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B&W Samples from my Projects

I haven’t forgotten my projects and have been slowly collecting some photographs for them.  The reason that you haven’t been seeing many pictures from them is that most of them don’t display well as stand-alone pictures.  My projects are as much about developing and displaying them in different fashions as they are about getting out-and-about to find different pictures.

Today, I thought that I would show you a few different pictures from some of my B&W projects.  All of my projects aren’t in B&W but they are the ones that I’m having the most fun with so far.  I embrace change in all that I enjoy and that includes my cameras, lenses, developing, display, and subjects that I shoot.   I haven’t finalized how I’m going to show the projects but I’m considering making short videos or pdf books, but probably not before late winter.

The three following pictures, all from Baltimore Street in Hanover, PA, are from several different projects.