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Changing Weather


I took these pictures on the 25th of February 2017.  You can see that some of the trees were already starting to get green.  Even this weeping willow is early this year.  I was reading that the entire southeast of the U.S. is having an early spring … some 22 days earlier than normal.  Now I’m worrying about what summer might be like.

Later in the afternoon at 2:46 pm it got dark and we had a “summer” thunderstorm with hail, some as large as a quarter.


Changing Weather

150305-162428_Plum Creek

On 7 March, AccuWeather.com said that the actual low temperature at Hanover, PA, USA was minus 12 degrees F and was a record low.  On the 9th of March the high temperature was 56 degrees F.

I think that the wild swings in weather that we are seeing around the globe will be the big surprises to most people who seem to not have an appreciation for the effects of slight increases in the earth’s average temperature.

Winter Temperatures

141114-153606_Plum Creek

If you look closely at the full size image, you can see many, many geese, mostly on the land.  That is usually a sign that winter has arrived.  It is also a signal to not use that path anymore this year.

This morning the temperature was 20 degrees with a forecast for tomorrow morning of only 16 degrees.  It looks like we are setting a daily record for low temperatures today and our high temperature forecast is for 10 degrees below January’s average high.  It is looking like the wild weather swings as a result of the overall global climate changes could get wicked.

Blustery Day



Our power was out for about an hour so I took a walk to check out my latest ideas for walking with a camera.  I decided to post these pictures if for no other reason than to document the kind of day it was.  These kind of posts may become the norm for me just to document the weather, etc.

It wasn’t a quiet day around the main buildings since the emergency generators were all running to generate some power for them.  Those of us living in the independent Villas don’t benefit from them.  We have no backup systems.  I heard a few neighbors talking about the power outage.  I wonder what we would do if the power goes out for a week in the cold of winter.  At least then we could put the food from our freezers outside to keep them frozen, but we might be as frozen as the food since we wouldn’t have any heat.