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Back to a Pentax DSLR

I decided to go back to using a Pentax DSLR camera for my outdoor photography this fall and winter.  I used a Pentax KP with a Pentax 18-135mm zoom lens to capture these images.  The camera-lens combination is heavy, but it is also very weather resistant and sturdy and it has a nice tilt LCD.  I’m also enjoying using the optical viewfinder.  And, notice that it has lovely colors.

Pentax DSLR Role?

If I am not going to sell the Pentax DSLR and lenses, I would like to get back to using them.  I made these test images at the 300mm focal length setting of the 55-300mm lens.  I continued using it as I had in the past, shooting raw files and then processing them in Lightroom Classic.

I wasn’t happy with processing them since my computer was really running slow thus dragging out the processing and seemingly taking forever.  After every movement of a slider I had to wait for the effect to take place.

The only good thing was being able to expand my photography beyond what I can do with the Fuji X100V.

I Like Pentax


I used my Pentax KP camera with the inexpensive, lightweight, weather resistant 18-55mm kit lens using the “P” mode to make this image.  I like the ease of using this setup and I like the way the raw files work-up in the LR software.  I also like the large hand grip (it comes with three different size hand grips) and the weather resistance and the light weight for a DSLR camera.  I therefore intend to continue using this camera for my personal photography as well as for my outdoor Homewood photography.  You don’t see or read much about Pentax cameras anymore, but I don’t know why.  They are still one of the best buys in cameras.  My only problem is finding enough subjects to photograph.

A Pentax Camera


I tried a variety of photographs yesterday morning as I was experimenting with what I can do with the 55-300mm lens.  It looks like I will be able to make most of my outdoor images with this lens, providing I find anything worth photographing.  Since I am not photographing indoor activities at Homewood while we are locked down, it means that I can do all of my photography with my Pentax KP DSLR camera.  It seems to have taken a major calamity to enable me to finally do everything with one camera, and not with a mirrorless camera at that.  Since I’m not photographing close to people, I don’t need the silence of a mirrorless camera, and the Pentax DSLR system has smaller lighter lenses that cover the range from 18 – 300mm (effective 28 – 450mm with its APS size sensor).

Notice that I said I can do all of my photography with a Pentax DSLR.  I like to have the flexibility to document whatever I see that might be of interest to the residents of Homewood.  In addition, I can make images like those above with the same setup; but, a DSLR and a long zoom lens are not what I would prefer to use.  If I could do what I prefer, I would be using a mirrorless rangefinder like camera with just an equivalent 35 or 50mm prime lens.  If I were still traveling, I would like to use just a prime lens to photograph different country scenes as well as people in their daily environments … no zoom lenses, and no camera bag.  I would like to use that setup to make long-form documentaries about issues of interest to me.

But, there is a wide gap between what subjects there are to photograph that I can make, and what I would like to do; but, I am OK with using my Pentax DSLR and documenting things around Homewood as well as making images similar to those above which are fun to process.  I can, at times, even use my 35mm macro lens on the KP along with my zoom lenses and be happy with my Pentax camera.  I don’t know yet, but maybe my “new normal” mode of photography after we get the virus under control will continue to be just using a Pentax setup; i.e., my one and only “back to the future” camera system.

Pentax Crop-ability

Before I decide whether to switch back to Pentax gear I need to decide on what focal lengths I would likely want and see if Pentax has the lenses I want.  Since 40mm is the longest focal length I have at the moment, I took a picture of the trees on the horizon with that limited 20-40mm lens.  Note the trees in the center of the first picture that are furthest away.  The second picture is a crop from that center portion of the first picture that I then up-sized to make the version you are looking at.  See the birds in the trees?  Now I have an idea of how much zoom-cropping I can do.

I made this check as I was trying to decide whether to get a zoom lens or the 70mm limited prime lens.  Based on this check and some ideas of what I might be photographing, I decided to try the 70mm prime lens.  My thinking is that I might do some of my walkabout and Homewood photography with the 70mm lens and the camera-lens combination wouldn’t be too heavy.