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Still Checking Sony vs. Pentax

I am considering keeping the Sony A6400 camera and lens, but only if it checks out and I am satisfied enough.  It is a used camera and lens.  My sole reason for considering this Sony gear is to obtain a lighter and smaller system than my Pentax gear.

I have made a number of comparison images between the Pentax and Sony.  The colors are different but I haven’t found anything significant color-wise that would make me reject the Sony.  My biggest complaint with the Sony is that it is far more complex as far as the menu goes and it will take me a while to learn their system, but that shouldn’t be a problem.  I have had years to learn the Pentax system and hopefully I can learn and adjust to the Sony system.

The biggest differences are the size, weight, and ruggedness.  The Pentax K-3 III is more rugged and able to withstand being knocked about and used in the rain, snow, and mud.  But the difference of most interest to me now is the difference in weight.  The Pentax K-3 III with the Pentax 18-135mm lens weighs 1220g, while the Sony A6400 with the Sony 18-135mm lens weighs 730g.

Crop-Zooming Enhancement

Lightroom has a new enhancement feature to double the number of pixels along the width and height, resulting in enlarging my 26 MP pictures to 102MP.  I wanted to try it to see how far I could push the focal length of my Pentax 20-40mm lens with cropping.  

I thought that some of my pictures made in WVa would make good tests due to the amount of fine details in the images; therefore, I used some raw files made at 40mm focal length to test the LR enhancement feature.  I then cropped the enhanced image.

The upper images are the originals, and the ones below are the files which were cropped from the enhanced images.

After I tried the raw images I tried the same thing on a jpeg file that I made at home, with an additional enlargement.  I used the LR enlargement and then cropped out a section and then used ON1 to enlarge the cropped file up to 3000 x 3000 pixels.  The following shows the result.

I also tried the same technique on some images made at 135mm focal length with the 18-135mm lens and I didn’t like the result.  I think I will stick with using my Pentax limited lenses, the 40mm and the 20-40mm, and consider getting a longer limited focal length lens.

Memorial Day

I took a walk on memorial day with the purpose of seeing if I might want to leave the Pentax 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens on the K-3 III most of the time; i.e., how that effective 60mm focal length works for me.  I like it so far.  It makes for the most compact, lightest weight, easiest to carry package possible with that camera. 

The only issue I have with the lens is that it is not weather resistant so I would have to switch to the 20-40mm WR lens during wet weather.  I might make those two lenses my favorites for my walkabouts. The zoom lens is more versatile but is larger and heavier.


I hope all of this cool rain doesn’t mean that we will next swing into a hot dry summer.

The image above was made through a window with at a 40mm focal length.  I have been making so many images using the end of the 20-40mm zoom lens that I ordered a small prime pancake lens of 40mm to try as a possible small lens to use when I need to keep the weight lower and be more discreet using the Pentax K-3 III camera.

Pentax Rather than Fuji

I sold all of my Fujifilm gear, the X-Pro3 and the X100V, and all of my lenses and extra gear for them.  I now only have one camera, the Pentax K-3 Mark 3.

I decided that as I wind down my photography in my remaining years, that I wanted to go back to the type of camera I had when I first got serious with a Pentax DSLR.  Since I started, I have owned many different Pentax DSLRs. The K-3 Mark 3 may be my last.

It is my hope to just use one camera and a few lenses.  My camera is the recently released Pentax K-3 Mark 3, and my lenses for now are the 18-135mm and the 20-40mm Pentax lenses.

If the arthritis in my hands, knees, and back get to where I can’t manage the weight, etc. I’ll just slow down and do less and less.  I don’t intend to be taking long hikes with the camera, but I might get a smaller, lighter lens to help with the weight, and I might get the 55-300mm lens to extend my photographic reach when photographing from a car, etc.