With an iPhone SE

I have another camera that I have rarely used so far, but that might change.  That camera is my iPhone SE that is always in my pocket.  I decided that I need to start using it more often, like I did for these test images.  The upper pictures were made in low light up close and then downloaded to LRc and processed with my flat B&W preset.  The lower color images were straight out of the iPhone but downloaded into LRc so that I could crop them differently and increase the size.  The square B&W is another view which is also an extreme crop from the previous color image of the geese flying which has been upsized and processed as a flat B&W image.

   Another later image (below) from my back porch of the geese on the pond.  I used the iPhone SE and then downloaded the image into LRc and processed it with my flat B&W preset and cropped and upsized it.  For those who are interested, I have showed the before and after images.  The flat B&W was cropped from the color square.

The last two pictures were made later in the afternoon from a closer position.  Hopefully the geese are just passing through and move on quickly.