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Evening Sky with E-PL5 and 20 mm Lens


You are probably getting tired of seeing my test shots, but this is another one of my exploratory images to see what I can do with a micro 4/3 camera and a 20 mm prime lens.  So far I’m managing and they are fair images as long as you don’t pixel peep.

I am also finding that my new bifocal glasses help since I don’t have to keep taking my glasses off to see the LCD better.  I only acquired the bifocals to use when outdoors with a camera, but they are going to take some getting accustomed to since looking down, the ground now isn’t in focus when walking.  Getting old is such a pain.

Thoughts about Publishing Frequency


On some days I just take pictures because I like the colors and then put them away for possible future publishing.  I try to have a few of these waiting on my hard drive so that I can continue posting almost daily, even when I haven’t made any new pictures recently.

I am conflicted about publishing as soon as I get a picture or about spreading them out to fill the no picture days.  One of the reasons I’m conflicted is that my pictures and articles sometimes get out of sequence; i.e., I may take the picture and say something about it and then store it for future use but find that in the interim I have posted other things that moved beyond the stored article.  One solution has been to produce time-less articles and pictures, but I don’t always like to do that.

Another conflict I have is that some days I am on a roll and am more creative than on other days.  Sometimes I am anxious to publish pictures even though it means multiple posts on some days; but I rarely do that because I am afraid that I will need it another day.

In addition there is the opposite concern.  I feel I often publish a poor picture or write some dribble just because I don’t want too many days to go by without publishing.

I haven’t decided yet, but I am now changing towards publishing as often, or not, as I have a picture of interest or something to share.  If this means multiple posts on some days and gaps of many days with nothing, so be it.  I don’t know, but I might also slow down and go for better quality or interest.  Since most of my viewers now subscribe and get an e-mail when I publish, this shouldn’t affect them too much.  I am afraid that it might affect me more in that I will slow down and see and find fewer pictures without the pressure.  But maybe not.  Not having any pictures or articles “in-the-bank” might drive me to taking a camera out more frequently.  In either case, it will be the real me and will still result in my hodgepodge of subjects around my diverse interests, activities, and viewers.

PS … I had this article stored and waiting for when I had a gap.  Yesterday I did take a lot of pictures but they were of an event here at Homewood.  I have turned them over to the staff to use as they wish in internal documents.

Different Sunset

I am always intrigued how a camera records an image that is different from what I thought I would get when I took the picture.  The images are often remarkably different.  The above are examples.  We bought a new car in a color called sunset.  I went out into the garage in the morning to get something and I noticed the way the sun was shining through the window onto the car so I went back and got my camera and took the above images.  They look different from what I thought they would.  The color is correct, but I didn’t notice the extent of the reflections and highlights when I was taking the pictures.  And I certainly didn’t see my distorted reflection when I took the picture.  I thought that I was just capturing the color.

The lesson to be learned … take lots of pictures.  You might be surprised by what you see in the image.  I often find birds, etc. that I didn’t know I photographed and often find that the reflections, tones, etc. surprise me.

Evening Reflections

While sitting in my lounge chair one evening, I noticed the above reflection in a door to the sun room.  I took two pictures with different focus and shutter speeds.  I then got up to go see what was being reflected and took the following picture.  I took the picture below from outside, but the above reflections were after the scene had passed through a double-pane door and then reflected off of an interior door.

End of One Day; Beginning of Another

“What we call the beginning is often the end.  And to make an end is to make a beginning.  The end is where we start from.”     T. S. Eliot

I have put off this post for a while now.  I keep hoping that I will find some new things to photograph or come up with some new ideas for my photography, but it is getting harder to keep making pictures for this blog.

Since I doubt I will be doing much more testing or experimenting with new cameras and since I have no definite plans yet to go anywhere in particular to take pictures, don’t be surprised to see this blog go quiet for longer periods while I search for new ideas for photography.  When I come up with any pictures of note or feel like I have something worth writing, I will publish a new article, and it might not be about photography.

My shifting to photographing longer-term projects is also contributing to my lack of pictures for frequent blog posts.  Rather than show you pictures associated with my practice and learning, I hope to pursue different photographic opportunities and be more selective in what I display on my blog.  I may also be taking more pictures for others and this also decreases the number of opportunities for making pictures for frequent displays on this blog.

I may also try to use my photography to illustrate other changes in society.  I may return to some thoughts about my ever-changing perspectives on life in general, but I haven’t decided yet.  At this stage I am not sure about ending or beginning anything.  Most likely I will let this blog drift along with occasional musings about other things from time to time and see where it wants to go.

Beginning & End

Why do I take pictures like these?  They are simple images of an early morning scene and evening of the same day looking towards the east.  Every morning I get up before sunrise and watch for the peak colors and almost always take a picture.  The periods of maximum color last for only a minute or two before fading away.  Not long after I made the early morning image the sky turned a very dreary, uniform, medium gray for the rest of the day until right at sunset.  Pictures taken around sunrise and sunset are the most colorful of the day.

These kinds of pictures are not meaningful in the sense that I have traveled to some exotic place around the world.  I see the same general view almost every day, but yet it is never the same.  The clouds and light are different.  The sky is an ever flowing river of light and change and I like to capture an image at its peak energy level.  It serves to get me moving first thing during the day and often caps off the day in a similar manner.  In addition they are sometimes my only pictures of the day, but that is rare.

The morning colors were strong and didn’t cover much of the sky so I used my Pentax K-50 and the 50 – 200 mm lens.  In the evening the colors were more subtle so I used my Fujifilm X-E1 and the 35 mm lens.