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With a Long Zoom Lens?

These have been made with the Tamron lens and then cropped and processed.  For a 16+ zoom lens, it is OK; but, I still prefer a better prime lens that is smaller and lighter.  The question for me is, will I carry this Tamron lens with me most of the time just in case I see something or only use it when I know I’ll need it?  I think I know that answer, but I’m still trying to use it most of the time to see if/when I can leave it on my camera.  But, why would I wish to bother carrying it just in case, or to make images like these?

Tamron 18 – 300mm Lens

I used the Tamron lens at 300mm on the Fujifilm X-T30 II camera and then cropped the original image a little to make this view of the Red-Shouldered Hawk.

So far my evaluation of the lens-camera combination is working out OK in good light.  I wish the lens focused a little quicker but it is OK.

I have also been trying the lens indoors at ISO 12800 and 300mm at 6.3 aperture and the images are a little noisy and I will likely be down to 1/60 second shutter speed; but, I think that if I take the extra step in processing the images by running them through ON1 NoNoise AI with Tack Sharp AI that they will clean up sufficiently.