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150305-102323_Plum Creek

It is snowing hard today.  I thought about taking my camera for a walk but it just wants to focus on the falling snow up close so I guess I will wait until it stops.  I took this picture through the window.

Through the Fogged Storm Door


I bought another book which I like.  It is Todd Hido’s book on Landscapes, Interiors, and the Nude.  Todd has a lot of good general photography information that he shares as he goes through examples from several phases of his career from the exteriors of houses at night, to general landscapes, to insides of houses, to nudes.  The book is also about his characteristic style for the making of color images.  His philosophy is to take pictures like a documentarian and then print/process like a painter.

I found his comments about how he makes such pictures to be interesting since he took a lot of them from his car.  That is something I hope to do more of since I’m not walking as much anymore.  One of his styles is to photograph from inside his car at night in the rain.  He also deliberately fogs up his windows with his breath to create the style.

The picture, Rainy Night in Warmer Weather, was based on similar ideas for my picture on the streets of Hanover.  The above picture of mine also reminded me of his style.  He shifts the colors by adjusting the white balance or adding tint.