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Which Camera?

As I get ready for a busy holiday season of photography I’m also thinking about what I want to do afterwards in early next year.  I’m currently thinking about more B&W photography, but not exclusively, and doing it in cold, wet weather.  As I think about it, I have been playing around to see what I can do with my waterproof pocket Ricoh WG-60 camera.  I like the camera but it is limited in what it can do and I would like to try some longer exposure photography which is something I have never done.  Just the thought of needing to carry around a tripod has turned me off in the past, but as a minimum I would like a camera with decent image quality, good image stabilization for very slow shutter speeds, a zoom lens with wide and long enough reach, the ability to photograph in manual mode, smallish and light in weight, and that is weather resistant.

I could use my X-H1 camera with the 18-135mm lens, but it is on the large and heavy side, so I’m wondering if there isn’t a better compromise.  I would also like a pocket camera but that really limits my possibilities.  I could get another small camera like one of the Sony RX100 series but none of them meet all of my wishes and they aren’t very rugged or weather resistant.  That leaves me thinking about possibilities between the RX100s and the X-H1, as well as, will I do enough photography to warrant getting another camera?  Would an additional camera significantly increase my picture making opportunities?  Would I be more likely to carry another camera with me at all times, in all weather conditions and what camera would that be?  And the hardest question to answer, where would I go to find compositions?

Rainy Day

Yesterday I photographed a Trick or Treat event in the halls of the personal care sections.  I will be spending today editing and processing those pictures to deliver them tomorrow. 

Today is a very dark dreary rainy day, so I don’t mind staying in and working on yesterday’s pictures, but just for fun, I stepped out onto the front and back porches of my Villa this morning to make the above images.

I’ll Keep the WG-60


I will keep the Ricoh WG-60 camera.  It is small but a little weird in its looks.  Actually, it carries in the hand nicely and isn’t likely to be dropped, even with wet cold numb hands.

As usual, my biggest problem is finding things to photograph.  It was lightly misting when I stepped outside and made this image of a miniature rose.  Yes, we still have them blooming.  Maybe I’ll find other things to photograph this winter since I’m more likely to have this camera in my jacket pocket.


I had been thinking that I might not need a small waterproof (WP) pocket camera anymore since I considered just getting and using a new iPhone for a pocket camera.  There are several reasons that I decided to stick with at least one more WP pocket camera.  First, I much prefer holding and using them rather than a thin flat iPhone.  That in addition to the longer focal length of the WG-60 and the much cheaper price won me over.  Maybe next next year I’ll switch, and maybe not. 

Now, if only, if only, I could come up with something different to do with it.

Trying a Ricoh WG-60 WP Camera

The Ricoh WG-60 WP camera is a lot different from the Olympus TG-6 WP camera.  I have no intentions to use cameras underwater so I don’t pay much attention to those capabilities.  My interests are to have a small rugged pocket camera that I can use in the rain or snow without worrying about it.  The WG-60 has a longer zoom range, effective 28 – 140mm, but a slower aperture than the TG-6.  The Ricoh also has 16MP vs. 12MP for the TG-6 so the low light capabilities of the WG-60 aren’t as good as the TG-6 capabilities.  A feature I prefer with the WG-60 is the ability to hold the zoom setting when turned off.  When I am out to just photograph details, I mostly use a long focal length and since both of these cameras are slow to zoom having it hold the focal length is a big time saver.  The TG-6 can make raw files as well as jpegs while the WG-60 only makes jpeg images, but that is fine with me.  When I had the TG-5 I only used it to make jpegs since I liked them better than trying to get the raw files processed.  I have had the WG-60 less than 24 hours so I have a lot more learning with it before I decide what and how I will use it.  The above are just some of the samples that I quickly made with it.  So far, since the WG-60 costs about half as much as the TG-6, I think the WG-60 is a better choice for me; but it will take awhile before I confirm that decision.