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I am still waiting for warmer weather.  I grabbed this hand-held picture last evening.  You can see the moon with Venus to its left, and then Mars above Venus, a little to your right.  It looked a lot more interesting earlier when you could see the shadows on the moon from the light spilling around the earth; but by the time I got home and switched cameras and lens and went back outside it was mostly gone.


The following picture was taken this morning before the sun crossed the horizon, and before the snow arrived.


Addendum … the snow arrived around 10 am.


As an aside, I am still trying to decide what to do relative to cameras and lenses.  I want to reduce the number I have.  I used three different cameras for this post … the K-3 with 300 mm focal length, the GR with its 18.3 mm focal length, and the Canon SL1 with its 24 mm focal length.

Spring Will Come


I took this picture this morning through the window.  The temperature was -1 degrees F.  My only problem with the picture is that I used my Canon SL1 with the 24 mm lens, and then had to crop it quite a bit.  If I am going to continue using this camera for pictures like this one, and those in the previous post, I probably should get a longer lens.  My original intent when I got the camera was to only use it with the 24 mm lens, or maybe another longer prime lens.

The weather hasn’t been conducive for me to get out and find anything to photograph and I haven’t felt much like it anyway; therefore, I will take a break from photography and blogging until I manage to actually see something new that is worth photographing.

Not Clear


I took this picture through condensation on the glass door.  It presents an accurate view of my photography … all fogged up as far as figuring out what to do next.

Since I haven’t been going anywhere and have recently taken a super majority of my pictures recording happenings within Homewood, I have a vast shortage of pictures suitable for my blog.  I am not sure what I’m going to do about this for the coming year.  If I am going to keep this blog going, I need to photograph something else.

I also need to find a better balance between recording events, etc. vs. making pictures that are more creative.  In addition, some of the differences in the types of photography require cameras and lenses and techniques that I either prefer, or don’t like to use.  I need to figure out what I am going to photograph, and how, in the coming year.

Nothing Really Changes


Each morning the sun rises, but it was foggy and only 42 degrees F. this morning.  When I run out of things to photograph, it usually means I haven’t gone out looking and I have lost my vision mojo.  In cases like that I just grab a picture of the sky or look for unusual light.

Sky Reflection


This is a picture of the pre-dawn reflection of the sky on one of our ponds with the shadows of some trees laying on the water surface.  It is another image in a series of pictures made with a telephoto lens, for no other reason than to feed my muse.  It was fun.

I would love to continue producing pictures like I have shown this week, but it won’t be easy to find many. I am now faced with the decision whether to continue searching them out and only showing similar images or whether to go back to showing my usual hodgepodge of pictures with different cameras and lenses.

Pre-Sunrise Colors


I actually went outside and took around 30 pictures of the morning light right before sunrise, but when I looked at them on the computer they were just the same as many other images so I did something different and took the above through my window.  I trashed all of the normal pictures of the colored clouds.  It was a case of been there, done that too many times.

I have only printed one picture that I took several years ago, and not any others for myself.  I am wondering how this one would look printed.