifilm X-Pro2.  I know that thought caused some to sit up and start wondering about me, more than the cameras.

I want you to know that such ideas were from an academic, rational look at my photography.  My gut feelings are that I will not give up my X-Pro2 and my prime lenses.  I used the X-Pro2 with the 35mm lens to make this image and then processed in ACROS +R.  I will be continuing using that combination for most of my indoor photography, especially this winter.

190919-141654-19JEHThese two cameras are very different and each has its place and use.  Could I use either one for everything?  The answer is probably if I had to, and thus each can serve as a backup in case either one decides to stop working; but I don’t plan on taking both cameras and multiple lenses with me when I’m photographing most events.

I will mostly use the Pentax gear for outdoors and the Fujifilm for indoors, but it isn’t as simple as I first thought before trying the Pentax.  I found that I really like the full frame 36MP images from the K-1 II camera.  I’ll be continuing to explore different uses for them both.

K-1 II and 28 – 105mm Lens Inside

I did it.  I had a birthday party to photograph and I used my Pentax K-1 II and the 28-105mm lens rather than my Fujifilm gear.  In the past I had switched from other DSLR cameras to silent Fujifilm cameras and lenses for my inside photography, primarily to have a silent capability with a smaller camera so that I didn’t disturb the residents while also having good enough low light capability. 

Since I liked the Pentax FF images so much better, I’m strongly considering using the K-1 II for all of my Homewood photography.  The raw files were easier to process and I liked the results better.  The convenience of having the zoom lens with this particular focal length capability also added to the advantages of the Pentax vs. the Fujifilm gear.  I still have other photography to do in other locations under different conditions, etc. so I will try and use the Pentax more before I make a final decision.

Things are looking so promising that I am already thinking through possible other scenarios and “what if” I sell all of my Fujifilm gear.  It is more likely that I will keep the X-Pro2 and most of my primes lenses and just sell the zoom lenses; but, I do not like having cameras and lenses sitting in a drawer unused so I might sell them all.

I have another party to photograph tomorrow in a different location so I’m looking forward to seeing how the Pentax gear handles in those conditions.  I also want to try another longer, heavier lens for use outdoors as well as potentially indoors in the coming week.  Depending on whether I get anymore lenses for the K-1 II camera, I might decide to sell off the Fujifilm gear to help finance additional lenses.  A separate issue I will have to also consider is that if I sell my only other camera, I will have no backup camera if something were to happen to the K-1 II.