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And It Rained

We had a hard rain.  Apparently the outside drains were blocked so the water from the roof had nowhere to go but onto our covered porch on one side and onto the patio on the other side of our sunroom and then under the door into the Villa.  You can see hail in the first picture and the water coming back up out of the drain in the fourth picture.

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Rain, No Snow

I had to check both stores for Turkey Hill products and then place an order this morning.  Since I had to go out in the rain I took these two pictures through the windshield while parked.  Actually I wish it was colder and it was snow.  Since it is only going to rain, I probably won’t be getting anymore pictures for a while.

Dreary Rainy Cold Morning

I was walking yesterday before the rain started with the E-PL5 and the 20 mm lens in my pocket when I noticed these reflections.


Later after the rain started I took the following from the comfort of our rear porch using the K-3 with the 18 – 135 mm lens zoomed out to 135 mm.  The shutter speed was 1/200 sec. but if you look carefully you can still see the rain coming down.

141203-114614_Plum Creek-Edit

Rainy Morning

141106-082740_Plum Creek

I took this through my window yesterday morning.  I don’t like cold, wet, windy, rainy days, but I do like pictures like this.  I realize that I am probably in the minority but I am attracted to images like this for some unknown reason.  Maybe the reason is that pictures like this don’t drag my thoughts in a particular direction.  It encourages me to daydream about whatever.  It also has the requisite black and subtle colors that I like.

Another thing that the picture did was to remind me that it is time to get the Pentax K-3 and WR lenses back out.  I used it for this picture.  I have mostly left the K-3 in the drawer while I learned how to best use the Ricoh GR.  No single camera will do everything so it is nice to have multiple cameras.  The K-3 and my lenses, in addition to being weather resistant, have that Pentax fine-focus capability that enables me to hand focus the image if I don’t like the way the camera focused.  I used that function on this picture to pull the focus back away from the distant scene moving it closer to a focus on the rain drops on the window.  I like to use that function sometimes to pull everything slightly out of focus to create a dreamy image.

Dark & Dreary

I am enjoying my attempts to extend my photography into the night, especially when it is raining.  I took the above pictures looking out our bathroom window late at night.  I never envisioned the results.

I was testing my E-PL5 and 17 mm lens under dark conditions.  The window, screen, and outside foliage were wet and back-lit by a street lamp across the way.  I took the pictures using the program mode at ISO 1600, f/1.8, and 1/8 and 1/25 sec. shutter speeds.  I really didn’t expect the camera to focus but it did very quickly.  In addition, the image stabilization did its job since I was hand-holding the camera and snapped the images quickly.

I really like the results and I am encouraged to keep experimenting with more abstract images in the world of the dark and dreary.


110526-112109_Ireland-Edit X

Many of the pictures that I took in Ireland when it was raining were taken from inside a van which had heavily tinted windows.  They were a very dark green.  If you look, you can often see reflections on the glass as well as the rain drops which sometimes were blown sideways by the wind and moving van.  The most effective way that I found to deal with the green tint was to convert the pictures to B&W.  If you ever end up with similar pictures, try converting them to B&W and then adjusting them to bring back the details, contrast, etc.

30 March 2014

140330-062408_Plum Creek

I often like to capture one image that depicts the mood of the day.  I am pretty sure that the above picture will be it for today.  It is raining with wind and temperatures in the 40s.  It is a gray blustery wet day.  Hopefully it will be the last day of our winter with warmer temperatures returning.

I have continued to take pictures each day even if I haven’t been posting them while I have displayed older pictures in B&W; but most of my current pictures aren’t really post worthy.  I have mainly been using this time to practice some different techniques and to think about what I might photograph in the future.