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Ricoh WG-80 for ICM

If everything comes together, like lighting, subject, and using the few minimal control settings, I can even manipulate the Ricoh WG-80 to make images like these, but it isn’t easy.  If I purchased a ND filter for the camera it would be easier to make photos with intentional camera motion (ICM).

No, I haven’t gone over the line.  At least I don’t think so … not yet … maybe soon.  Some might think that I already have.

Pocket Walkabout Cameras

The WG-80 camera works if I just happen upon a different view.  Yes, the colors are fine too; but, I liked these better in B&W since the colors didn’t add anything to the photos.

I now have two waterproof pocket walkabout cameras, the Ricoh WG-80 and the Olympus TG-6.  I’m still working on how I might use them differently.  The TG-6 is probably the better overall camera image wise, but it has fewer MP and a shorter zoom range.  Maybe more significantly, the WG-80 costs between 1/2 to 3/4 of what the TG-6 costs.  I have no plans to use either camera underwater so I have no idea as to which is best for underwater photography.  My interest in these cameras is solely for their size and ruggedness.

Do I need a rugged camera?  The answer is yes. I have already managed to drop one of them on the floor with no signs of damage.  Next, I’m likely to drop one in a puddle or the mud, or spill a drink on one of them. 

The Lowest of the Least

I’m back to trying to see what I can do with the least of the cameras.  In this case I used the Ricoh WG-80.  It is a lower cost waterproof pocket camera with minimal controllability.

It was only 39 degrees F. and wet outside so I didn’t venture far to capture this test image.  I still have some things to try before I decide how to best use this camera … maybe in macro mode.  I may also devote it to blurry B&W.  It depends.