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My Demons

One demon that I have been wrestling with again is the weight of lenses.  I make a variety of images from the hands of people up close, to details of landscapes, to wider landscapes, to distant wildlife, etc.  Most would say “use a zoom lens” since I am often out photographing this range of things on one walk.  But multipurpose zoom lenses are heavy, not as fast, and often don’t produce the same image quality of prime lenses.  I could take multiple primes lenses in a bag, but rarely do because of the weight.  When walking, I prefer one camera, one lens, and no bag.

I am currently making my pictures with two Fujinon prime lenses, the 23mm or the 35mm F2 WR lenses.  When I know I will be outside, I use the 35mm lens, which is an effective 50mm on my Fuji X-Pro2 camera.  I then often crop the images.  The above pictures are an example of the uncropped and the cropped images from a single picture to give you an example.  This has worked well for me, up to a point.  Now that the new 50mm F2 WR lens is out, I might order it to increase my range.

The bottom line is that I will probably not use my zoom lenses and mostly use prime lenses for my serious photography.  My practice will mostly be to only take one prime lens with me unless I am photographing an event and know I will need more than one.  Using just prime lenses gives me the most flexibility for the least weight, even in bad weather since they are all weather resistant.

Those who know me know I am always planning for the future when I find that I need an even smaller and lighter camera.  I will be watching all the reviews of the new Fuji X100F camera very closely.  Its built in effective 35mm lens with the digital zoom of effective 50 and 70mm focal lengths using the cropping and resizing option within the camera might work for me.  Hmmm, get the new 50mm lens for the X-Pro2 camera or sell everything and replace them with the X100F?